Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Mark of Great Art

If you appreciate the traditions of Maker's Mark and Western Kentucky then I have a job for you. Maker's Mark has presented a number of pieces of artwork at their website as part of a contest they are sponsoring.

One of the artist who is participating in the contest is from Western Kentucky. Stephanie Potter is the artist and she is the daughter of our friend Ivan Potter from down in the Purchase. Ivan as you probably know has the website West Kentucky Journal of Politics & Issues.

I'm no art critic but I know something good when I see it and this Murray State Graduate is pretty good. Stephanie has four (4) entries which can viewed at the Makers Mark website listed below. If you click the link below you can vote for 3 entries.

Let's support Stephanie efforts by voting for her entries.

Rep. Jim Gooch Files License Plate Bill

Frankfort- Kentuckians wanting to display the nation's motto on their license plates will soon have their chance if legislation pre-filed by state Rep. Jim Gooch becomes law.

The bill calls for a new license plated containing the words "In God We Trust" and any other design the Transportation Cabinet decides is appropriate. It would be offered as an alternative to the standard-issue license plate featuring the "Unbridled Spirit" logo, and would not carry any additional fees.

"If Indiana is any guide, this new license plate will be extremely popular here in Kentucky," said Rep. Gooch, D-Providence. "More than 1.6 million vehicle owners in that state have chosen that plate since it became available in January 2007."

Rep. Gooch, whose previous effort to create the plate was supported unanimously earlier this year by the Kentucky House of Representatives, noted that Governor Beshear is a strong supporter of his proposal. So is state Rep. Hubie Collins, the chairman of the the House's Transportation Committee and a co-sponsor of Rep. Gooch's bill.

"It's time we take this step and recognize what has long been our country's and our commonwealth's guiding principle," Rep. Gooch said. "Kentuckians should not have to wait any longer."

If Rep. Gooch's bill becomes law, the "In God We Trust" license plates would be available in January 2010.


Bill Patrick Named Executive Director

Former Powell County Judge Executive Bill Patrick is taking over the reins of the Kentucky County Attorney's Association. Judge Patrick has an impressive resume of service and experience which I'm sure will be put to good use by the Association. Patrick has served in many different capacities in government which include positions in the Transportation Cabinet, Agriculture Dept., Commissioner of Local Government, Kentucky Personnel Cabinet, and as Executive Director of the Office of Drug Control Policy.