Friday, May 16, 2008

Breathitt Dinner Changed Yet Again

Gov. Ned Breathitt Dinner
The Christian County Democratic Dinner has been changed again and now will return to its original format and will be a separate event from the Clintion Visit. The Dinner and the candidate speaking will all be at the Pioneers Pavilion on North Main Street in Hopkinsville starting at 5:30 pm.

The local Clinton folks as I understand it decided that they did not want the two events combined therefore causing another last minute change. I have been told that the doors will open at 7pm at the Bruce Convention Center for the Clinton visit. There will be no seating, everyone will stand and will be admitted on a first come basis. Clinton is supposed to arrive around 8:30 I'm told.

All this has been disappointing to the extent that the local Party has lost the opportunity to make some money off this deal. The African-American community is now really hot over how this has been handled not to mention all the inconveniences to the local Party folks. Ego's and petty local politics has made all this a big mess and now has created a huge political divide that will spell serious consequences in November for some local Clinton folks. The Breathitt Dinner and the local Party has been seriously damaged due to the selfishness of some. The talk of an Independent candidate for a certain office has begun.

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