Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Murray State Athletics News Web Site

In my quest to provide more information and stories about Western Kentucky I'm pleased to report that Murray resident David Ramey is writing again about Murray State Athletics. Ramey is writing for Examiner.com with a column/blog exclusively on MSU Athletics.

David backgrounds includes having served as the Sports Information Director at MSU, a former Sports Editor for the Murray Ledger and Times, and also a reporter at The Shelbyville News. I met David a couple of years ago after he commented on the Rooster or as he refers to it as the Underground Chicken. I'm still laughing. Ramey served at the Chairman of the Calloway County Democrat Party from 2004-08.

David is a Iroquois High School and Murray State graduate. David resides in Murray with his wife and children and is the Allstate Agent. I have enjoyed reading his articles to date and I think you will also. I have provided a permanent link on this site for those who wish to keep up with MSU sports happenings. David can be reached at:


Anna Garrott- A West Kentucky Connection

Country Music singer Anna Garrott grew up in Troy, Alabama but she is not far removed from her family's roots in Western Kentucky. M.C. Garrott, Anna's Grandfather, served many years in public relations at Murray State University. Anna's Father, Dr. Steve Garrott is a native of Mayfield and earned his Master's Degree at Murray State. Dr. Garrott presently serves as a Professor of Marketing at Troy University in Alabama.

Anna was discovered a few years ago by Rick Holt of Bluesteel Records and that began her career. "What A Way To Go" is Anna's new single which is starting to attract some attention from the country music industry.

Check out Anna & her music at:


Backporch State of Mind

This past weekend a friend 0f mine, Steve Hamrick, shared with me a new album which a mutual friend of ours had help record. The album is entitled "Backporch State of Mind". I knew our friend Ronnie Jackson could sing and play guitar but I was a little surprised about him being involved with an album. The music was good but the story behind the album was even better, so I called Ronnie to get the whole story.

The story goes that for years David Celaya of Mayfield would gather his friends and family on the back porch to share their musical talents. Good friends, good drink, good music. A 1972 Mayfield graduate, David Celaya was a known photographer in the area. Having worked for the Mayfield Messenger, the Murray Ledger & Times as well as a couple of photography studios. David had also served on the Mayfield City Council and founded the Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter.

David Celaya passed away at the age of 53 on July 5, 2007. Leaving behind not just a wife and two daughters but a music venue and lot's memories for his friends and family. A backporch- a place gather, to play, to fellowship and now also a place to remember.

"I would have quit playing guitar a long time ago if it had not been for David providing me a venue to play," said Jackson. I asked Ronnie how the album came about and he explained that they wanted to do something to honor David's memory and so the idea came about to produce an album to raise money for two art scholarships in David's name. The hope is to raise enough money to provide two $500 scholarships for a student at both Mayfield HS and Graves County HS.

As the process evolved Jackson said that a member of the group had Polycystic Disease. David Passmore of Bentonville, Arkansas and a native of Union City, TN was able to receive a kidney transplant just a few short weeks ago.

So with the passing of David Celaya and another member of the group fighting Polycystic Disease they had plenty of incentives to try to produce and distribute an album. "Everything that went into producing this album was donated", said Jackson.

Steve Holshouser who owns McIntosh Road Studio in Boaz, Ky. produced the album. Jackson stated that Holshouser was even able to retain the assistance of Grammy Award winning producer David R. Lehman. When Lehman heard the story and that David Celaya had played harmonica that was enough for Lehman who also plays harmonica.

Everyone who sat and continues to sit on that back porch helped in some manner to produce this album. There are 12 songs from the cover song "Backporch State of Mind" by Rachel Holshouser & Leandra Celaya to songs like "California Dreamin'." I have to admit that I really liked the Songs Ronnie Jackson did which include singing Dylan's "Wagon Wheel".
Other than Ronnie Jackson I don't know any of these folks but I liked the music and their cause. I guess having a father and grandfather who were professional photographers and a Grandfather who was a city councilman I can relate a little bit.

The proceeds all go to help two worthy causes, The David Celaya Art Scholarship & The Polycystic Disease Foundation. If you would like to know more or purchase the album I have attempted to provide some links and information. Many of the songs and live recordings are on U-tube. The album was just released about a week ago.

Better Together, Inc.

101 Arbor Crest Dr.

Mayfield, KY 42066