Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sen. Pendleton & Rep. King Promote Farm Outreach Forum

FRANKFORT- Senator Joey Pendleton, D-Hopkinsville, and Rep. Martha Jane King, D- Lewisburg, encourage local farmers to take part in a "Farm Outreach" forum that will be held Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 6:30 p.m. (CT). The forum will be held at the Westside Church of Christ Fellowship Hall in Elkton.

Topics of discussion will include safety regulations, licensing requirement and driver qualifications. The Kentucky State Police/Commericial Vehicle Enforcement Division is partnering with the Todd County Cooperative Extension Service and Kentucky Farm Bureau to provide the forum.

The Westside Church of Christ Fellowship Hall is located at 715 West Main Street, Elkton.


Friday, November 12, 2010

David Williams Having Identity Crisis

A tough week for Sen. Williams who continues to struggle with the reality that neither he nor Senator McConnell can control republican politics in Kentucky. The revelation that Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw is considering running for Governor has led Williams to a complete melt down this week. Williams failed to gain his high ground with Holsclaw that being a private meeting so he could employ his bullying tactics. I think it's safe to say that Williams went crying to McConnell but to no avail.

So having lost his high ground what does Williams do? He now decides to disrobe and put on a Tea Party jacket. This drew a good laugh from Tea Party folks as well as Republicans from around the state. His comments advocating repeal of the 17th Amendment drew immediate criticism from both Jim Bunning and Mitch McConnell. Sen. McConnell had his own problems this week when it was revealed that McConnell privately asked President Bush to withdraw troops for political gain. President Bush refused McConnell's request at the time because it would have endangered the security of our troops-A fact Sen. McConnell was fully aware of but didn't care about.

Williams failed his ambition this week by not understanding that while political power may induce results it also creates enemies and animosity. Williams ability to force people into submission is now starting to catch up with him. David Williams has misinterpreted the kissing of his ring  whereas it has become an act of submission not a sign of respect.

Regardless of where one may stand on the issue of expanded gaming it has become increasingly difficult for those on both sides of the argument to tolerate David Williams participation in the debate. One must call into question the character of a man who believes on one hand it's alright for him to do it but yet on the other hand deny Kentuckians the right to decide the issue themselves. 

This week David Williams took all his political clothes off in search of new ones but today he is left standing naked with Richie Farmer holding the only thing he now has to wear-his robe of hypocrisy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bob Farmer to File Monday for Agriculture Commissioner

Bob Farmer Promoting the Almanac
Jefferson County's Bob Farmer said today that he will officially file for Commissioner of Agriculture on Monday November 15th. Farmer stated that he plans to file the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State's Office at 3pm.

Farmer who is a marketing executive and representative of the Farmers' Almanac stated that he believes his background in marketing and public relations has prepared him for the important role of marketing all of Kentucky's agriculture.

Bob Farmer is also a noted humorist and motivational speaker and has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry. Farmer said, "I've been blessed with the opportunity to share family humor and stories over the years in every corner of Kentucky". Farmer believes his background and broad exposure to communities across Kentucky will be a great asset in his bid to become Kentucky's next Commissioner of Agriculture.

"I'm not a politician and I'm not seeking this office just so I can run for another one," said Farmer. Farmer said that he believes having a Commissioner of Agriculture who can support, promote and market Kentucky's Agriculture is more important than ever. Farmer also went on to say that he continues to travel the state listening to the concerns of farmers and agri-business leaders. Farmer stated that his campaign would be releasing his goals and vision for Kentucky's Agriculture Department in January. 

Cox Considering Run for Secretary of State

Will Cox honoring Veterans
Madisonville Mayor Will Cox states that he is considering filing for Secretary of State. Cox, who narrowly lost his bid for a second term as mayor, attributed his loss to the wave of voter frustration that swept across the Nation last Tuesday.  Republicans also defeated Sen. Jerry Rhoads in Hopkins County while also picking up a House seat. Cox said that he has received enough encouragement and commitments of support around the state to warrant his serious consideration.

Updating the status of other West Kentucky Democrats:

- Rep. John Tilley states that he is prepared to seek the Attorney General's position should Jack Conway decide not to run. Tilley said, "Jack is a friend and he deserves time to catch his breath and decide what's best for him and his family."

-Steve Hamrick who is seeking the position of Kentucky State Treasurer said that he is beginning to start fundraising now that the general election is over. Hamrick says his Jefferson County supporters are already working on a fundraiser to be held in January.   

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mike Karem To Question Sen. Williams Electability on CN-2 Politics

Karem in a solemn moment in preparation for President Reagan's funeral
The fact that Kentucky Republicans aren't happy has been a story line of mine in recent months. Sources for sometime now have informed me about the behind the scenes activity within the Republican Party to find an alternative to the Williams/Farmer slate.  

I was informed yesterday that former Reagan Aide Mike Karem of Louisville will appear with Ryan Alessi on CN-2 Politics. I tracked down Mr. Karem and he agreed to speak briefly about his appearance. Karem stated that he had serious reservations about Sen. Williams electability as the Republican nominee for Governor next year and would be addressing those concerns with Alessi and CN-2 Politics. I asked Mr. Karem if my earlier reports regarding opposition to the Williams/Farmer slate were accurate he replied, "There has been serious concerns from GOP leaders in Washington down to the county level regarding David Williams." Karem went on to say there has been a quiet but strong movement to provide Kentucky Republicans an alternative to David Williams. Karem said, " Tim, your analysis of Kentucky politics has been spot-on."

Mike Karem shared with me his background which most recently includes having served as Senior Advisor to  Ambassador Paul Bremer. Karem started his career in the General Council's Office in the Veteran's Administration during the Nixon Administration. Later, Karem would serve in the Chief Council's Office in the U.S. Treasury Department under the Ford Administration. Karem would also serve as a campaign aide to both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Under President Reagan, Karem served on the Presidential Transition Team and as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing and Urban Development. Karem received the honor of helping prepare the State Funeral of his old friend and boss President Ronald Reagan. Today, Mike Karem serves as a consultant to political leaders and businesses around the world.

Ryan Alessi's interview with Mike Karem can be seen Monday night on CN-2 Politics at 7pm est. I want to thank Mr. Karem for his time, comments and pictures.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

West Kentucky Results and My Take on General Election

Editors Note: While I have edited this post to correct the inaccurate numbers I recieved regarding Rex Smith it in no way changes my editorial comments or my opinion regarding the outcome and overall lesson of the General Election in Kentucky.

It's early Wednesday morning and I'm still reviewing the results from across the state. First, I'm pleased that two of our clients were victorious that being Dennis Parrott in the 10th Senate District and Rep. Carl Rollins who chairs the House Education Committee. I'm sick about Will Cox Jr. losing his re-election bid for Mayor of Madisonville. The Republicans swept through Hopkins County. Sen. Jerry Rhoads retained his seat but lost his home county of Hopkins. Muhlenberg County provided Rhoads enough of a margin to win. The Republicans also picked up Eddie Ballards seat with the help of most big name Democrats in Hopkins. Republican Ben Waide won Eddie Ballard's seat  with 56.59% of the vote (6,887 to Mike Duncan's 5,284. Rand Paul carried Hopkins County with 59% of the vote. Will Cox lost the mayor's race by 72 votes. It would appear that the African-American precincts in Madisonville decided to vote for Republicans this year.

Republicans did well in Trigg and Todd County. The Republicans  retained the County Judge Executive position while picking up the Sheriff's office. Rand Pual carried Trigg by 19%. In Todd County Paul won also by 19% and Republicans picked up the County Judge Executive's seat.

Rex Smith waged a campaign that appeared to be very one-sided. Smith invested a lot of his own money and it seemed to have paid off. Bob Leeper's campaign was non-existent on the air waves. Smith ran very good commercials promoting his Christian and traditional West Kentucky values by using his Sunday School Class and pictures of himself with his shotgun as a backdrop. Former Governor Julian Carroll was also heavily involved in the Smith Campaign. Leeper did in fact pull the race out in the end with by a small margin from McCracken County losing Marshall and Ballard Counties.

It would appear that the Senate Democrats have lost two seats with Boswell and Reynolds  losing and have picked up one Conservative Democrat by gaining Dennis Parrett . It would also appear the Republicans have gained a net 7 seats in the Kentucky House.

So what's the lesson. Well it's the same as its been for the last 26 years. Simply put there has never been nor will there ever be a future for a progressive/liberal agenda in Kentucky. Kentucky should have divorced itself years ago in a public manner from the National Democratic Party. Kentucky Democrats must embrace and promote only the issues important to the majority of Kentuckians. Jack Conway gave away a U.S Senate seat by not focusing and prioritising the federal issues important to Kentuckians that being agriculture, military,veterans, coal & fiscal conservatism. Until Democrats can prove that they are 100% committed to these issues then winning federal races will remain a futile effort in Rural Kentucky.

Democrats like Rex Smith, Will Coursey, and Martha Jane King were all smart enough to champion Christian values, guns, agriculture and veterans. In short, you don't get to hold office and talk about jobs and education until you get right with God and Rural Kentucky. Athough Smith lost his race he ran a very effective camapaine.

The lesson- There is no future in supporting or promoting the left wing platforms of the National Democratic Party. It's time for Conservative Democrats to rule the roost. The alternative-keep losing.

Monday, November 1, 2010

West Kentucky Clerks Predict Voter Turn-Out

The General Election in Western Kentucky much like the Primary has not appeared to have generated very much enthusiasm but a large number of absentee ballots has convinced a number of clerks that voter turn-out may now be much better than expected. With a few exceptions the grassroots effort in many counties has appeared down for most of the Fall Campaign. I, like many of the clerks that I spoke with, agree that most voters have been turned off and tuned out because of the barrage of negative TV ads. Western Kentuckians have been inundated with TV commercials from Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

Here are the predictions and thoughts of clerks in West Kentucky. I will try to provide a "part II" depending on the response I get.

Warren County- County Clerk Dot Owens is predicting a 45% turn-out if not more. Regarding absentee voting Owens said, " We have voted 1025 in house which exceeded expectations." Owens also stated "there had never been a waiting line to vote but there was one today." Warren County also sent out 300 absentee ballots by mail.

Daviess County- David "Oz" Osborne is expecting  48-50% turn-out in his county. "Oz" stated that absentee ballots were in line with four years ago with about 1400-1500 absentees. Osborne said, " We have the largest ballot in memory" so he expects a really good turn-out.

Calloway County- Ray Coursey said, "I think we will vote around 25-30% but that might even be a little optimistic." Coursey stated that while absentee voting was about normal there were not as many races on the ballot. Many of the county officials are unopposed in Calloway this year.

Christian County- Mike Kem says there is not as much interest as there was four years ago so he is expecting around a 35-36%  voter turn-out in Christian County. Kem said that Absentees were down from four years ago so his prediction may even be optimistic.

Ballard County- Lynn Lane stated that she thought Ballard County voting would be "pretty heavy despite the fact that people were disgusted with all the negative ads". Lane is hoping for a 35-40% turn-out in Ballard County.

Henderson County- Renny Matthews said, "We have more in absentee voting in house and by mail than in May". Matthews said absentee voting had really picked up this week which she considered an indication of a good turn-out. About 35% or better is expected in Henderson County with Matthews saying, " I think the non-partisan races may have something to do with a better turn-out."

Hopkins County- Devra Steckler believes if the rain stays away then she expects a 46-50% turn-out. Steckler said, "Absentee voting has been good and I'm excited about a big turn-out in Hopkins County."

Logan County- Scottie Harper always keeps his cards close to his vest but he said, "We have a decent ballot and the absentees are some what larger with about 275-280 having voted in house and by mail." Harper also stated" We voted 32% in the Primary and I hope it would exceed that."

Lyon County- Sarah Defew said, "Absentees are way up". Defew expects a 58% voter turn-out. "We (Lyon County) vote ten percent higher than the state average." 170 voters had already voted absentee ballot on the machine which is up from 120 in the last election. 

Marshall County- Dianne McKendree expects a turn-out that could be as high as 50%. McKendree said that 348 had already voted on the machine with another 100 by paper absentee ballots. Regarding her confidence for such a large turn McKendree said, "We have a lot of issues in Marshall County that we're concerned about."

Trigg County- Wanda Thomas expects a large a turn out in Trigg County. "We have a large ballot and five hundred more voters than four years ago." Thomas said that Trigg County four years ago voted 52% and she expects the turn-out to be around 57% this year. H.B. Quinn the long time County Attorney who lost in the Primary is running as a write-in candidate for County Attorney. When asked about voter perception of a write-in candidate Thomas stated that the experience is much easier now for voters with the paper ballots.