Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Carroll Hubbard Wins Big in West Kentucky

Hubbard Wins Every County

Former Congressman Carroll Hubbard carried all 7 counties in the First Senate District on his way to victory over Rick Johnson. I did not report much at all on this race because of the conflict of interest I had whereas I was helping Hubbard with his media. The race unfolded as I had predicted--It got ugly and Hubbard was prepared. Kim Gevenden was handling Johnson and Greg Fischer as I understand it.

Hubbard's years of public service and not to mention his great media allowed him to score big & provide maybe the Democrats only opportunity to pick up a Senate seat this Fall in Kentucky. My compliments to Kim, I thought Johnson's media the last week was very good. I have included the breakdown below.

Trigg County****************** Hubbard 60.%
Lyon County****************** Hubbard 54.7%
Calloway County************** Hubbard 51%
Graves County*************** Hubbard 57.4%
Fulton County**************** Hubbard 63.5%
Hickman County**************Hubbard 62%
Carlisle County***************Hubbard 61%

Hubbard 12,981-----56.6%
Johnson 9,943-------43.4%

40.4% of Senate District Voted

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Jeff Noble said...

Congratulations to you and Senator Hubbard. Hubbard was the seat-mate of Senator Tom Mobley of Louisville's old 19th District many years ago the first time I was a page in the General Assembly - it was 1971 or 1972. I've always liked Hubbard. His brother Kyle is an attorney here in Louisville.