Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guiling Wins Commonwealth Attorney

Gail Guiling out paced Elizabeth Wilson to win the Commonwealth's Attorney job in the 7th Judicial District which includes Logan and Todd Counties. Guiling received 59% of the vote.

J. Gail Guiling--------------4,195
Elizabeth D. Wilson---------2,916

Brent Yonts Wins in 15th District

State Representative Brent Yonts easily defeated his primary challenger Denny Kirtley. Kirtley was expected to provide tough opposition for Yonts but the election results showed that Yonts was not as vulnerable as some had thought.

Rep. Yonts: Not Vulnerable After All

This was another race I did not report on due to a conflict whereas I was helping Representative Yonts with his media. Yonts racked up 69.4% against Kirtley in the contest. Kirtley ran a positive race but was no match for Yont's record of achievement in the District.

Yonts received 5,805 to Kirtley's 2,558. The 15th District includes Muhlenberg, Christian and Hopkins.

Muhlenberg County---------Yonts 69%
Hopkins County----------- Yonts 66.4%
Christian County------------ Yonts 78.6%

Carroll Hubbard Wins Big in West Kentucky

Hubbard Wins Every County

Former Congressman Carroll Hubbard carried all 7 counties in the First Senate District on his way to victory over Rick Johnson. I did not report much at all on this race because of the conflict of interest I had whereas I was helping Hubbard with his media. The race unfolded as I had predicted--It got ugly and Hubbard was prepared. Kim Gevenden was handling Johnson and Greg Fischer as I understand it.

Hubbard's years of public service and not to mention his great media allowed him to score big & provide maybe the Democrats only opportunity to pick up a Senate seat this Fall in Kentucky. My compliments to Kim, I thought Johnson's media the last week was very good. I have included the breakdown below.

Trigg County****************** Hubbard 60.%
Lyon County****************** Hubbard 54.7%
Calloway County************** Hubbard 51%
Graves County*************** Hubbard 57.4%
Fulton County**************** Hubbard 63.5%
Hickman County**************Hubbard 62%
Carlisle County***************Hubbard 61%

Hubbard 12,981-----56.6%
Johnson 9,943-------43.4%

40.4% of Senate District Voted

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mrs. Obama In Hopkinsville Today

Senator Obama's wife was in Hopkinsville this morning to meet in private with military dependents from Fort Campbell. Speaking in a round table discussion, Mrs. Obama listen to the concerns of approximately 14 wives.

Mrs. Obama Meets with Military Spouses

The event was held at the Pioneers on North Main Street in Hopkinsville and was not open to the public. A number of Obama supporters and officials were in attendance. Madisonville Mayor Will Cox, Rep. John Tilley, Judge Steve Tribble, Ben Wood, Bill Deatherage, Lindsey Adams and Gary McIntyre to name a few.

Ron Kirk's Visit
Some of those who were present stated how impressed they were with Mrs. Obama and how personable she was. This appearance followed former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk's visit to Little River Days in Hopkinsville yesterday. Kirk walk around with Ben Wood who introduced him.

Kirk followed up with a round table discussion with local folks in Madisonville hosted by Will Cox. Although Clinton is expected to carry Kentucky, the Obama folks have moved on to organizing their folks and issues for the General Election.

Bill Clinton's Visit
I guess the Clinton's are just in denial. Bill Clinton had a crowd of about 300 in Hopkinsville Friday night and I think that is a sign that people are worn out with them. Local Clinton supporters had estimated about 1000-1200 for the Hopkinsville event.

The Breathitt Dinner
Hats off to Christian Co. Party Chairman, John Lindsey Adams for pulling this event off which was at the brink of disaster because of the Clinton supporters and the Clinton event which was scheduled at the same time.

The Breathitt Dinner ended up with a capacity crowd and was cut short to try to accommodate those wishing to see the porn star president. Lindsey Adams and Mike Foster are a lot nicer than I am.

Much to my surprise both Greg Fischer and Bruce Lunsford gave great speeches. Fischer has really come on in Christian Co. it may be a tight race here. Another big surprise was Heather Ryan. Ryan gave an energetic speech and probably earned herself not only some respect but some support as well.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ron Kirk In Hopkinsville Sat. for Obama

Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk will be in Hopkinsville Saturday to campaign for Obama. Dallas' first African-American Mayor will be spending the day campaigning at Little River Days in downtown Hopkinsville.

Breathitt Dinner Changed Yet Again

Gov. Ned Breathitt Dinner
The Christian County Democratic Dinner has been changed again and now will return to its original format and will be a separate event from the Clintion Visit. The Dinner and the candidate speaking will all be at the Pioneers Pavilion on North Main Street in Hopkinsville starting at 5:30 pm.

The local Clinton folks as I understand it decided that they did not want the two events combined therefore causing another last minute change. I have been told that the doors will open at 7pm at the Bruce Convention Center for the Clinton visit. There will be no seating, everyone will stand and will be admitted on a first come basis. Clinton is supposed to arrive around 8:30 I'm told.

All this has been disappointing to the extent that the local Party has lost the opportunity to make some money off this deal. The African-American community is now really hot over how this has been handled not to mention all the inconveniences to the local Party folks. Ego's and petty local politics has made all this a big mess and now has created a huge political divide that will spell serious consequences in November for some local Clinton folks. The Breathitt Dinner and the local Party has been seriously damaged due to the selfishness of some. The talk of an Independent candidate for a certain office has begun.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Clinton Visit & Breathitt Dinner Changes

These events have changed 4 times since last night but here is the final draft. The Governor Edward T. "Ned" Breathitt Dinner will be served at the Pioneers Pavilion on North Main Street in Hopkinsville at 5:30. All other speaking and presentations have been moved to the James E. "Jim" Bruce Convention Center off Fort Campbell Blvd. Hwy 41 South where Former President Bill Clinton will speak at approximately 8:00 pm.

There will be no cost at the Convention Center to hear the speaking. All Breathitt Dinner ticket holders will present their ticket at the Convention Center and will be given preferred special seating in the front.

The Convention Center only holds about 1200 people so it will be first come, first serve even if you have a Breathitt Dinner ticket. Consideration should be given to the fact that there is probably not enough parking spaces anyway and there will be no shuttles.

In short, if you want to eat then you better rush to the Pioneers and cram some food down and rush to the Convention Center if you want to hear Clinton speak. If you were not interested in hearing Clinton speak then you just got cheated and will have to wait until next year's Dinner.

Unfortunately, due to the meddling on the part of certain individuals, the Christain Co. Democratic Party lost the opportunity to make many thousands of dollars for the Party and have ended up with one big mess. It is my understanding that Jonathan Hurst and Jerry Lundergan are furious over the meddling of certain individuals who made decisions on their behalf but had no authority to do so.

I'm sure everyone will have a great time and I look forward to hearing about it.

Clinton Visit Bad for Democrats in Area

Former President Bill Clinton's whirl-wind tour through Western Kentucky will not be good for Democrats seeking to be elected in November. While Clinton remains popular with Liberal voters there are not too many of them in the Pennyrile. I'm sure Republicans are applauding the visit and I have been told that they will be in attendance to document Democrat candidates who are foolish enough to stand up with Clinton. Clinton's visit hurts the local Democrats on a number of levels.

McCain, McConnell, Whitfield, Jones & Dossett Licking Their Chops

The Clinton Administration hurt the farming community and industry by going after tobacco. Christian County is one of the largest agriculture counties in Kentucky and home to U.S. Tobacco. Farmers in Western Kentucky will never forgive the Clintons.

The Clinton Administration actively pushed for gun control and alienated most rural voters in Western Kentucky.

The Clinton Administration disrupted the Military with their policy of "Don't ask, Don't tell" once again alienating the thousands of active duty military and veterans in the area. Christian Co. is home to Fort Campbell and the 101st Airborne Division.

Hilliary Clinton scared the whole Nation with her irresponsible plan to revamp our Nation's health care system.

Bill Clinton's North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) opened our borders allowing Western Kentucky to lose thousands of jobs. You don't like the number of illegal aliens in our area?, well thank the Clintons when you see them.

The Clintons greatest contribution to the Democrat Party is the fact that they got 108 Congressman beat in 1994.

I'm feel pretty sure that Conservative Christian Voters which make up a majority of Democrats and Republicans in Western Kentucky will also not forget the little incident(SEX SCANDAL) with Monica.

The Clintons are destroying the Democrat Party right now not to mention hurting any chance the Democrats have of winning in November. Barack Obama is the Democrat nominee, but once again its all about the Clinton's, everyone else be damned. For the Democrats to be successful this Fall in Western Kentucky we don't need folks like the Clintons coming to town.

The Clinton Years, we are all so proud!!

Footnote: Last time a Democrat Carried Christian Co. in Presidential Election? Jimmy Carter in 1976. George Wallace won it in 1972. Clinton lost Christian and Todd Co. in 1996.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bill Clinton in West KY on Friday

Sources have confirmed that the Clinton Campaign is trying to work out a Western Kentucky Schedule that includes stops in Owensboro, Paducah and Hopkinsville on Friday. In an earlier post I raised my concerns regarding the Gov. Edward T. Ned Breathitt Dinner falling by the wayside. Many area candidates are scheduled to speak including the U.S. Senate candidates.

Hopkinsville & The Gov. Breathitt Dinner

I have been informed by local Clinton supporters that everything possible is being done to include the Breathitt Dinner by maybe backing up the start time to accommodate Bill Clinton's arrival. It also must be noted that I along with many others have tried for over a month to get Obama to Hopkinsville but to no avail.

Regardless of which side your on it is always good to have a former President and the Presidential Campaign come to your area. I just hope that all consideration possible will be given to the Breathitt Dinner since it does effect so many other candidates. I think the plan and hope here is to move the Dinner to the James E. Jim Bruce Convention Center and try to work it like the folks in Madisonville did when Hillary Clinton spoke.

Tickets for the Breathitt Dinner can be purchased from any Executive Committee Member or by Contacting Lindsey Adams, Democrat Chairman, at 270-886-1272.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bill Clinton in Hopkinsville Friday?

The Convention center has been booked to a "Big Name Democrat", and law enforcement has been contacted. Who you say? My guess is Bill Clinton may be coming to Hopkinsville Friday. It is always nice to have the Presidential Campaign come to your area but some concerns have been raised as to the timing.

The Gov. Edward T. Ned Breathitt Dinner which is scheduled for Friday Night could be over shadowed by a Clintion visit. Many Democrats are concerned that the Annual Democrat Dinner may be a bust if the Clinton's scheduled their function to coincide with the Dinner. I guess we will have to wait and see. Christian Co. Democrat Party Chairman, Lindsey Adams said that he can not confirm the reports but he thought somebody was coming to Hopkinsville and it would make sense that it would be Bill Clinton since it has already been reported that he will be in Kentucky on Thursday and Friday.The Presidential race has not drawn much interest to date even though the Obama folks have been on the ground for weeks organizing.

Hillary Clinton made a big show last month by appearing at the Ruby Lafoon Dinner in Madisonville. Madisonville Mayor Will Cox has endorsed Obama and Obama has most of the Party establishment locked up in Christian County. A Big turn out in Christian Co. is not expected but a Clinton visit could probably make Obama's efforts so far null and void. As I have said before, Obama needed to work Kentucky as hard as the Clintons but that did not happen.

West Kentucky Round-UP

It has been busy the last week and I am way behind in reporting in. Here are a few notes from the past week.

Tennessee's Bruce Pearl Speaks in Hopkinsville

University of Tennessee Head Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl was the guest speaker at University Heights Academy for their basketball banquet. Word has it that Pearl provided a relaxed and amusing time for the crowd. UT signee Scotty Hopson made a few remarks I'm told, that did not sit well with the UK fans.

Louisville Football and Greg Nord

Greg Nord, long-time assistant coach for the University of Louisville was in West Kentucky Monday and Tuesday recruiting. I had the opportunity to visit with Coach Nord Monday afternoon at the Hopkinsville/Christian County baseball game. Greg is visiting with coaches at Hopkinsville, Christian Co, Paducah, Fort Campbell and Mayfield regarding future prospects. Nord said he felt good about Louisville's 2008 team and look forward to their continued success.

State Senate Race
The Democrat Primary heated up Friday with Rick Johnson going negative in his media against Carroll Hubbard. Race should get interesting the next few days.

U.S. Senate Race

U.S. Senate race has still not generated much interest in Western Kentucky. Fischer has come on some but I'm not sure it will be enough to overcome the money and media.

Articles to Come

Madisonville Mayor Will Cox First Year In Office
State Rep. Brent Yonts Lands Coal to Liquid Plant For Area
Fort Campbell Designation as Super Base- Will Expand to 70,000

Monday, May 5, 2008

Larry Jones and Eight Belles'

The hospitable drink did not taste so sweet for most after watching Eight Belles' go down after running a great race in the Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately bad things happen from time to time in all sports, but the criticism being thrown around by the raving, liberal, lunatics from groups like the Organization for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is ridiculous.

To imply that the jockey or trainer Larry Jones did something wrong does not sit very well with me. Larry Jones, who is a Hopkinsville native, is a really nice guy from a really nice family. I was introduced to Larry many years ago by the late Dr. Frank Pitzer. I see Larry's dad occasionally since we both get our hair cut at the Indian Hills Barber Shop.(Oh, no...I used the word Indian).

I know some of these groups may provide a valid purpose at times but many times they act in a very irresponsible manner. Larry Jones and the trainer did nothing wrong and some of these critics need to get a real job.

Gov. Mabus Campaigns for Obama in West KY.

Former Ambassador and Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus Jr. campaigned in Hopkinsville and Owensboro today for Sen. Obama. Mabus addressed a crowd of local officials and supporters at the Pioneer's Pavilion.

Mabus emphasized the importance of having a nominee and a President who could rise above the traditional polarizing issues of the past. Stating that for American to move forward, we as a Nation must focus on the issues we agree on like the economy, education, and the environment as opposed to "wedge" issues which only divide the Nation.

When asked about his friendship with the Clinton family Mabus replied, "this election is about the future, not the past." Mabus said that he was a close friend of Bill Clinton, having been fellow Southern Governors as well as having served as Clinton's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1994-96.

A veteran of the United States Navy, Gov. Mabus spoke strongly regarding the implications related to the continued occupation of Iraq by U.S. military forces. Citing how America's economy and the military were overburden and stretched to thin by our continued involvement. Mabus said that he agreed with Sen. Obama position that the War needed to end.

A graduate of the University of Mississippi, Mabus earned a Masters Degree from John Hopkins University and a Law Degree from Harvard. Mabus has distinguished himself in many areas having received the U.S. Army's Distinguished Civilian Service Award and the Martin Luther King Responsibility Award. Known for his expertise on Middle East Affairs, Gov. Mabus has been a member of the Rand Center for Middle East Public Policy and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Washington Times and My Comments

From time to time I am asked by the Washington Media to provide background information regarding my opinion of the political landscape in Rural Kentucky, Fort Campbell and the South. Last week, Ralph Z. Hallow of the Washington Times asked me to comment regarding the fall out of Rev. Wright's remarks.

While it is sometimes painful, I always give my professional opinion when asked. I believe Rev. Wright has damaged Sen. Obama and the eventual Democrat Nominee. If you stay involved in politics very long your going to have friends on both sides of the fence, friends who you like but don't always agree with, friends of every faith and persuasion. No one wants to publicly denounce a friend but unfortunately for Sen. Obama, Rev. Wright has proven to be no friend.

I don't disagree with every one of Rev. Wright's arguments but because of the media age we live in, many one line comments can be taken out of context. If you were to listen to just one of my sermons on any given Sunday you probably would not be able to understand everything I'm saying unless you had listened to the previous messages.

Although I have not listened to Rev. Wright in depth, it seemed apparent to me that many of his comments have originated from arguments made by Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Talyor Branch. I have read and would recommend Branch's "Parting the Waters". In short, Branch makes his argument surrounding the theme that America has experienced many of its problems because we as a Nation have failed to live up to the promises of the "first revolution", that being the founding principles of our Nation.

Unfortunately for Obama and the Rural White Middle Class there is not a big margin of error allowed. Western Kentuckians and Southerners in general are weary of Democrat Presidential candidates anyway. Cultural beliefs and traditions are more important than gas prices. We like to have our cake and eat it to. We want a candidate who not only offers a better way, we want that candidate to pass our litmus test. To be gift wrapped in a way we find appealing. Being right on the issues does not spell electability. I think there has to be a middle ground. The Right Wing has hurt the Republicans and the Left Wing has hurt the Democrats. The Democrats are going to have to learn from past mistakes and I'm not sure that's happening. The problem with the Democrats when it comes to campaigns is simply this, the Democrats would rather be right than win. That don't buy noth'in on election day!

If you want to read all my comments you can use the Washington Times search engine by keying in Ralph Hallow. I believe the article is entitled "Wright comments at the wrong time". My first name was spelled wrong which I will never live down but try to work through that.

Gov. George C. Wallace at Fancy Farm

I can remember being at Fancy Farm in 1975 when George Wallace addressed the crowd, but I did not remember his speech. I was probably eating. Yesterday, Jim Moore who is the owner of WYMC in Mayfield was kind enough to provide me a CD of Wallace's speech. Jim was a reporter in those days at the station and he spoke yesterday regarding how many of the same issues in 1975 are pertinent to today.

I listened to George Wallace's remarks as I drove home and I found it all very interesting. Like going back in time. Carroll Hubbard a newly elected Congressman introduced Gov. Wallace. Wallace acknowledged Gov. Julian Carroll and folks like Bob Gable. I think the most interesting comments beside the Vietnam war, a bad economy and the Washington bureaucracy were the hopeful beliefs Wallace shared about the resiliency of America. How, regardless of what we face, our Nation always come through and prevails.

One the mini-stories from Wallace's appearance were the incidents of light bulbs exploding. Photographers were still using the old fashion light bulbs on their flash units and because of the rain that day it was causing them to explode. Twice, Wallace was distracted and stopped his speech because of the startling noise. Commenting to the crowd Wallace said," Ya know I'm a little bit gun shy". After the second distraction, Jim told me that people in the audience went over and asked folks to stop using the bulbs.

My thanks to Jim for sharing this little jewel of history. I enjoyed our visit and our walk through the past. I will note that Jim's daughter, Valerie, serves on Jack Conway's staff and at one time worked for the House Caucus.

Kentucky Democrat Party Fundraiser

The Kentucky Democrat Party will be hosting a fundraiser on Friday May 9th at 7pm at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville. The general admission cost(stadium seats) is $50. If you want to hang with the big boys & girls you will have to call Lee Boyd or Sara McGown at 502-695-4828 for table and floor seating cost.

Hillary Clinton as excepted an invitation to speak at the function. No word on Obama.

Senate & Presidential Race in West Kentucky

"His words are no longer going to achieve what his deeds will now have to accomplish."

After spending the day riding around Western Ky. and speaking with my media sources it is obvious that there is not a great deal of excitement for the upcoming primary election. With the exception of Christian County, I did not see a single political sign or hear a radio commercial.

U.S. Senate Race
We are seeing some T.V. but not much grassroots movement. Fischer has a few signs up in Christian County. Fischer has been able to generate some support through his ties to Vanderbilt Alumni in the area. With Hopkinsville being so close to Nashville, there are quite a few folks who have ties to Vandy.

Presidential Race
It is obvious that the Obama Campaign has the grassroots organization but Clinton has most of the Party establishment locked up in Western Kentucky. Obama is going to have to work hard to get the African-American, the Youth and the Anti-Clinton Folks out to vote. The Rev. Wright episode has driven many of the White middle class back to a point of uncertainty regarding Obama and the Democrats as a whole. Obama, I believe will fair poorly in Kentucky unless he makes up for lost time. This will require more than a visit. He will have to try to rival all the Clinton visits which will be hard to do. Obama must whistle stop through Paducah, Murray, Hopkinsvillle, Bowling Green and Owensboro with major appearances in Louisville and Lexington just to get his fair share of delegates. Congressman Ben Chandler's endorsement was a boost but because Clinton has taken the "Big Mo" from Obama, his words are no longer going to achieve what his deeds will now have to accomplish.

The Clinton's have out worked Obama. With appearances at the Derby this weekend and Hillary's announced attendance at the Kentucky Democrat Party fundraiser on may 9th in Louisville, Obama must start working the State himself. Obama has a nice mailer which hit the streets today but it will not replace the energy generated from personal appearances.