Tuesday, January 6, 2009

House Leaderhship Votes

Speaker- Greg Stumbo wins by 3 votes

Majority Leader- Rocky Adkins not opposed

Speaker Pro-Tem- I'm told Larry Clark wins in a landslide

Caucus Chairman- Bob Damron by 3 votes

Majority Whip- John Will Stacey wins by 1 vote

Stumbo Wins Speaker

Unofficial results from House Democrat Caucus have Greg Stumbo defeating Jody Richards for Speaker of the House. Larry Clark retains his position as Speaker Pro-Tem. Bob Damron won his position back by defeating Charlie Hoffman and John Will Stacey won the Majority Whip position vacated by Rob Wilkie this past year. Majority Leader Rocky Adkins had no opposition.

East Kentucky now controls three (3) positions in House Leadership with Adkins, Stumbo and Stacey. Western Kentucky is no longer represented in House Leadership. Things should be interesting this session. More later