Monday, December 22, 2008

Albert G. Hodges, Ken Lake State Park and more

Computer problems have held up some stories I'm working on. I will be bringing some interesting stories which have required some serious work and interviews. I am working on the following:

A first hand look at some letters between Kentucky publisher Albert G. Hodges and President Lincoln. Hodges and Lincoln were friends whereas Hodges supported the President's effort to abolish slavery. These original letters may very well be drafts for which I have access to the copies. The originals have just been sent to the University of Kentucky School of Journalism.

Christian County Assistant County Attorney John Thomas Soyars is providing me with the copies. Soyars is the great, great, great grandson of Albert Hodges. Soyars whose father was the late Judge J. Thomas Soyars was the law partner of Edward T. "Ned" Breathitt. Soyars grandfather was Judge Oglesby Soyars. His great grandfather was noted civil war Confederate hero Dr. James Thomas Soyars of Slaughters, KY (Webster County).

Hodges and President Lincoln communicated quite a bit and this should provide an interesting story line.

I am also working on the history of Ken Lake State Park which was the first great Lodge operated by a State. Notable people like Bob Hope and Dinah Shore were part of the dedication. Ken Lake also offered one of only three separate but equal parks for African Americans. Cherokee Park has been lost in Kentucky history and now deserves the return to the national prominence it once had.

I will also be bringing a stories on Greg Alexander who just got elected to the Murray City Council and may be the youngest elected official in Kentucky. I'm finishing interviews on the up coming legislative session and will bring a West Kentucky prospective on House Leadership races and what chances West Ky. Legislators think they have regarding tax increases. Stay tuned I'm working hard.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Georgetown's Bobby McDowell Recovering

Former Scott County Democratic Party Chairman Bobby McDowell is recovering from a broken hip. Bobby had to have major surgery to repair his hip. McDowell is one of the most interesting Democrats you will ever meet and has accomplished some amazing things while at times under difficult circumstances.

As one of the last people in the United States to fall prey to Polio, Bobby McDowell has never let his disability keep him down. It was over 25 years ago that I first met Bobby and he was Party Chairman in Scott County. If my memory serves true I believe McDowell was elected the youngest Party Chairman in Kentucky History at age 18. He also was elected to the Georgetown City Council at about the same time. McDowell served 3 terms as Party Chairman and also served on the State Democrat Central Committee. In 1984 Bobby was re-elected Party Chairman with the largest precinct turnout in Kentucky second only to Jefferson County that year.

Having served in politics and State Government for many years, Bobby has quite a resume. He worked for Congressman John C. Breckenridge and Sen. Wendell Ford. Served as an assistant to former Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Stevens as well as having served in a number of Governor's Administrations.

McDowell is a "Yellow Dog Democrat" and the first time that I met him, he told me that "the only difference between God and Wendell Ford was that God had to rest on the 7th day." A proud alumni of Georgetown College and the University of Kentucky, Bobby serves as the alumni advisor to the Lamba Chi Chapter at UK. Bobby served for many years as an usher for UK football games.

My thoughts go out to Bobby for a speedy recovery and if you would like to drop Bobby a note I have included his information.

Bobby McDowell
102 Fordland Drive
Georgetown, KY 40324

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Christmas Gift Idea for KY History Enthusiast

From Cane Ridge in Bourbon County to all communities across Kentucky stand some of the oldest churches in Kentucky. If you have an appreciation for Kentucky History then you should appreciate this new pictorial book which provides pictures and history of the 233 Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Churches in Kentucky.

Don Nunnelly of Frankfort has authored this pictorial collection with the photographs taken by John Cornett of London, Ky. This is a large coffee table book and would make a nice Holiday gift. The cost of the book is $40.00 + 6% sales tax and $5.00 s/h for each book ordered. Order information below.

Don Nunnelly
9 Breckinridge Blvd
Frankfort, KY 40601

Bourbon Balls: West Kentucky Style

Bourbon Balls have become a Kentucky tradition during the holidays and I have at many times during the Christmas Season enjoyed eating them. I have had my fair share of bourbon balls that were good and some not so good.

I must report to you that I experienced what I believe to be the best bourbon balls I have ever eaten. Bourbon balls have been around since about 1938 and were invented by Ruth Booe but I think even Ruth Booe would have to admit that the bourbon ball(s) I got to enjoy this week were truly one of the best ever made in Kentucky.

The bourbon balls I am referring to were made by Marcie Cox of Madisonville, Kentucky. After doing some research and looking at some different recipes, I am convinced that Mrs. Cox's bourbon balls are different from all the recipes I have seen.

Rebecca Ruth Candies are probably the most well known for making bourbon balls in Kentucky but I think they have a rival now. If you want the recipe I guess you will have to contact Marcie. If you want to know more on the history of this Kentucky treat then you can go to the following link:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving, Football & Friends

Returned this morning from Franklin, Tn after an enjoyable day. Had dinner with former Hopkinsville High Football Coach Craig Clayton and his family. Former HHS and Christian Co. defensive coordinator Dan Hampton and his family joined us for dinner. We had a full house with Craig's sister, Carol's family. Carol and David Birdsong have 3 children. David is a native of Trigg County. Craig and Anita's daughter Lauren and her husband Mica Lester were there along with their children Ella Ross and Clayton. Mica and I road to Franklin together. Mica and his family are farmers in Gracey and he had to work most of the day so it worked out that he could ride down with me. Craig's son Louis did not make it home whereas he is working on his Master's at Ohio State.

I tagged along with Craig for his "Clayton traditional breakfast" which he has on Thanksgiving morning when his team is playing in a semi-state game. I joined him and his team for breakfast and a football walk through in preparation for Friday night's game. It brought back old memories from the many Thanksgiving breakfasts we had at Hoptown.

Besides two grandchildren, Craig has achieved the water mark of winning over 200 games as a head coach. He is in his 4th season at Franklin and stands a very good shot at winning a State Championship.

At present I am blogging from Christian County Democrat Party Chairman, Lindsey Adams house. Former State Rep. John Adams and Mary Helen are here. Lindsey's brother Bill J. made a surprise visit home for the holiday. Kay and Mary Thom Munday joined us for dinner and of course the "Blade" and Brandon are here. Great dinner and now enjoying the nice fire Lindsey has going outside. Melissa provided a nice evening for us all for which I am thankful.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Employment Statistics-Kentucky & Nation

West Kentucky Journal of Politics and Issues has a very interesting article along with a Kentucky State Government press release related to the employment market. Government jobs are on the rise and manufacturing jobs are decreasing. Check it out by going to the link below.

Monday, November 24, 2008

An Apology, Facebook and Some Old Friends

Carroll Hubbard

My first order of business is to apologize to Carroll Hubbard. He sent me an email making note of a big mistake I had in one of my post. Congressman Hubbard did carry his home county of Graves which I had reported that he had lost. I used my notes from election and I was wrong. I hope that Carroll will forgive my mistake.

Rep. Tilley

I posted this earlier but I am excited about Rep. Tilley and his wife Shelly expecting their first child. To quote Luka from the God Father, "... And may it be a masculine child."


I was encouraged by an old college buddy to do this Facebook thing and I did it not knowing whether or not I really wanted to get into that. I have to admit I have enjoyed it that last few days catching up on lots of folks I went to high school and college with. I guess I was surprised to see the number of people who participate on it. I had not heard from Greg English who is a Marshall County native in 25 years. We were at Georgetown together. Stacy Elgin Weibaecher contacted me. Stacey, last I knew was doing TV for CNN in Atlanta. Ricky Hunt, he has more talent in his little finger than most of us combined is still doing the song writing and music thing. His mother, Shirley, owns the Holiday Burgers in Holiday Park. Holiday Burgers is about the last of the good old eateries in Hoptown besides Roundies and the Horse Shoe. John Soyars commented just today how good the food was whereas he ate lunch there today.


Trying to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving. With the family all gone now it's up to me to find the food.(like I have trouble doing that) I have received as usual some nice invites. My Pastor in Earlington, Steve Hamrick, and Lindsey Adams have all extended a Thanksgiving invitation. I ate last year at Lindsey Adams and the year before in Panama City. I think the two year prior I enjoyed the hospitality of Shoney's. I mean that, Shoney's fixed me what I wanted and how I wanted special from their kitchen. I will probably go to Lindsey's house again because it is less than 2 minutes from my house. They have a big crowd but I can slip into the kitchen and grab some food and be on my way back to a football game on TV.


Hopkinsville lost to Christian County in the second round of the playoffs Friday night 28-21. My congrats to Coach Lovelace at CCHS as he is 11-1 heading into the Regional Championship Friday night. CCHS will host Owensboro. Christian Co. came from behind in the regular season to defeat Owensboro earlier this season. Owensboro's coach, Joe Prince is an old friend. Joe played at Mayfield and UK. Coach Lovelace also played at Mayfield. God, I think Mayfield people are taking over the world. Coach Clayton's Franklin, (TN) Rebels won again and will play a semi-state game with a team out of Memphis. I believe one more win and he is in a State Championship game. Mayfield and Fort Campbell will also play for Regional Championships this Friday.

As a footnote to the game. I received the honor of being the honorary coach for Hopkinsville during the coin toss. George Schlegel was suppose to have the honor but was out of town. The honor wore off quickly whereas I nearly froze to death. I have to say that I was horribly disappointed in our fans and our community. Just a few short years ago there would have been 4 or 5 thousand fans in attendance. There was not 250 people total for the game.


I may or may not reconsider being a Miley Cyrus fan. Some of her pictures on display have proven to be disappointing to me. Lindsey Adam's daughters Mary Thom and Chandler threw a surprise birthday party for me in September with a Miley Cyrus theme. Cups, plates and all. I'm referred to as "Aunt Tim" by the girls along with Rep. Tilley's daughter Emma. It's a long story so I won't even go into that. I have been considering starting another blog called "Aunt Tim" and letting all the girls post their political comments, ideas and thoughts. Keep in mind these girls range from 1st grade to 4 or 5th. Believe it or not they all have strong opinions. I think that must be a girl thing, opinions and all. No one talks back in my house, well sometimes the washing machine does.


I guess everyone expects me to have some inside scoop on the KDP leadership. Well I don't. I don't really know most of those folks and other than a few really active people down here and I mean really few who do, I'm not sure there is much to say. I know many down here are not happy but I believe many of these issues are ones that have carried on for years. I think a big decision has to be made whether we change to make Rural Kentucky happy or the Party moves on and takes votes when they can get them. Rebuilding the Party down here will mean a lot of work. I think most people those being State office holders see themselves as the Party and have for a long time. I'm not sure anyone wants or can stomach the pains involved with having to do what needs to be done in Rural Kentucky. Sometimes I can't say that I blame them.I have been clear about what I think are the concerns with the Party but I believe they are greater than anyone one or two people. I'm not going to criticize anyone unless I have walked a mile in their shoes. We do need to plan for the future but computers and technology will not help too much in Rural Kentucky. Any organizational progress made will come from having local people who understand who is kin to who and truly understands that politics down here at the grassroots will come from rebuilding the base by and with local and regional people not outsiders. Folks down here are not going to buy into just new leadership or just have a seat at the table. They expect to be making the decisions and implementing any plan that will concern them. I'm afraid if that does not happen then, things will stay just the same. Everyone will give their $100 bucks and show up at a reception then go support the Republicans. That's the way it works down here and people ain't coming home for nothing. The KDP will have to establish a real and meaningful trust between the Party and local officials.

Congrats to Rep. John & Shelly Tilley

Representative Tilley phoned me on his way to Frankfort this morning to let me know that He and Shelly are expecting their first child. The new addition to the Tilley family is expected in July. I'm sure Rep. Tilley is wishing for a little UK football or basketball player.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

President to Visit Fort Campbell

A friend of mine Gary McIntyre just sent me an email saying that WKMS, which is Murray State University's Public radio station, is reporting that President Bush will visit Fort Campbell next week prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some Election Thoughts

I can't say that I was surprised by most of the results. I had said that Carroll Hubbard was the only shot the Democrats had of picking up a Senate seat but he went down in defeat. I had worked for Hubbard in the Primary but did not have the chance to work for our Senate candidates in the Fall. The infinite wisdom of the Kentucky Democrat Party required that out of state consultants come in to help our Senate candidates. With that said I can't say that my efforts would have guaranteed a victory but I would have done a few things different.

I felt strongly that Trigg and Lyon counties were going to be the swing vote and all resources needed to be there. Most Hubbard folks felt confident he would do well in Calloway but I never believed that for a moment. In the end, Hubbard lost not only Calloway but also his home county of Graves along with Trigg and Lyon.

In the effort to take back the 9th District which was Jim Bruce's seat we failed. Keeping in mind that our own polling showed that we began the race over 34 points down in July. The planets were going to have to be lined up and for a while we thought they were. Sen. McConnell and Congressman Whitfield had not involved themselves in the race and hopes were high that with a Conservative nominee we would be able to have a shot at winning. In Christian County, African-American voters never got excited about Obama, go figure. Per our County Court Clerk, Mike Kem, our African American vote was not any larger than it was four years ago or even eight years ago. It is sad to say but many of the white Democrat voters sat home because they were not willing to vote for Obama. Dr. Calhoun's case in the 9th District, he had run in 2006 and did poorly while only receiving 34.7% of the vote in a losing effort in the Primary.

I was not surprised by any of the results in Western Kentucky or across Kentucky for that matter. The Democrat Party became a Party of Louisville and Lexington a long time ago. I am not hopeful nor probably should I be that this will change anytime soon nor should anyone have any real expectation of things getting any better for the Democrats in Rural Kentucky. As I have said many times on this site, the Republicans went to far to the Right and the Democrats went to far to the left, and when that happens it will always benefit the Republicans more than the Democrats. We have become a Party run by outsiders who have absolutely no understanding of Rural Kentucky. Until we close our doors to the outside consultants and DNC folks and make a real grassroots effort to rebuild the Party with Kentucky issues then things will never change.

Rebuilding means doing things from the bottom up not the top down. Only and only when the majority of middle class Kentuckians and rural politicians feel comfortable that they have a voice and a strong connection to the KDP will things turn around. I have listened to everyone since 1984 say "when things get bad enough people will come home to the Democrats". Ain't gonna happen folks. Obama was right, they ain't trading in their Bible and guns for money, opportunity or progress.

Change like progress must come from the inside out, not the outside in for places like Rural Kentucky and the South. Democrats in Kentucky must focus their efforts on developing and pursuing issues that our important to Rural Kentucky. Until we get the farmers, veterans, military and the white middle class families that go to church on Sunday back in the Party then expect to have many more election nights in Kentucky like the one we just had.

Addressing the issues of jobs, education and health care has not and will not bring enough people around to make a difference for Kentucky Democrats. We will need leadership that understands that the DNC is not the answer to our problems. We must go our own way in rebuilding a Party. We must find common ground on certain issues and agree to disagree on others. We must convince not only the people but our elected officials to get back in the game. We will only achieve success by making real changes that convince Rural Kentucky that the Democrat Party can govern for the better and at the same time pose no threat to their culture, traditions and values. And thats all I have to say about that.

The Great Awakening

I have not even finished the book but I am already prepared to recommend The Great Awakening by Jim Wallis. The book is about the reviving of faith and politics in a post-religious Right America as the cover states. I won't give a book review here but Wallis is not only interesting but right on target with his observations. Check it out.

The Funeral

I'm trying to catch up on my posting. Sorry for not being up to date but there are some things I know my out of state readers would want to hear about. Jim Bruce's funeral was held last week at the First Methodist Church in Hopkinsville and if you did not know better you would have felt like you were standing in the State Capital. There was an all star cast of elected officials, present and past, in attendance. Much of the West Kentucky Delegation of the House and Senate was there. Former Governor Martha Layne Collins, Bill Collins and Steve Collins came. State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach Jr. and his father Judge Todd Hollenbach were also there. Speaker of the House, Jody Richards delivered the eulogy.

It was nice to see so many old friends but at the expense of having to say a final goodbye to another. A few of us did have the opportunity to sneak away afterwards to break bread and catch up. The Collins, the Hollenbachs, myself, Rep. Tilley, the Rutlands, Steve Hamrick and Dr. Travis Calhoun took in lunch at Roundie's near the Riverside Cemetery.

I don't know if it was irony or just interesting that we would pass Gov. Breathitt's grave as the motorcade circled around to the Bruce family plots. Our two most noted political figures now gone. With the passing of one generation I am still optimistic and expect great things from a new generation of leadership now emerging in Western Kentucky with the likes of Will Cox and Rep. John Tilley. As we say goodbye to the past let us look forward to the future.

Judge Mike Miller Recovering

Marshall County Judge Executive Mike Miller is recovering well I'm told from undergoing an emergency surgery while on vacation. A blood vessel burst in his stomach requiring an emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. To complicate matters his spleen was "nicked" in the rush to stop the bleeding. Judge Miller underwent a second surgery I'm told to remove his spleen.

Sources close to the Miller family say that the Judge is fine and was ordered to just rest for a few weeks. One can't imagine Mike Miller resting or slowing down for a moment. We wish him a speedy recovery.

KACO Annual Conference

The Kentucky Association of Counties (KACO) will kick off their annual conference on Wednesday at the Lexington Convention Center. Governor Beshear is expected to open the conference with a keynote address at 1:15 on Wednesday. Affiliate meetings will fill most the day with organizations like the KY Coal County Coalition, KY Treasurers, KY Health Dept. Association and many more associations will dominate the first day of business.

On Thursday, Crit Luallen, Trey Grayson, Jody Richards and Todd Hollenbach are all scheduled to speak. Thursday night the new officers will be installed with Christian County Attorney J. Michael Foster assuming the position of President of the Association. Bob Arnold is the Executive Director and CEO of KACO.

Friday, journalist consisting of Mark Hebert, Al Cross, Ronnie Ellis, and John David Dyche will offer a panel discussion. Author and syndicated financial columnist, Don McNay will also speak to the association.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lunsford & Beshear In Hopkinsville Today

Bruce Lunsford and Gov. Steve Beshear made a whistle stop appearance at the Hopkinsville-Christian County aiport today. Mitch McConnell had made an appearance at the airport earlier in the day and I was surprise to here local reporters comment on the difference in the respective crowds. McConnell had only 12 people to greet him while Lunsford between 60-70 people.

Richard Trumpka was also on hand to deliver a speech regarding the present status of our working men and women in America. Trumpka was well received but his appearance did raise a few eyebrows in a County that has not had very much union activity for many years.

This election has been hard to call in Western Kentucky. People seem to be upset with the economy and the war but one can't put their finger on how folks are going to vote on Tuesday. All politics is local and people usually split their vote depending on the issues. For the first time in twenty years I can't get a good feel for even the races that I am involved in. I think everyone is expecting a large turn out and I believe that may mean good news for many Democrats. I still think that many Republicans are so disgusted that they may sit home like last November. I guess we will see Tuesday.

Rep. Jim Bruce has Died.

The man who served longer than any other legislator in Kentucky is gone. Jim died yesterday morning about 8:30 at his farm on Fort Campbell Blvd in South Christian County. Jim had wanted to get out of bed and sit in his chair and passed away while trying to do so. Jim's wife, Janie, had been by his side day and night for the last month.

Depending on who you talked to it was no secret that I was one of Jim's lieutenants for many years. Most of what I know about the art of politics and people, I learned from Jim Bruce. Jim believed in supporting his friends and letting his political adversaries wither on the vine.

The Gospel according to Bruce was very simple- "You run at home not in Frankfort."

Jim Bruce knew that it was more important to make people happy at home as opposed to making the Courier Journal or the Liberals happy in Frankfort. Not the right wing Conservative that most thought him to be, Jim Bruce just believed that he was elected to represent the beliefs and view points of the people of the 9th District. Helping the folks back home meant having the power to do so. If we were all going to be honest about it then we would have to admit that Jim Bruce was responsible for many of the things we have received in Christian County for over 40 years.

Jim was always quick to point out to me the lessons of politics and government. "Timmy, keep your mouth shut, your ears open and your powder dry," Bruce would say. "The ones doing all the talking in Frankfort, well they get nothing and get nothing done."

"You always dance with the ones that brung you cause even if you don't win, people will respect you for sticking with your friends. You won't accomplish anything in Frankfort unless people respect you and trust you, that does not mean they always have to like you."

Jim Bruce was loyal to his friends and family to the very end. He wanted nothing more than to see his seat returned to someone who he trusted to represent his district like he had done for all those years. Travis Calhoun was Jim Bruce's chosen successor and we can only hope at this point that we will be able to recapture the seat on Tuesday.

Bruce had forgotten more about politics than most of us will ever know in a lifetime. He was a political sage who knew how to move the chess pieces on the board without having to be or wanting to be in the lime light . Bruce always said " I don't mind not getting credit for the things I do, but I will be damned if I will let someone else take credit for it either." Jim believed strongly in the old Sam Rayburn philosophy that if you don't believe in yourself then how do expect anyone else to.

One can talk about the projects, the roads, the convention center that has his name on it but the things that most people will remember will be all the small things that he did to help those who had no place else to turn. I think Jody Richards or Greg Stumbo would be the first to admit that a House without Jim Bruce is not the same. I could write for hours sharing and telling stories about what a unique experience it was knowing Jim Bruce but for now I will close with his funeral arrangements.

Visitation: 4-8pm at Hughart & Beard Funeral Home on South Virginia Street in Hopkinsville.

Funeral: 10:00 am at the First Methodist Church on Main Street in Downtown Hopkinsville.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Mark of Great Art

If you appreciate the traditions of Maker's Mark and Western Kentucky then I have a job for you. Maker's Mark has presented a number of pieces of artwork at their website as part of a contest they are sponsoring.

One of the artist who is participating in the contest is from Western Kentucky. Stephanie Potter is the artist and she is the daughter of our friend Ivan Potter from down in the Purchase. Ivan as you probably know has the website West Kentucky Journal of Politics & Issues.

I'm no art critic but I know something good when I see it and this Murray State Graduate is pretty good. Stephanie has four (4) entries which can viewed at the Makers Mark website listed below. If you click the link below you can vote for 3 entries.

Let's support Stephanie efforts by voting for her entries.

Rep. Jim Gooch Files License Plate Bill

Frankfort- Kentuckians wanting to display the nation's motto on their license plates will soon have their chance if legislation pre-filed by state Rep. Jim Gooch becomes law.

The bill calls for a new license plated containing the words "In God We Trust" and any other design the Transportation Cabinet decides is appropriate. It would be offered as an alternative to the standard-issue license plate featuring the "Unbridled Spirit" logo, and would not carry any additional fees.

"If Indiana is any guide, this new license plate will be extremely popular here in Kentucky," said Rep. Gooch, D-Providence. "More than 1.6 million vehicle owners in that state have chosen that plate since it became available in January 2007."

Rep. Gooch, whose previous effort to create the plate was supported unanimously earlier this year by the Kentucky House of Representatives, noted that Governor Beshear is a strong supporter of his proposal. So is state Rep. Hubie Collins, the chairman of the the House's Transportation Committee and a co-sponsor of Rep. Gooch's bill.

"It's time we take this step and recognize what has long been our country's and our commonwealth's guiding principle," Rep. Gooch said. "Kentuckians should not have to wait any longer."

If Rep. Gooch's bill becomes law, the "In God We Trust" license plates would be available in January 2010.


Bill Patrick Named Executive Director

Former Powell County Judge Executive Bill Patrick is taking over the reins of the Kentucky County Attorney's Association. Judge Patrick has an impressive resume of service and experience which I'm sure will be put to good use by the Association. Patrick has served in many different capacities in government which include positions in the Transportation Cabinet, Agriculture Dept., Commissioner of Local Government, Kentucky Personnel Cabinet, and as Executive Director of the Office of Drug Control Policy.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lunsford in Hopkinsville Today

Bruce Lunsford is holding a press conference now at the Old Court House in Hopkinsville and will be speaking to the Pennyrile Democrat Association at 6pm tonight at the Pioneer's Pavillion on North Main.

First Lady Jane Beshear in Area

Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear will be in the area Tuesday to make a few visits. I will not be releasing her schedule of appearances but will share some things about her visit afterwards. I look forward to seeing Jane whereas we share some of the same causes. I'll bring more to you Tuesday night.

Football: Male vs Franklin, TN

I ventured to Bowling Green Saturday to watch Bobby Redman's Louisville Male Bulldogs square off against the Rebels of Franklin, TN. Former Hopkinsville HS Coach Craig Clayton is now head coach of Franklin.

The scrimmage was pretty much one sided with Franklin dominating Male on both sides of the ball. Although no score is kept officially, Franklin's first teamers defeated Male 41-17. Male would score 2 more times against Franklin's second and third team to make the final 48-31.

The good news for Male was their running back #26 Green. Bobby told me that he has already committed to Ohio State where his brother plays. This kid is the real deal and he packed the Male offense.

I road down to Bowling Green with Christian Co. Head Coach Steve Lovelace. Christian Co. plays Male in Week #2. The scrimmage was held at Greenwood HS where former Hopkinsville native Greg Cavanaugh is the Head Coach. Lovelace who had attended the Hopkinsville scrimmage in Paducah on Friday Night said that Hoptown looked very good in the scrimmage.

Football season is finally here and I will be traveling to Vanderbilt Saturday to watch Franklin, TN open up in a Bowl Game.

Appeals Court Judges In Hopkinsville

Kentucky Appeals Court Judges, Shea Nickell, Joy Moore and Janet Stumbo were guest of the Hopkinsville-Christian County Bar Association today for a luncheon. I attended as a guest the guest of John Lindsey Adams. Sitting with Lindsey, John Soyars and our Commonwealth Attorney Lynn Pryor, we enjoyed eating a few slices of pizza while we waited on the Judges to arrive. Each Judge spoke briefly and the Court.

Shea Nickell who joined the Court in 2006 represents the area on the Court. Nickell defeated former Hopkinsville attorney Logan Askew to win the seat. Askew now serves as the Lexington City Attorney. Joy Moore is the wife of Boone County Judge Executive Gary Moore. The group was in town to hear appeals. The Judges commented that they plan to continue hearing cases out in the State so that the people of Kentucky may have a better opportunity to see and understand what the Court does.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hopkinsville Area Athletic Woes

As a coach you learn to take the bad times with the good times. In an area like Hopkinsville with all its social, racial and ethnic diversity you know whether you are a coach or a teacher there are going to many hurdles with dealing with students and athletes.

Coaches not just in Hopkinsville but everywhere spend as much time helping raise kids as they do coaching. Whether it be Hopkinsville HS, Christian Co. HS, University Heights or Fort Campbell, coaches truly believe that athletics is a good tool for helping get kids off the streets, keeping them in school, helping them grow socially & mentally, and above all giving them an opportunity to better themselves.

In recent weeks a former Mr. Kentucky Football and a former Miss Kentucky Basketball have all been in trouble. Curtis Pulley was excused from UK's Football team and is now being considered a fugitive whereas a bench warrant was issued this morning for his arrest for failure to appear. Arnika Brown, a member of Western Kentucky University's Women's Basketball team and the OVC Freshman of the Year, was arraigned in Christian County yesterday for 16 felony counts of using counterfeit money to go on a shopping spree. Arnika Brown is an alumni of Christian Co. HS while Pulley graduated from Hopkinsville HS.

If this was not enough, a few months ago former Hopkinsville QB, Chris Thomas was arrested at Austin Peay State University in a drug bust that was reported as the largest in APSU's history. Thomas had drugs, money and a gun in his dorm room. He had a private room. Another Hopkinsville Player Gabe Ladson was charged with rape on school property. While the issue of rape is in question the issue of her being a minor and having sex on school property is not. Ladson's brother Blake is a class act and a former Hopkinsville QB who went on to West Virginia and Western Kentucky University. Blake graduated and is working on a masters degree in Tennessee.

Usually you can count on a couple of kids doing something dumb every year but the last few months for the Hopkinsville Community has damaged our pride and our reputation. No one likes the bad publicity but maybe one thing has come out of this- We have many concerns among our youth and the latest scandals have forced coaches, teachers, administrators and community leaders to take a step back and re-evaluate what were doing and what we need to be doing.

For me one thing is for sure. We have had more successes than failures and we need to do a better job of reminding kids and propping up those athletes up who succeeded on and off the field regardless of the accolades they received in High School. The Hopkinsville - Christian County Community has extended itself time and time again to help these athletes rebound for a second and third chance only for it to end badly for most of them.

Coaches like to say kids are not bad but sometimes they do bad things. I have to still believe in that but I think we have to look for some better ways and new solutions when it comes to athletics and making kids super hero's as teenagers.

Curtis Pulley- Again!!

As a former football coach I think I have seen and experienced it all during my 21 years dealing with youth. It has been hard to watch Curtis Pulley who is a great player and a kid who did all the right things at Hopkinsville High , fall so far.

Arrest Warrant Issued for Curtis Pulley

Pulley, who made some mistakes was given every opportunity by the UK staff and the court system to correct and learn from his mistakes but NO. A tremendous talent that offered up a possible opportunity to play on Sunday, Curtis just never seemed to get it. Today, a Christian County Judge issued a bench warrant for Pulley's arrest for failure to appear. Pulley I'm told, had been provided every courtesy the court could extend and still be responsible. I'm told that Pulley has refused for weeks to even return his attorney's phone calls. Maybe just young and irresponsible but my gosh what a wasted opportunity to gain a college education and maybe play football for few more years. I'm told that Pulley's attorney, John Tilley, officially withdrew from representing Pulley this morning because he believed that he could in good conscious represent a client who no longer would communicate with him.

I was told by one of Pulley's former coaches that Curtis had scholarship offers on the table from Chattanooga and Alabama A&M to continue his education and football career.

Ward Pleads Guilty, Forced To Resign

Mike Ward resigned his position this morning as Commonwealth Attorney for Marshall and Calloway County. Ward was facing a DUI second offense and has also been struggling with alcoholism and cancer.

Ward had been asked by many within the legal community to step down after his first DUI conviction but had refused. This time, special prosecutors Christian County Attorney Mike Foster and Assistant Christian County Attorney Maureen Leamy, insisted that Ward step down and focus on his health and recovery.

It has not been an easy road for Mike Ward but his judgement or lack of it has taken its toll on the credibility of the prosecutor's office. Mike Foster and Maureen Leamy did the right thing by insisting on his resignation and Ward did the best thing for all involved by tendering it. This is just not political story but also a story about addiction and folks out there should support Mike Ward during this time healing and recovery.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hollenbach's Moral Dilemma

Todd Hollenbach Jr. finally succumbed to the pressures of the left wing elements of the Democrat Party to renounce Frank Simon. In doing this did Hollenbach help or hurt himself? I guess he probably made a few happy in Jefferson County which is his base and it probably won't hurt him in Rural Kentucky much. Why? Because Frank Simon is not the message only the messenger. There will always be the Frank Simons of the world. We refer to them in Western Kentucky as our Pastors, our Deacons, our Priest and our Elders. We call them the pillars of our communities. We call them respected businessmen and farmers. We call them our elected officials, our legislators, our precinct officials and County Democrat Chairman.

I can understand and even respect Todd's decision given the situation he is in but folks need to be reminded that regardless of who the messenger is, it does not change Todd Hollenbachs position on abortion or gun control. Killing off Simon does not change the beliefs or religious convictions of a single Conservative Democrat in Rural Kentucky. Other than a few Liberals being able to raise a glass a beer in victory at some bar in Louisville or Lexington, it will not gain a single vote for the Democrat Party. In short, a lot of effort to gain nothing.

Todd like the rest of the Democrat Party continue to try to balance our "Big Tent" Party as my buddy Jeff Noble would say. Liberal Democrats have no place to go but home while Conservative Democrats have no problem supporting Republicans on Election Day especially when issues like abortion, gun control and gay marriage are issues. The "Golden Triangle" provides political soil which is ever changing while Western Kentucky and Rural Kentucky have not changed in 150 years and are not going to change anytime soon. The vast majority of Democrats in Rural Kentucky do not subscribed to the "Progressive" view nor have they ever.

Although the renewed activism of the Unions and the KEA folks in Western Kentucky will provide some much needed help it will only help in about 6 or 7 counties. The funny thing about that is, historically Unions folks are kinda of like the rest of the voters and vote their gun and their church first. Even I was a little surprised to see the lack of support for Obama while making the rounds Friday in Paducah, Princeton, and Kentucky Dam. Does this mean that the Liberals in the Democrat Party should call for all candidates to renounce a Union endorsement because a majority of the Union folks in Western Kentucky won't vote for an African American? Think about it. My point is this, when we get into threatening officials to renounce people we need to go take a look in the mirror. The hypocrisy in the Democrat Party is just as bad as the Republican Party and we wonder why people don't vote.

In the end it probably did not make a damn bit of difference as to whether Todd Hollenbach Jr. did or did not renounce Frank Simon. What does make a difference is that Todd Hollenbach Jr. stay true to his convictions, not mine or the Liberals in the Democrat Party.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Stumbo Running for Speaker

The "Big Easy" was more than just a venue for the Legislative Conference this week, apparently New Orleans was serving as the host city for the beginnings of a showdown for Kentucky's next House Speaker. Sources tell me that operatives for Rep. Greg Stumbo were working hard to turn votes for Stumbo.

It will be interesting to see if Stumbo can slate enough votes to unseat Jody Richards who will be seeking another term. The Speaker will have to mend many fences after the last session. Communication concerns and some of the LIBERALS running loose in the Speaker's inner circle have led to much discontent with rural legislators. There are also a number of legislators who feel that House Leadership did not do enough to help the Governor on issues like expanded gambling.

I will be bringing more on this race once I have had the opportunity to speak with more legislators from around the State.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bluegrass Report and Walter Hawkins

I don't know if I was supposed to feel slighted by the introduction of Walter Hawkins to as "Hopkinsville's Own" or not. I can say that it will be good to have another view from Western Kentucky and Walter has the experience to help in that regard. Walter once lived in Hopkinsville and has many ties. Walter practiced law with James Ed Bruce who is the son of longtime former State Representative Jim Bruce.

Walter's mother, Shelia Hawkins is a veteran of many campaigns and administrations. I've known Shelia most of my life and first worked with her on Senator Huddleston's campaign when I was in college. Walter's father coached football at Hopkinsville High as I have done for over 20 years. The Hawkin's family moved on to Shelby County in the 1970's where I believe he became Principal.

Walter has been in Bowling Green for many years practicing law and consulting political campaigns.

There are many sorts of political blogs in Kentucky and all bring a different flavor. I hope to continue on my journey doing more about life in Western Kentucky not just politics. I plan to continue my independence and not just be an advocate for any Democratic cause. I will continue to bring the news and my viewpoint. The news for the Democrats will not always be good and probably won't be all that good in Western Kentucky this Fall. When there is something to say or something worth saying, then I will post it.

I feel sure Walter will do a good job for the Bluegrass Report and will look forward to reading his comments. As for me, not much scoop in the political world down here. Politics and politicians are not very popular at present. I will be bringing a pre-season high school football report soon. Now that's important!!

OK.. Mike Ward got another DUI. Wow- thats news. Hopkinsville native and alumni Curtis Pulley will not be UK's next QB. The truth is that he has so many hang-ups on and off the field, Joker Phillips has run out of excuses for him. I'm betting he won't be on the field come game day.There is a scoop for you guys.

This is enough for me today.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bill Cox Resigns: Kentucky's Loss

Bill Cox's resignation as Revenue Commissioner came as a great disappointment to me and many in Western Kentucky. Possessing one of the best analytical minds in Kentucky, the loss of Bill Cox to this administration is also a huge loss to Kentucky. I personally have felt that Bill Cox was one of those who should of and could of helped the Governor through the many miss steps of the past six months. Bill Cox's experience at every level of government uniquely qualified Cox to provide the much needed counsel the Governor needed.

I have heard a number of stories as to why Bill Cox resigned. Most point to the reorganization within the Finance and Administration Cabinet and the Revenue Division. I have made several calls and it is my understanding that Cox resigned because of a number of issues. First, I'm told that the Administration failed to live up to certain promises that were made. Second, that Larry Hayes had refused meetings for over a month to discuss issues and reorganization concerning the Revenue Division.It is my understanding that through Cox's leadership a record amount of money had been collected from past due taxes. It had been widely held and reported that Revenue was going to become a separate cabinet for which Cox was going to be named Secretary.

Regardless of the reasons of why Bill Cox resigned, I find it tragic and a mistake to have allowed one the brightest minds in Kentucky to go to the sideline in a time in which we need our best players on the field. Governor Beshear and Kentucky would be well served by finding a way to utilize the talents of Bill Cox. Strong in stature and personality, Bill Cox offers the kind of tough leadership Kentucky needs right now!

Operation Patton

Adam Edelen: Popular Choice In Western Kentucky

The changes in Governor Beshear's Administration has been the buzz this week. I have called around the State and spoken with Frankfort insiders to get the low-down. Everyone is calling it the Patton Plan because of the number of former Patton advisers that are now moving into the Governor's office and various other positions.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that Governor Beshear needs some experienced people around him who possess the knowledge of the inner workings of State Government and the legislature. Sources tell me that State Auditor Crit Luallen has been instrumental in advising the Governor and helping bring some of these folks in.

This move has been welcomed by most of the people I have spoken with in Western Kentucky. The return to the traditional structure of having each area of the State having someone that officials can contact is being lauded. I believe that much of the Governor's unpopularity in the region has been due to the lack of ability by local officials to have a contact in the Governor's office who can address the concerns of city and county governments.

It would seem that Governor Beshear is trying to right his ship and is making some positive changes that are sitting well with most in West Kentucky. New Chief of Staff, Adam Edelen appeared at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Murray and was swarmed by folks. Like an old friend who has come home to visit, everyone seemed excited that he will be helping this administration. I understand that Edelen received the same kind of welcome in Hopkinsville and Paducah earlier in the day.The concerns with the Governor's staff up to this point have been that many of these folks do not have the experience with state government and pushing through a legislative agenda. I have not heard any comments that were personal in terms of criticism.

House Leadership Races Heating Up

I have been working the phones and visiting with legislators this week in the hopes of providing some insight as to the present score of the House leadership races. I attended the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Murray on Monday night which provided me the opportunity to speak to the 10 legislators who were present. More on that event later.

There seems to be concensus regarding the present mood and beliefs as to what is going on in some of these races. Speaker Jody Richards appears to be safe for another term but there is still a movement by a few to put up an opposition candidate.

The big news seems to be that House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins may step aside to allow Greg Stumbo to be Majority Leader again. I'm told that a majority of House members along with the Governor would like and need Stumbo's experience back at the forefront of legislative matters. Stumbo would appear to be a consensus leader for which House members and the Beshear Administration would both feel comfortable with. Stumbo I'm told could help bridge the divide in the House as well as help the Administration with a legislative agenda. For all this to work it would be up to Majority Leader Adkins. I understand that the Beshear administration may be providing a great deal of lattitude to secure the political future of Rep. Adkins if he would consider such a move.

Legislators in the First and Second Congressional Districts have responded pretty much the same way regarding the race for Pro-tem and House Caucus Chairman. It is believed that the position for House Caucus Chairman will be a close one but I am told that Rep. Bob Damron will win back this position which he lost to Charlie Hoffman.

I was a little surprised but maybe not that Rep. Larry Clark should win easily for re-election as the Speak Pro-Tem. Most West Ky. Legislators did not want to comment on this race risking making the Speaker mad but it was pretty clear by what they did say and the expressions on their face that they may not always agree with Rep. Clark, but they like him, trust him and respect him.

The race for Majority Whip seems to be up in the air. The race is divided by geography with West, Central and East Kentucky all having a stake. Common sense and a map tells me that the Jefferson County delegation will decide who the next Majority Whip will be. Most tell me that John Will Stacey may have the edge right now?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Landham Enters Kentucky Senate Race

NKY is reporting that actor Sonny Landham will be the Libertarian Party Nominee for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Mitch McConnell. Landham who is a Georgia native presently resides in Ashland, Ky.

Landham has had an interesting past from starring in porn movies to top notch mainstream Hollywood movies. Appearing in such blockbuster films as 48 hrs, Predator, Dirty Dozen-The Next Mission, and Southern Comfort.

After checking out his website, I learned that he spent time in prison for which he was later released and exonerated by a Federal Court which stated he never should have been charged.

Kentucky politics, Oh my!! This should make things interesting. My question? who does this hurt-McConnell, Lunsford or neither.

Monday, June 23, 2008

How Noble Will The KDP Be?

I find it interesting that good ole boy politics is usually associated with Rural Kentucky but in this instance it is Jefferson County that may be suspect. The State Democrat Executive Committee will be hearing the appeal of Jeff Noble who won and then lost his seat to represent the 3rd Congressional District on the State Committee.

I have not spoken with Mr. Noble regarding the matter but as I understand the situation it comes down to a number of folks being allowed to vote after the fact. Noble was apparently declared a winner but people who were really late were given the chance to vote after the votes had been counted and the winners announced.

This is supposed to be a new day in Frankfort and a new era for the Party. As I recall, ethics and justice are supposed to be the new themes. For the Liberals in the Democrat Party, I hope that hypocrisy will not be their new standard because traditional Southern Democrats like myself are going to have a field day with this.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Trigg Co.Democrats Host 4 Person Scramble

The Trigg Co. Democratic Party will host a golf scramble on July 19th at Boots Randolph Golf Course at Lake Barkley State Park in Cadiz, Ky. There will be a 8:00 am "Shotgun" Start. Entry fee is $25 per person, Green's fee not included.

July 19th at Boots Randolph Golf Course

There will be proximity prizes on all holes. Hole sponsorship is $50 & $100. Anyone interested in sponsoring a hole or donating a prize should contact Al Cossey at 270-350-6773.

Anyone interested in participating can contact Al Cossey or contact the Boots Randolph Golf Course at 270-924-9076.

Purchase Area Jefferson Jackson Dinner

The Calloway County Democratic Party will be hosting their Annual Dinner on June 30th beginning at 6pm/Dinner at 7pm at the Curris Center on the Campus of Murray State University. Tickets are $25 per person if paid by June 25. $30 each after June 25th, and can be purchased by contacting Dottie Lyons or Kathy Jo Stubblefield. If you would like to sponsor a table, the cost is $25. Table sponsors and donors to Silent Auction will be recongnized in the program.

Wendell Ford Expected To Be Guest Speaker

Hal Kemp, who is the Party Chairman, informed me this morning that they have a great event lined up which will include: Joe B. Hall, Lt. Gov. Dr. Dan, Crit Luallen, Todd Hollenbach, Carroll Hubbard. Kemp said the Committee was hoping to nail down former U.S. Senator Wendell Ford as the guest speaker.

This is a great event for which I was in attendance last year. Former Party Chairman David Ramey and the Calloway Co. Committee did a nice job putting this event on and I'm sure that Hal Kemp will keep the tradition going. The event has grown to include a lot of folks from all over Western Kentucky.

To make reservations:

Kathy Jo Stubblefield, 3100 Scott Fitts Rd., Murray, KY 42071,Phone- 270-753-3187 or cell at 270-559-3625,

Dottie Lyons, 1401 Johnson Blvd., Murray, KY 42071,Phone-270-753-6351 or cell at 270-832-1677,

Make checks payable to Calloway County Democratic Executive Committee.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kentucky House Leadership Races

It would appear that some of these races are already taking shape in the House Democrat Caucus. Joni Jenkins who represents Jefferson-44 is challenging Larry Clark for the Speaker Pro Tempore position. Jenkins is being supported by House Speaker Jody Richards.

Rob Wilkie's resignation from the House has already drawn three candidates to fill the vacant slot of Majority Whip. Legislators from 3 regions of the Commonwealth have decided to seek the position. The candidates are: Rep. Tommy Thompson(District 14, Daviess & Ohio), Rep. John Will Stacey(District 71,Menefee, Morgan, Rowan & Wolfe) and Rep. Ruth Ann Palumbo (76 District, Fayette).

Rep. Bob Damron(District 39, Fayette & Jessamine) is expected to try to regain his position as Caucus Chairman. Rep. Charlie Hoffman (District 62, Fayette and Scott) presently serves as Majority Caucus Chairman.

The big question remains. What will Greg Stumbo do? The former House Majority Leader and Attorney General has returned to the House and commands a great deal of respect and support. Stumbo's open support for anyone position would probably sway the vote. For now the question will remain whether Stumbo will work quietly in the background and continue helping and advising young legislators or will he seize the moment and try to return to power.

Whats Going on?

The last couple of weeks have been busy for me and there has not been a great deal to report on in West Kentucky. My time the last few weeks has been spent helping to put together my 25th Class Reunion at Hopkinsville High and taking care of my flock at church whereas we had a funeral last week.

After the Primary I needed a rest. I have been worn out with the Presidential race. I have been taking some time to back track and catch up on my other blog reading. I was dismayed to learn that Ken Herndon fell in Jefferson Co. in such an ugly manor. I'm sorry that my buddy Jeff Noble was attacked as part of this political plot. I'm a good Ole Southern Boy and don't mind taking the gloves off but Jeff Noble is a damn good guy. Jeff, your welcome in my neck of the woods anytime.

I have some house cleaning duties to take care of on the site. Patrick Crawley's NKY Politics has moved and I need to update this. I also have a few links to add. I'm hoping to complete some stories but good ones take time to research and interview. Now that I have a growing audience in terms of geography it is hard to feed everyone. I will continue to serve West Kentucky first then the larger audience.

The State Democratic Convention is Saturday. I'm not real interested in going although I have offered myself up to be an alternate delegate if needed.

I'm looking to organize another weekend at Ken Lake State Park for Friday and Saturday of Fancy Farm. We had a great time last year and I hope to make this an annual thing. Last year we had Madisonville Mayor Will Cox and his wife Marci, State Rep. John Tilley and his wife Shelly & daughter Emma, Christian Co. Party Chairman John Lindsey Adams, his wife Melissa and their kids, Mary Thom, Chandler & Will(pronounced Wheel), Chief Asst. Christian Co. Attorney- John T. Soyars, Fomer Scott Co. Party Chairman- Bobby McDowell, Mark Henry-Former State KYD President and few folks from the Hollenbach Campaign Staff. The State Revenue Commissioner, Bill Cox, was supposed to have joined us but he decided that he did not really like any of us to begin with so he opted out. I hope a few of our Louisville friends might join us this year.

We had a great time swimming, talking politics and eating cheese burgers & milkshakes at Belews on 68. Ken Lake is a great State Park and often overshadowed by Kentucky Dam. The Park offers cabins, trails, a swimming pool which has great view of the lake. The Lodge and pool sit probably 3-400 feet high overlooking Kentucky Lake.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guiling Wins Commonwealth Attorney

Gail Guiling out paced Elizabeth Wilson to win the Commonwealth's Attorney job in the 7th Judicial District which includes Logan and Todd Counties. Guiling received 59% of the vote.

J. Gail Guiling--------------4,195
Elizabeth D. Wilson---------2,916

Brent Yonts Wins in 15th District

State Representative Brent Yonts easily defeated his primary challenger Denny Kirtley. Kirtley was expected to provide tough opposition for Yonts but the election results showed that Yonts was not as vulnerable as some had thought.

Rep. Yonts: Not Vulnerable After All

This was another race I did not report on due to a conflict whereas I was helping Representative Yonts with his media. Yonts racked up 69.4% against Kirtley in the contest. Kirtley ran a positive race but was no match for Yont's record of achievement in the District.

Yonts received 5,805 to Kirtley's 2,558. The 15th District includes Muhlenberg, Christian and Hopkins.

Muhlenberg County---------Yonts 69%
Hopkins County----------- Yonts 66.4%
Christian County------------ Yonts 78.6%

Carroll Hubbard Wins Big in West Kentucky

Hubbard Wins Every County

Former Congressman Carroll Hubbard carried all 7 counties in the First Senate District on his way to victory over Rick Johnson. I did not report much at all on this race because of the conflict of interest I had whereas I was helping Hubbard with his media. The race unfolded as I had predicted--It got ugly and Hubbard was prepared. Kim Gevenden was handling Johnson and Greg Fischer as I understand it.

Hubbard's years of public service and not to mention his great media allowed him to score big & provide maybe the Democrats only opportunity to pick up a Senate seat this Fall in Kentucky. My compliments to Kim, I thought Johnson's media the last week was very good. I have included the breakdown below.

Trigg County****************** Hubbard 60.%
Lyon County****************** Hubbard 54.7%
Calloway County************** Hubbard 51%
Graves County*************** Hubbard 57.4%
Fulton County**************** Hubbard 63.5%
Hickman County**************Hubbard 62%
Carlisle County***************Hubbard 61%

Hubbard 12,981-----56.6%
Johnson 9,943-------43.4%

40.4% of Senate District Voted

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mrs. Obama In Hopkinsville Today

Senator Obama's wife was in Hopkinsville this morning to meet in private with military dependents from Fort Campbell. Speaking in a round table discussion, Mrs. Obama listen to the concerns of approximately 14 wives.

Mrs. Obama Meets with Military Spouses

The event was held at the Pioneers on North Main Street in Hopkinsville and was not open to the public. A number of Obama supporters and officials were in attendance. Madisonville Mayor Will Cox, Rep. John Tilley, Judge Steve Tribble, Ben Wood, Bill Deatherage, Lindsey Adams and Gary McIntyre to name a few.

Ron Kirk's Visit
Some of those who were present stated how impressed they were with Mrs. Obama and how personable she was. This appearance followed former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk's visit to Little River Days in Hopkinsville yesterday. Kirk walk around with Ben Wood who introduced him.

Kirk followed up with a round table discussion with local folks in Madisonville hosted by Will Cox. Although Clinton is expected to carry Kentucky, the Obama folks have moved on to organizing their folks and issues for the General Election.

Bill Clinton's Visit
I guess the Clinton's are just in denial. Bill Clinton had a crowd of about 300 in Hopkinsville Friday night and I think that is a sign that people are worn out with them. Local Clinton supporters had estimated about 1000-1200 for the Hopkinsville event.

The Breathitt Dinner
Hats off to Christian Co. Party Chairman, John Lindsey Adams for pulling this event off which was at the brink of disaster because of the Clinton supporters and the Clinton event which was scheduled at the same time.

The Breathitt Dinner ended up with a capacity crowd and was cut short to try to accommodate those wishing to see the porn star president. Lindsey Adams and Mike Foster are a lot nicer than I am.

Much to my surprise both Greg Fischer and Bruce Lunsford gave great speeches. Fischer has really come on in Christian Co. it may be a tight race here. Another big surprise was Heather Ryan. Ryan gave an energetic speech and probably earned herself not only some respect but some support as well.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ron Kirk In Hopkinsville Sat. for Obama

Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk will be in Hopkinsville Saturday to campaign for Obama. Dallas' first African-American Mayor will be spending the day campaigning at Little River Days in downtown Hopkinsville.

Breathitt Dinner Changed Yet Again

Gov. Ned Breathitt Dinner
The Christian County Democratic Dinner has been changed again and now will return to its original format and will be a separate event from the Clintion Visit. The Dinner and the candidate speaking will all be at the Pioneers Pavilion on North Main Street in Hopkinsville starting at 5:30 pm.

The local Clinton folks as I understand it decided that they did not want the two events combined therefore causing another last minute change. I have been told that the doors will open at 7pm at the Bruce Convention Center for the Clinton visit. There will be no seating, everyone will stand and will be admitted on a first come basis. Clinton is supposed to arrive around 8:30 I'm told.

All this has been disappointing to the extent that the local Party has lost the opportunity to make some money off this deal. The African-American community is now really hot over how this has been handled not to mention all the inconveniences to the local Party folks. Ego's and petty local politics has made all this a big mess and now has created a huge political divide that will spell serious consequences in November for some local Clinton folks. The Breathitt Dinner and the local Party has been seriously damaged due to the selfishness of some. The talk of an Independent candidate for a certain office has begun.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Clinton Visit & Breathitt Dinner Changes

These events have changed 4 times since last night but here is the final draft. The Governor Edward T. "Ned" Breathitt Dinner will be served at the Pioneers Pavilion on North Main Street in Hopkinsville at 5:30. All other speaking and presentations have been moved to the James E. "Jim" Bruce Convention Center off Fort Campbell Blvd. Hwy 41 South where Former President Bill Clinton will speak at approximately 8:00 pm.

There will be no cost at the Convention Center to hear the speaking. All Breathitt Dinner ticket holders will present their ticket at the Convention Center and will be given preferred special seating in the front.

The Convention Center only holds about 1200 people so it will be first come, first serve even if you have a Breathitt Dinner ticket. Consideration should be given to the fact that there is probably not enough parking spaces anyway and there will be no shuttles.

In short, if you want to eat then you better rush to the Pioneers and cram some food down and rush to the Convention Center if you want to hear Clinton speak. If you were not interested in hearing Clinton speak then you just got cheated and will have to wait until next year's Dinner.

Unfortunately, due to the meddling on the part of certain individuals, the Christain Co. Democratic Party lost the opportunity to make many thousands of dollars for the Party and have ended up with one big mess. It is my understanding that Jonathan Hurst and Jerry Lundergan are furious over the meddling of certain individuals who made decisions on their behalf but had no authority to do so.

I'm sure everyone will have a great time and I look forward to hearing about it.

Clinton Visit Bad for Democrats in Area

Former President Bill Clinton's whirl-wind tour through Western Kentucky will not be good for Democrats seeking to be elected in November. While Clinton remains popular with Liberal voters there are not too many of them in the Pennyrile. I'm sure Republicans are applauding the visit and I have been told that they will be in attendance to document Democrat candidates who are foolish enough to stand up with Clinton. Clinton's visit hurts the local Democrats on a number of levels.

McCain, McConnell, Whitfield, Jones & Dossett Licking Their Chops

The Clinton Administration hurt the farming community and industry by going after tobacco. Christian County is one of the largest agriculture counties in Kentucky and home to U.S. Tobacco. Farmers in Western Kentucky will never forgive the Clintons.

The Clinton Administration actively pushed for gun control and alienated most rural voters in Western Kentucky.

The Clinton Administration disrupted the Military with their policy of "Don't ask, Don't tell" once again alienating the thousands of active duty military and veterans in the area. Christian Co. is home to Fort Campbell and the 101st Airborne Division.

Hilliary Clinton scared the whole Nation with her irresponsible plan to revamp our Nation's health care system.

Bill Clinton's North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) opened our borders allowing Western Kentucky to lose thousands of jobs. You don't like the number of illegal aliens in our area?, well thank the Clintons when you see them.

The Clintons greatest contribution to the Democrat Party is the fact that they got 108 Congressman beat in 1994.

I'm feel pretty sure that Conservative Christian Voters which make up a majority of Democrats and Republicans in Western Kentucky will also not forget the little incident(SEX SCANDAL) with Monica.

The Clintons are destroying the Democrat Party right now not to mention hurting any chance the Democrats have of winning in November. Barack Obama is the Democrat nominee, but once again its all about the Clinton's, everyone else be damned. For the Democrats to be successful this Fall in Western Kentucky we don't need folks like the Clintons coming to town.

The Clinton Years, we are all so proud!!

Footnote: Last time a Democrat Carried Christian Co. in Presidential Election? Jimmy Carter in 1976. George Wallace won it in 1972. Clinton lost Christian and Todd Co. in 1996.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bill Clinton in West KY on Friday

Sources have confirmed that the Clinton Campaign is trying to work out a Western Kentucky Schedule that includes stops in Owensboro, Paducah and Hopkinsville on Friday. In an earlier post I raised my concerns regarding the Gov. Edward T. Ned Breathitt Dinner falling by the wayside. Many area candidates are scheduled to speak including the U.S. Senate candidates.

Hopkinsville & The Gov. Breathitt Dinner

I have been informed by local Clinton supporters that everything possible is being done to include the Breathitt Dinner by maybe backing up the start time to accommodate Bill Clinton's arrival. It also must be noted that I along with many others have tried for over a month to get Obama to Hopkinsville but to no avail.

Regardless of which side your on it is always good to have a former President and the Presidential Campaign come to your area. I just hope that all consideration possible will be given to the Breathitt Dinner since it does effect so many other candidates. I think the plan and hope here is to move the Dinner to the James E. Jim Bruce Convention Center and try to work it like the folks in Madisonville did when Hillary Clinton spoke.

Tickets for the Breathitt Dinner can be purchased from any Executive Committee Member or by Contacting Lindsey Adams, Democrat Chairman, at 270-886-1272.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bill Clinton in Hopkinsville Friday?

The Convention center has been booked to a "Big Name Democrat", and law enforcement has been contacted. Who you say? My guess is Bill Clinton may be coming to Hopkinsville Friday. It is always nice to have the Presidential Campaign come to your area but some concerns have been raised as to the timing.

The Gov. Edward T. Ned Breathitt Dinner which is scheduled for Friday Night could be over shadowed by a Clintion visit. Many Democrats are concerned that the Annual Democrat Dinner may be a bust if the Clinton's scheduled their function to coincide with the Dinner. I guess we will have to wait and see. Christian Co. Democrat Party Chairman, Lindsey Adams said that he can not confirm the reports but he thought somebody was coming to Hopkinsville and it would make sense that it would be Bill Clinton since it has already been reported that he will be in Kentucky on Thursday and Friday.The Presidential race has not drawn much interest to date even though the Obama folks have been on the ground for weeks organizing.

Hillary Clinton made a big show last month by appearing at the Ruby Lafoon Dinner in Madisonville. Madisonville Mayor Will Cox has endorsed Obama and Obama has most of the Party establishment locked up in Christian County. A Big turn out in Christian Co. is not expected but a Clinton visit could probably make Obama's efforts so far null and void. As I have said before, Obama needed to work Kentucky as hard as the Clintons but that did not happen.

West Kentucky Round-UP

It has been busy the last week and I am way behind in reporting in. Here are a few notes from the past week.

Tennessee's Bruce Pearl Speaks in Hopkinsville

University of Tennessee Head Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl was the guest speaker at University Heights Academy for their basketball banquet. Word has it that Pearl provided a relaxed and amusing time for the crowd. UT signee Scotty Hopson made a few remarks I'm told, that did not sit well with the UK fans.

Louisville Football and Greg Nord

Greg Nord, long-time assistant coach for the University of Louisville was in West Kentucky Monday and Tuesday recruiting. I had the opportunity to visit with Coach Nord Monday afternoon at the Hopkinsville/Christian County baseball game. Greg is visiting with coaches at Hopkinsville, Christian Co, Paducah, Fort Campbell and Mayfield regarding future prospects. Nord said he felt good about Louisville's 2008 team and look forward to their continued success.

State Senate Race
The Democrat Primary heated up Friday with Rick Johnson going negative in his media against Carroll Hubbard. Race should get interesting the next few days.

U.S. Senate Race

U.S. Senate race has still not generated much interest in Western Kentucky. Fischer has come on some but I'm not sure it will be enough to overcome the money and media.

Articles to Come

Madisonville Mayor Will Cox First Year In Office
State Rep. Brent Yonts Lands Coal to Liquid Plant For Area
Fort Campbell Designation as Super Base- Will Expand to 70,000

Monday, May 5, 2008

Larry Jones and Eight Belles'

The hospitable drink did not taste so sweet for most after watching Eight Belles' go down after running a great race in the Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately bad things happen from time to time in all sports, but the criticism being thrown around by the raving, liberal, lunatics from groups like the Organization for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is ridiculous.

To imply that the jockey or trainer Larry Jones did something wrong does not sit very well with me. Larry Jones, who is a Hopkinsville native, is a really nice guy from a really nice family. I was introduced to Larry many years ago by the late Dr. Frank Pitzer. I see Larry's dad occasionally since we both get our hair cut at the Indian Hills Barber Shop.(Oh, no...I used the word Indian).

I know some of these groups may provide a valid purpose at times but many times they act in a very irresponsible manner. Larry Jones and the trainer did nothing wrong and some of these critics need to get a real job.

Gov. Mabus Campaigns for Obama in West KY.

Former Ambassador and Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus Jr. campaigned in Hopkinsville and Owensboro today for Sen. Obama. Mabus addressed a crowd of local officials and supporters at the Pioneer's Pavilion.

Mabus emphasized the importance of having a nominee and a President who could rise above the traditional polarizing issues of the past. Stating that for American to move forward, we as a Nation must focus on the issues we agree on like the economy, education, and the environment as opposed to "wedge" issues which only divide the Nation.

When asked about his friendship with the Clinton family Mabus replied, "this election is about the future, not the past." Mabus said that he was a close friend of Bill Clinton, having been fellow Southern Governors as well as having served as Clinton's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1994-96.

A veteran of the United States Navy, Gov. Mabus spoke strongly regarding the implications related to the continued occupation of Iraq by U.S. military forces. Citing how America's economy and the military were overburden and stretched to thin by our continued involvement. Mabus said that he agreed with Sen. Obama position that the War needed to end.

A graduate of the University of Mississippi, Mabus earned a Masters Degree from John Hopkins University and a Law Degree from Harvard. Mabus has distinguished himself in many areas having received the U.S. Army's Distinguished Civilian Service Award and the Martin Luther King Responsibility Award. Known for his expertise on Middle East Affairs, Gov. Mabus has been a member of the Rand Center for Middle East Public Policy and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Washington Times and My Comments

From time to time I am asked by the Washington Media to provide background information regarding my opinion of the political landscape in Rural Kentucky, Fort Campbell and the South. Last week, Ralph Z. Hallow of the Washington Times asked me to comment regarding the fall out of Rev. Wright's remarks.

While it is sometimes painful, I always give my professional opinion when asked. I believe Rev. Wright has damaged Sen. Obama and the eventual Democrat Nominee. If you stay involved in politics very long your going to have friends on both sides of the fence, friends who you like but don't always agree with, friends of every faith and persuasion. No one wants to publicly denounce a friend but unfortunately for Sen. Obama, Rev. Wright has proven to be no friend.

I don't disagree with every one of Rev. Wright's arguments but because of the media age we live in, many one line comments can be taken out of context. If you were to listen to just one of my sermons on any given Sunday you probably would not be able to understand everything I'm saying unless you had listened to the previous messages.

Although I have not listened to Rev. Wright in depth, it seemed apparent to me that many of his comments have originated from arguments made by Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Talyor Branch. I have read and would recommend Branch's "Parting the Waters". In short, Branch makes his argument surrounding the theme that America has experienced many of its problems because we as a Nation have failed to live up to the promises of the "first revolution", that being the founding principles of our Nation.

Unfortunately for Obama and the Rural White Middle Class there is not a big margin of error allowed. Western Kentuckians and Southerners in general are weary of Democrat Presidential candidates anyway. Cultural beliefs and traditions are more important than gas prices. We like to have our cake and eat it to. We want a candidate who not only offers a better way, we want that candidate to pass our litmus test. To be gift wrapped in a way we find appealing. Being right on the issues does not spell electability. I think there has to be a middle ground. The Right Wing has hurt the Republicans and the Left Wing has hurt the Democrats. The Democrats are going to have to learn from past mistakes and I'm not sure that's happening. The problem with the Democrats when it comes to campaigns is simply this, the Democrats would rather be right than win. That don't buy noth'in on election day!

If you want to read all my comments you can use the Washington Times search engine by keying in Ralph Hallow. I believe the article is entitled "Wright comments at the wrong time". My first name was spelled wrong which I will never live down but try to work through that.

Gov. George C. Wallace at Fancy Farm

I can remember being at Fancy Farm in 1975 when George Wallace addressed the crowd, but I did not remember his speech. I was probably eating. Yesterday, Jim Moore who is the owner of WYMC in Mayfield was kind enough to provide me a CD of Wallace's speech. Jim was a reporter in those days at the station and he spoke yesterday regarding how many of the same issues in 1975 are pertinent to today.

I listened to George Wallace's remarks as I drove home and I found it all very interesting. Like going back in time. Carroll Hubbard a newly elected Congressman introduced Gov. Wallace. Wallace acknowledged Gov. Julian Carroll and folks like Bob Gable. I think the most interesting comments beside the Vietnam war, a bad economy and the Washington bureaucracy were the hopeful beliefs Wallace shared about the resiliency of America. How, regardless of what we face, our Nation always come through and prevails.

One the mini-stories from Wallace's appearance were the incidents of light bulbs exploding. Photographers were still using the old fashion light bulbs on their flash units and because of the rain that day it was causing them to explode. Twice, Wallace was distracted and stopped his speech because of the startling noise. Commenting to the crowd Wallace said," Ya know I'm a little bit gun shy". After the second distraction, Jim told me that people in the audience went over and asked folks to stop using the bulbs.

My thanks to Jim for sharing this little jewel of history. I enjoyed our visit and our walk through the past. I will note that Jim's daughter, Valerie, serves on Jack Conway's staff and at one time worked for the House Caucus.