Friday, April 4, 2008

Obama Organizing In West Kentucky

Sen. Obama's First District Coordinator Brendan Beattie was in Hopkinsville tonight to help the locals organize. Former Christian Co. Democrat Association President Gary McIntyre organized this first meeting. Beattie shared some background and a report regarding where the Obama campaign was in Kentucky as well as nationally.

Christian County has the largest population of African Americans in terms of percentage in Kentucky as well as being the largest agriculture county in Kentucky. Not to mention being home to the 101st Airborne(Fort Campbell), the 3rd Group of the 5th Special Forces and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Unit (SOAR).

Hopkinsville native and former Governor Edward T. "Ned" Breathitt was the first Southern Governor to sign the Civil Rights Act. Breathitt and Revenue Commissioner Bill Cox both marched with Dr. Martin Luther King.

With all that in mind, Obama supporters believe Hopkinsville-Christian County can serve as a great backdrop for a Obama visit. Supporters asked Beattie to help with the on going efforts by Christian County Attorney Mike Foster and State Representative John Tilley to secure an Obama visit. Those wishing to get involved in the area can contact Gary McIntyre.

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