Monday, May 5, 2008

Larry Jones and Eight Belles'

The hospitable drink did not taste so sweet for most after watching Eight Belles' go down after running a great race in the Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately bad things happen from time to time in all sports, but the criticism being thrown around by the raving, liberal, lunatics from groups like the Organization for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is ridiculous.

To imply that the jockey or trainer Larry Jones did something wrong does not sit very well with me. Larry Jones, who is a Hopkinsville native, is a really nice guy from a really nice family. I was introduced to Larry many years ago by the late Dr. Frank Pitzer. I see Larry's dad occasionally since we both get our hair cut at the Indian Hills Barber Shop.(Oh, no...I used the word Indian).

I know some of these groups may provide a valid purpose at times but many times they act in a very irresponsible manner. Larry Jones and the trainer did nothing wrong and some of these critics need to get a real job.

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