Thursday, May 15, 2008

Clinton Visit Bad for Democrats in Area

Former President Bill Clinton's whirl-wind tour through Western Kentucky will not be good for Democrats seeking to be elected in November. While Clinton remains popular with Liberal voters there are not too many of them in the Pennyrile. I'm sure Republicans are applauding the visit and I have been told that they will be in attendance to document Democrat candidates who are foolish enough to stand up with Clinton. Clinton's visit hurts the local Democrats on a number of levels.

McCain, McConnell, Whitfield, Jones & Dossett Licking Their Chops

The Clinton Administration hurt the farming community and industry by going after tobacco. Christian County is one of the largest agriculture counties in Kentucky and home to U.S. Tobacco. Farmers in Western Kentucky will never forgive the Clintons.

The Clinton Administration actively pushed for gun control and alienated most rural voters in Western Kentucky.

The Clinton Administration disrupted the Military with their policy of "Don't ask, Don't tell" once again alienating the thousands of active duty military and veterans in the area. Christian Co. is home to Fort Campbell and the 101st Airborne Division.

Hilliary Clinton scared the whole Nation with her irresponsible plan to revamp our Nation's health care system.

Bill Clinton's North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) opened our borders allowing Western Kentucky to lose thousands of jobs. You don't like the number of illegal aliens in our area?, well thank the Clintons when you see them.

The Clintons greatest contribution to the Democrat Party is the fact that they got 108 Congressman beat in 1994.

I'm feel pretty sure that Conservative Christian Voters which make up a majority of Democrats and Republicans in Western Kentucky will also not forget the little incident(SEX SCANDAL) with Monica.

The Clintons are destroying the Democrat Party right now not to mention hurting any chance the Democrats have of winning in November. Barack Obama is the Democrat nominee, but once again its all about the Clinton's, everyone else be damned. For the Democrats to be successful this Fall in Western Kentucky we don't need folks like the Clintons coming to town.

The Clinton Years, we are all so proud!!

Footnote: Last time a Democrat Carried Christian Co. in Presidential Election? Jimmy Carter in 1976. George Wallace won it in 1972. Clinton lost Christian and Todd Co. in 1996.


MotivatedMama said...

Amen and thank you!
Once again, sadly some will be willing to vote against their best interests.
The Clinton legacy for our neck of the woods needs to be made as public as possible. While we are all aware who the nomination will be going to, this is as much about changing peoples perceptions as anything. It is time for change.

Anonymous said...

Clinton's Dont Ask Dont Tell policy "disrupted the military?" Gee, how does that compare to the disruption of the military caused by the botched-up lack of post-invasion planning for the Iraq misadventure?!? I wish THAT was the only disruptions our armed serices had to deal with!