Friday, April 25, 2008

First District Senate Race

A quick update on the campaign finance reports for the Democrat candidates for State Senate in Kentucky's 1st District which includes Fulton, Hickman, Carlisle, Graves, Calloway, Trigg and Lyon Counties.

Carroll Hubbard reported a balance of $52,116.41. He raised $23,839.78 for the reporting period and had spent $4,523.65.

Rick Johnson reported a balance of $21,294.64. He raised $31,050.00 and had spent $9,755.36.

Some interesting notes while looking at the reports: Rick Johnson only received one contribution from anyone living in the First Senatorial District. Both did receive contributions from friends across the State. Former Gov. Jones contributed to Johnson while former Gov. Paul Patton contributed to Carroll Hubbard. Hubbard also received a contribution from State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach while Johnson received a contribution from Attorney General Jack Conway.

Update:Obama Big Kentucky Weekend

Obama supporters from Kentucky and around the Nation will be working to spread their message this weekend. Thousands of supporters will hit the streets canvassing precincts.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Obama Campaign Opening Hopkinsville HQ

The Obama Campaign hit the ground again this weekend in Hopkinsville. Dan Phillips arrived Friday Night to take charge of the Obama Campaign. Supporters are looking to have a HQ open by the middle of this week.

Gov. Ned Breathitt Dinner

The Gov. Edward T. "Ned" Breathitt Dinner which is the Hopkinsville-Christian County Democrat Dinner has finally been scheduled for May 16th at 6pm. The Dinner will be held at the Pioneer's Building located in Hopkinsville at 904 North Main (Hwy 41).Ticket prices are $25 per person and those interested can contact Lindsey Adams, Party Chairman, at 270-886-1272.

My understanding from committee members is that Attorney General General Jack Conway may be the guest speaker. Hopkinsville's Spring Festival, Little River Days, will also be going on during that weekend.

Update: The tickets are $20.00 a piece not $25 and can be purchased from any Executive Committee member or by calling Lindsey Adams at above number. Gov. Beshear and Jack Conway were not available to come. Thought was given and acted on to invite Al Smith to speak but he will be in Flordia and is working to finish his book. Al Cross was also invited but although he wanted to speak he felt it would be a conflict of interest. Now it would appear that consideration is now being given to hush the critics (I'm one of them) that these events are wayyyy to long and not having a speaker may be a good thing. If you can't have someone who will draw a crowd then might as well please the crowd. Hope is still alive that Obama may come, but there has been no word on that yet.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Murray-Calloway Co. Democrat Executive Committee

My Thanks to Kathy Jo Stubblefield for sending this to me.

Calloway County

Hal Kemp- Chairman, Kathy Jo Stubblefield-Vice Chair, Melisa Stark-Secretary, David Ramey-Treasurer, Shayna Millizer-Youth, Jason Pittman-Youth. Others elected: Cynthia Barnes, Brian Clardy, Larry Elkins, Phil Hazle, Danny Hudspeth, Patsy Inman, Dottie Lyons, Mary Jane Littlton, Kay Nanney, Rob Edd Parrish, Danny Patterson, Cora Pritchett, Paul Randolph, Larry Roberts, Sue White

Monday, April 14, 2008

County Conventions In West Kentucky

I'll try to give a run down of County Committees in the West as I get them.

Christian County
John Lindsey Adams was elected Chairman, Bonnie Lynch-Vice Chair, Peggy Everett- Secretary,Tammy Miller-Treasurer, and Elizabeth Foster-Youth.

Others elected: Mike Foster, John Soyars, Gary Haddock, Jim Fleming, Don Henderson, Mike Pyle, Win Wooton, Dickie Harper, Pete Glass, Rhonda Johnston, Shelley Tilley, Jodie Doris, Jean Leavell, Mary Snorton, Anita Simmons, Nell Ritzheirmer.

Trigg County

Dr. Thornton Bryan, Jr.- Chairman, Gail Hardy-Vice Chair, Jackie Oakley-Secretary, Gary Thompson-Treasurer, and Clayton Woodall-Youth.

Others elected: Al, Cossey, Dr. Mike Gross, Lindwood Hardy,Berlin Moore, Jr.,George Radford,Doug Taylor,Marc Terrell, Donnie Tyler, K.G. Ariangno, Penny Ellis, Mildred Anne Grasty, Mallory Lawrence, Martha Steinbeck, Juanita Oates, Betty Rascoe, Nancy Thompson.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thanks for Reading

As of this past Monday 9078 people have visited the Underground Rooster. This blew me away but I am grateful for all of you who visit. I hope to get caught up on some things as we get closer to the veto session and the Primary.

Obama's second organization meeting was held thursday night and was quite impressive with the diversity of folks that were there not to mention a lot of heavy hitters in the Democrat Party. Team Obama brought three staffers which included a field director for Congressman Yarmuth.

After the County Convention tomorrow, Obama supporters will be canvassing city precincts and also on Sunday afternoon. Plans are being made to set up an Obama Headquarters in Hopkinsville.

Some early returns show that voter registration and support for Obama to be very strong.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Judge Van Knight Dies

Caldwell County Judge Executive Van Knight died from head injuries sustained from a fall. Knight had served as Caldwell County Judge since 1994 when he succeeded Judge Jimmy Jones who also past way last year. Knight had also been known for his service as Chairman of the Pennyrile Area Development(PADD) Board. More later.

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Take On The Budget

Simply put, I think we must do better for Kentucky to move forward. I agree with Rep. Fred Nessler, Rep. Sheldon Baugh and Rep. John Tilley for voting against the budget. I believe that Governor Beshear should veto it all or at least veto a number of sections.

As I have said before, I despise tax increases but we must do something. Federal dollars coming into the State have declined and will continue to decline. As a user of tobacco products I fully support raising the tax on tobacco products. Expanded gaming should be considered in some form in Kentucky even if it only means a short term gain for revenue. We must bite the bullet or we shall fall way behind and then let's see how many new people and companies want to come to Kentucky.

Kentucky's political parties and factions are fractured and Kentucky needs bold leadership now as does our Nation. Governor Beshear should, and I think he will, stand up and fight with a veto or vetoes. It's time for the Governor to say to all elected officials, "Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way". Simply put.

This Weekend In West Kentucky

Campaigning should start to pick up this weekend in Western Kentucky. Tater Day Festival is this weekend in Benton -Marshall County. The parade will be on Monday and most candidates will converge on Benton Monday morning.The Trigg County Rotary Radio Auction will start Monday Night in Cadiz and will also draw a number of candidates.

Former Cadiz Mayor Jim Ricks Passes Away

On a sad note, Trigg County lost one of its finest citizens this past week with the passing of former Cadiz Mayor Jim Ricks. Jim had served as Mayor and City Councilman for many years. Well known for owning the music store in downtown Cadiz, Mayor Ricks had also been host to the local gospel radio show on WKDZ.

The last time I saw Jim was last year when he played host to now State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach Jr. His presence will be missed and my sympathy goes out to his family and his daughter Emily Fitzsimmons who is a legal assistant to State Representative John C. Tilley.

Obama Organizing In West Kentucky

Sen. Obama's First District Coordinator Brendan Beattie was in Hopkinsville tonight to help the locals organize. Former Christian Co. Democrat Association President Gary McIntyre organized this first meeting. Beattie shared some background and a report regarding where the Obama campaign was in Kentucky as well as nationally.

Christian County has the largest population of African Americans in terms of percentage in Kentucky as well as being the largest agriculture county in Kentucky. Not to mention being home to the 101st Airborne(Fort Campbell), the 3rd Group of the 5th Special Forces and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Unit (SOAR).

Hopkinsville native and former Governor Edward T. "Ned" Breathitt was the first Southern Governor to sign the Civil Rights Act. Breathitt and Revenue Commissioner Bill Cox both marched with Dr. Martin Luther King.

With all that in mind, Obama supporters believe Hopkinsville-Christian County can serve as a great backdrop for a Obama visit. Supporters asked Beattie to help with the on going efforts by Christian County Attorney Mike Foster and State Representative John Tilley to secure an Obama visit. Those wishing to get involved in the area can contact Gary McIntyre.