Thursday, May 1, 2008

Senate & Presidential Race in West Kentucky

"His words are no longer going to achieve what his deeds will now have to accomplish."

After spending the day riding around Western Ky. and speaking with my media sources it is obvious that there is not a great deal of excitement for the upcoming primary election. With the exception of Christian County, I did not see a single political sign or hear a radio commercial.

U.S. Senate Race
We are seeing some T.V. but not much grassroots movement. Fischer has a few signs up in Christian County. Fischer has been able to generate some support through his ties to Vanderbilt Alumni in the area. With Hopkinsville being so close to Nashville, there are quite a few folks who have ties to Vandy.

Presidential Race
It is obvious that the Obama Campaign has the grassroots organization but Clinton has most of the Party establishment locked up in Western Kentucky. Obama is going to have to work hard to get the African-American, the Youth and the Anti-Clinton Folks out to vote. The Rev. Wright episode has driven many of the White middle class back to a point of uncertainty regarding Obama and the Democrats as a whole. Obama, I believe will fair poorly in Kentucky unless he makes up for lost time. This will require more than a visit. He will have to try to rival all the Clinton visits which will be hard to do. Obama must whistle stop through Paducah, Murray, Hopkinsvillle, Bowling Green and Owensboro with major appearances in Louisville and Lexington just to get his fair share of delegates. Congressman Ben Chandler's endorsement was a boost but because Clinton has taken the "Big Mo" from Obama, his words are no longer going to achieve what his deeds will now have to accomplish.

The Clinton's have out worked Obama. With appearances at the Derby this weekend and Hillary's announced attendance at the Kentucky Democrat Party fundraiser on may 9th in Louisville, Obama must start working the State himself. Obama has a nice mailer which hit the streets today but it will not replace the energy generated from personal appearances.

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