Monday, September 20, 2010

Ryan Alessi & 'Pure Politics' Airs Tonight on CN/2

Pure Politics hosted by Ryan Alessi will  air tonight on CN/2. As reported by CN/2 the half-hour show will provide Kentucky political news and analysis. The program will air weekdays at 7pm est and again at 11:30pm. Insight Communications subscribers in Louisville, Lexington, Central Kentucky and Northern Kentucky will be able to view. Western Kentuckians who subscribe in Bowling Green, Henderson, Dawson Springs and Providence will also be able to watch. CN/2 states that portions of the show will be available online at CN/2 Politics. 

Hamrick for State Treasurer Campaign Releases Logo

The Hamrick for State Treasurer Campaign has released their campaign logo. Hopkinsville resident and Murray native Steve Hamrick stated in a press release that he is excited about the race but has tempered his campaign so far out of respect for other Democrats who are trying to raise money and get elected this Fall.

Hamrick served as  Development Director of the Kentucky Private Industries Council under the Gov. John Y. Brown Administation. A former Economic Developoment Director for both Marion and Christian County, Hamrick also served as Executive Director of Capital Expo. Steve Hamrick has served on the Democratic Executive Committee's in Graves, Christian, Marshall and Franklin Counties. 

West Kentucky Journal: A New Look

Ivan and Mary Potter have upgraded their website to provide a new look and better technology. Now simply the "West Kentucky Journal" can be found at

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kentucky Native Steve Pardue To Play on ESPN 2 Tonight

Steve Pardue by Scott Sickler

A trivia question for UK fans- What do Wesley Woodyard, Braxton Kelley, Joe Mansour, Mychal Bailey, Randall Burdan, Pat Simmons, Qua Huzzie and Tristian Johnson all have in common? Yes, they all belong to UK but they also all played for Steve Pardue at LaGrange High School in Georgia.
Tonight ESPN 2 will televise the LaGrange vs Carver-Columbus game at 6pm cst/7pm est.

Joker Phillips, Head Football Coach at the University of Kentucky, said, " Steve is as good of a coach that I've been around. He really knows how to relate to kids." Phillips went on say that he has known Steve Pardue for 12 or 13 years and believes there is a number of reasons why Pardue has been so successful. Coach Phillips said, "He's organized and they provide a great environment. Steve has a great staff and he knows the X's and O's."

LaGrange will be a big under dog this evening against a loaded Carver-Columbus team that boast one of the best running backs in the nation. LaGrange Defensive Coordinator Donnie Branch stated that LaGrange did not have as many of  the D-1 prospects as in prior years. Branch said that LaGrange Linebacker, Chauncey Smith (#2), would definitely be one player to watch. Smith has committed to Southern  Mississippi.

Steve Pardue said," They've got a really good football team and probably have eleven to fifteen D-1 prospects."Carver-Columbus running back Isaiah Crowell may be the best running back in the country according to Pardue. Coach Pardue commented that the ESPN game had generated a lot of excitement. "We had 700 t-shirts and we sold out," said Coach Pardue.

A product of Christian County's football program, Pardue started out as a manager for the late Coach Fred Clayton. Franklin High School (TN) Head Football Coach Craig Clayton was Pardue's position coach at Christian County. Clayton said, "My dad would pick Steve up everyday and take him to practice. He started out as a manager and ended up a scholarship athlete." Clayton stated that Pardue was a solid high school player who turned into a really good athlete at Austin Peay State University. "I told Steve that if he ever made it to a state championship game that we would be there" In 2001 Pardue would make it to his first title game. "Anita and the kids we loaded up the car and drove to Cedartown, Georgia to be with Steve. The good news was he won, the bad news was that we drove all the way back to Kentucky that night."

Coach Pardue commented that while he may be out matched tonight his team had one advantage. "Our kids believe they can win and that makes a big difference". "As excited as I am about the opportunity to play on ESPN I just know how excited my mom would have been and wished she could be here to see it". Coach Pardue's mother passed away in January of this year.

Win or lose, Coach Steve Pardue has enjoyed an exceptional career and he can be assured that friends, family and fans will be watching all across Kentucky.

*My Thanks to Joker Phillips, Craig Clayton, Donnie Branch, and Steve Pardue for taking time to interview. Permission to use photographs from the LaGrange HS Website provided by Donnie Branch.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sen. Pendleton Treated at Lexington Hospital

State Senator Joey Pendleton earned himself a couple days rest at Baptist Hospital in Lexington after being treated for a partially blocked artery. Pendleton was admitted late Monday night and test revealed that he would need a stint. Sen. Pendleton is resting comfortably and is expected to be released this afternoon or early Friday morning.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rep. John Tilley Sponsors Amendment to Protect Hunting & Fishing

Rep.Tilley by Bud Kraft LRC Public Information

Rep. John Tilley, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, joined fellow lawmakers in sponsoring legislation that would strengthen the rights of those who hunt and fish.

The proposed constitutional amendment proposed by Rep. Leslie Combs and House Speaker Greg Stumbo would ensure that hunting and fishing could never be outlawed without a statewide vote of the people.

A dozen other states have included similar language in their constitution, and voters in Arkansas, South Carolina and Arizona will have the opportunity to add their state to the list in November. A handful of those states took action relatively early in their statehood-1777 in Vermont' case, for example-but most of those votes have taken place since 1996.

"Our constitution protects elemental rights that no legislature or court can override," said Rep. Tilley. I believe the same should hold true in these cases as well."

Rep. Tilley noted that the amendment does not affect local, state, and federal laws that regulate, but not outlaw, hunting and fishing. "This amendment has no bearing on such things as licenses, seasons or trespassing laws," he said. "It simply ensures that hunting and fishing have the protections they deserve, because they are such a crucial part of our heritage and play an important role in our economy. None of us sponsoring this amendment wants to see them curtailed if the only reason is because of those who oppose the sports altogether."

Tilley said, "Earlier this year, the legislature took a positive step forward to ensure that the care of livestock and horses is protected at the state level and not subject to local changes that could unfairly penalize farmers. This constitutional amendment is the next logical step."

The proposed constitutional amendment reads: The citizens of Kentucky have the right to hunt,fish, and harvest wildlife, including the use of traditional methods, subject only to statutes enacted by the Legislature and administrative regulations adopted by the designated state agency to promote wildlife conservation and management and to preserve the future of hunting and fishing. Public hunting and fishing shall be a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife. This section shall not be construed to modify any provision of law relating to trespass or property rights."

Rep. Tilley,a former prosecutor, was recognized for his work as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee last week by the Kentucky County Attorney's Association. Tilley received the 2010 "Legislative Excellence Award" at the annual meeting last week. Woodford County Attorney Alan George, who presented the plaque and serves as the association's treasurer, said, Rep. Tilley was honored because of his efforts in expanding the DUI law to included mind-altering substances.

**Information quoted from LRC Press Releases

Sen. David Williams Declares Candidacy for Kentucky Governor

As expected Sen. David Williams has announced his intentions to run for Governor with Ritchie Farmer as his running mate. The question now remains is if Trey Grayson will follow suit. Grayson is holding his cards close to his vest but sources say he wants to run but also wants to wait on a public announcement. Unfortunately for Grayson he probably doesn't have but at best a couple weeks to decide and announce. Williams is already locking up support and courting Conservative Democrats in Rural Kentucky who are unhappy with the Beshear Administration. Williams knows he will need Rural Democrats to win and he is making sure they know that they(Conservative Democrats) will have a friend in David Williams.

The Williams/Farmer Campaign has a three minute video which is actually really good. Their Campaign website is at