Monday, May 5, 2008

Gov. Mabus Campaigns for Obama in West KY.

Former Ambassador and Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus Jr. campaigned in Hopkinsville and Owensboro today for Sen. Obama. Mabus addressed a crowd of local officials and supporters at the Pioneer's Pavilion.

Mabus emphasized the importance of having a nominee and a President who could rise above the traditional polarizing issues of the past. Stating that for American to move forward, we as a Nation must focus on the issues we agree on like the economy, education, and the environment as opposed to "wedge" issues which only divide the Nation.

When asked about his friendship with the Clinton family Mabus replied, "this election is about the future, not the past." Mabus said that he was a close friend of Bill Clinton, having been fellow Southern Governors as well as having served as Clinton's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1994-96.

A veteran of the United States Navy, Gov. Mabus spoke strongly regarding the implications related to the continued occupation of Iraq by U.S. military forces. Citing how America's economy and the military were overburden and stretched to thin by our continued involvement. Mabus said that he agreed with Sen. Obama position that the War needed to end.

A graduate of the University of Mississippi, Mabus earned a Masters Degree from John Hopkins University and a Law Degree from Harvard. Mabus has distinguished himself in many areas having received the U.S. Army's Distinguished Civilian Service Award and the Martin Luther King Responsibility Award. Known for his expertise on Middle East Affairs, Gov. Mabus has been a member of the Rand Center for Middle East Public Policy and the Council on Foreign Relations.

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