Thursday, July 3, 2008

Operation Patton

Adam Edelen: Popular Choice In Western Kentucky

The changes in Governor Beshear's Administration has been the buzz this week. I have called around the State and spoken with Frankfort insiders to get the low-down. Everyone is calling it the Patton Plan because of the number of former Patton advisers that are now moving into the Governor's office and various other positions.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that Governor Beshear needs some experienced people around him who possess the knowledge of the inner workings of State Government and the legislature. Sources tell me that State Auditor Crit Luallen has been instrumental in advising the Governor and helping bring some of these folks in.

This move has been welcomed by most of the people I have spoken with in Western Kentucky. The return to the traditional structure of having each area of the State having someone that officials can contact is being lauded. I believe that much of the Governor's unpopularity in the region has been due to the lack of ability by local officials to have a contact in the Governor's office who can address the concerns of city and county governments.

It would seem that Governor Beshear is trying to right his ship and is making some positive changes that are sitting well with most in West Kentucky. New Chief of Staff, Adam Edelen appeared at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Murray and was swarmed by folks. Like an old friend who has come home to visit, everyone seemed excited that he will be helping this administration. I understand that Edelen received the same kind of welcome in Hopkinsville and Paducah earlier in the day.The concerns with the Governor's staff up to this point have been that many of these folks do not have the experience with state government and pushing through a legislative agenda. I have not heard any comments that were personal in terms of criticism.

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