Friday, April 4, 2008

My Take On The Budget

Simply put, I think we must do better for Kentucky to move forward. I agree with Rep. Fred Nessler, Rep. Sheldon Baugh and Rep. John Tilley for voting against the budget. I believe that Governor Beshear should veto it all or at least veto a number of sections.

As I have said before, I despise tax increases but we must do something. Federal dollars coming into the State have declined and will continue to decline. As a user of tobacco products I fully support raising the tax on tobacco products. Expanded gaming should be considered in some form in Kentucky even if it only means a short term gain for revenue. We must bite the bullet or we shall fall way behind and then let's see how many new people and companies want to come to Kentucky.

Kentucky's political parties and factions are fractured and Kentucky needs bold leadership now as does our Nation. Governor Beshear should, and I think he will, stand up and fight with a veto or vetoes. It's time for the Governor to say to all elected officials, "Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way". Simply put.


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Jeff Noble said...

Tim --

Thankfully, with your statement herein, I'm not the only blogger out there calling for new revenues. Kentucky will be falling behind starting this year thanks to the inattentiveness to its needs on the part of the General Assembly.

The current governor needs a Louie B. Nunn moment, a come-to-Jesus event recognising that he, as the democratically chosen leader, needs to put out the call with a specific plan to raise taxes, identifying exactly where and how much and exhibiting an unwillingness to waver as he did in the immediate past Session.

If he waits for the House and the Senate to "come up with their own plan," he will be played a fool by leadership at both ends of the Capitol. They have proven, not just in this Sesssion, but for several sessions now, they simply aren't willing to lead and properly serve the Commonwealth.

I am curious if Representatives Nesler, Baugh, and Tilley accompanied their statements of discontent with any proposals to increase the state's revenues.

-- JN