Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beshear and Conway Campaign

Stops in Trigg, Christian, Todd, and Logan

Steve Beshear and Jack Conway stopped in Hopkinsville at noon today to campaign. Appearing at the Hopkinsville Community College Beshear spoke about the connection between having good jobs and having a skilled workforce to fill them. Beshear said that to gain new industry we must have a skilled workforce and the facilities to train them.

Beshear stated that under a Beshear Administration that the proposed Health and Human Services Building for HCC would become a reality. Beshear and Conway were greeted by local leaders, educators, farmers and a number of employees from United States Tobacco. I would guess that there were over 80 people in attendance.

Local Legislators including Rep. John Tilley who introduced Conway, along with Sen. Joey Pendleton were traveling with the group. Former Reps. Ramsey Morris, Jim Bruce, and John Adams were also in attendance.

Conway and Beshear made stops in Calloway Co. and Trigg Co. before heading to Hopkinsville. Todd Co. and Logan Co. were the next stops for Beshear and Conway.

All area media was on hand and I believe this could very well push the Democrats to victory in Trigg, Christian, Todd, and Logan. I am personally glad they came because I did not want to have to tour alone along the Hwy 68 corridor.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beshear In Christian County on Wednesday

Steve Beshear will be in Hopkinsville Wednesday Oct. 31 and will arrive at the Hopkinsville Community College between 12-12:30. Mike Foster, who is the Christian Co. Attorney and Beshear Co-Chair, said this afternoon that Beshear will be talking about education and the importance of technology.

Path Being Cleared for Carroll Hubbard

Ramey Will Not Oppose Hubbard

Word has it that David Ramey who serves as Chairman of the Calloway Co. Democratic Party, has decided not to oppose Carroll Hubbard in the Democrat Primary for State Senate. Hubbard has been considered the best chance the Democrats have of winning back the Senate seat now held by Ken Winters.

Hubbard has been working hard to organize and has been successful in early fundraising. My sources tell me that Sen. Julian Carroll and Sen. Joey Pendleton are working to insure that the Democrats have an opportunity to win back this seat. Considering the Democrats in the area will be facing McConnell and the prospect of Hillary, it will be important to have a moderate to conservative candidate to put up against Winters.

Winters also commonly known as "Senator Snoozy" had benefited from the free ride given to him by the liberal positions of the Democrat Party. Hubbard has strong Southern Baptist ties with a reputation for supporting and voting his constituency.

If Carroll Hubbard can remain unopposed in the Primary then this will provide the Democrats the best opportunity to win this seat. Conservative Democrats will probably be willing to cross over and vote for Hubbard whereas they probably will not in the Presidential race or the U.S. Senate Race. It will be important for the Democrats to nominate a moderate to conservative candidate to have any chance of beating McConnell or winning these counties in a Presidential Election. If my memory serves me, I believe other than Jimmy Carter in 1976 and Bill Clinton in 1992, no Democrat has carried the First District since maybe Truman or FDR. Carter and Clinton were both Southerners. I believe George Corley Wallace carried it twice. Litmus test are important because that's how we determine someones values, character and future voting inclination. Being Pro-life, gun, agriculture, military,and veterans will be the key to winning this seat back.

First District: What I See & Hear

I have been to every county in the "Old First Congressional District" in the past week and I'm able to report the following. It's really quiet with not much activity from either side. Marshall, Muhlenberg and Calloway would appear to have the most campaign signs. Marshall and Muhlenberg appear solid for the Democrats which only makes sense because of the Union influence in those counties. Calloway favors the Republicans in the sign battle. Trigg County has also done a good job with their Democrat Signs.

For the most part their is just not much excitement. Voter turn out is expected to be low in the Pennyrile but much better in the Purchase Area. A low turn out will surely favor the Democrats in West Kentucky. There is no question about it--Beshear and Conway have covered up the radio and TV. Fletcher has been blown out of the water on Cable.I have seen a few more Fletcher signs along Hwy 41 from Webster County to Christian Co. in the last week. Church folks getting organized a little late.

I have spent a great deal of time with the media this week in West Kentucky and everyone seems to be on the same page regarding results. We will call this, umh, lets see, Yes the Conservative Democrat/Western Kentucky Survey. Now that sounds official. The number of polls and surveys has risen to the level of college bowl games. I wonder how many children we could feed and educate with the amount of money spent on polling.

(Disclaimer) With the exception of the cows that were slaughtered by McDonalds to feed me this past week, no animals were harmed while producing this survey.

Beshear Wins: Henderson, Hopkins, Muhlenberg, Marshall, McCracken, Webster, Fulton,Ballard, Hickman,Livingston,McClean, Union

Fletcher Wins: Calloway, Butler, Ohio, Crittenden


Leaning Beshear: Christian, Caldwell, Lyon, Simpson, Allen

Leaning Fletcher: Graves, Logan, Todd, Trigg

Don't Know: Because I have not spent anytime in these counties and/or I am too lazy to do the math:

Monroe, Cumberland, Clinton, Metcalfe,Adair, Casey, Russell

Any way you slice the pie it would appear that Beshear will carry the First. What we call the "New Counties) will cut into Beshear's margin a little. With voter turn out hard to predict down here it's difficult to do the math. I am going to go out on a limb here and make a Conservative Prediction that Beshear will carry the First District by 6-8,000 votes. If the counties leaning towards Beshear come through then this number could be higher. Consensus had been that Fletcher would carry McCracken County, but my media sources seem convinced that Beshear will carry McCracken and possibly carry it big. This could also add a few thousand to Beshear's margin in the First, if Beshear was to carry it big, but I am not yet convinced of this.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pennyrile Bus Tour

I was disappointed that none of the bus tours decided to schedule stops in Logan, Christian, Trigg and Todd Counties. A great stretch from Russellville to Cadiz. With this in mind I have decided to rally and make my own bus tour next week. I will begin in Russellville at the Courthouse and head out past Russellville's football stadium and stop for coffee at the Arby's across from Russellville High School. From there I will travel onto Elkton and stop at the Courthouse. I will probably stop at United Southern Bank and get some pocket money from my ATM. A stop at the Dairy Queen will be a must before heading to Fairview to pay my respects at the Jefferson Davis Monument. Hopkinsville will be next and at this point I will be tired so I shall stop by my house for a two or three hour nap before heading on to Cadiz. Stopping first in Gracey, Ky. Coach Clayton's daughter, Lauren Lester, just had a baby so I will drop in to look at the little critter. Lauren' daughter Ella has a pony named "Rocky" which hangs out in the front yard. I think they need a barn for this thing but I can't ever get a straight answer out of anybody regarding this pony. I think they would sell this beast since it has attacked everyone in the family. So, if you need a pony, I think I can hook you up. The final leg- on to Cadiz. Many choices here, I may head on down town and turn around, so I can eat at the Cracker Barrel. This will be long and exhausting 60 miles to travel but if the Democrat Party can't handle it I will just take one for the team.

On The Road

I'm sorry that I have neglected my blog the last 15 days but life has been busy for me and politics has been slow in Western Kentucky.

I traveled to Frankfort last week and had the opportunity at breakfast of all places to speak with a number of elected officials from West Ky. Lynn Lane, Ballard County Clerk, followed up with me regarding voter turn out in her county. Lynn stated that absentee ballots had picked up and that she was still hopeful for a good turn out in Ballard Co. and the Purchase. I had the chance to speak with Rep. J.R. Gray and Judge Townsend from Webster Co. and everyone agreed that it is pretty quite in West Ky.

I spent most of the day in Christian, Trigg, Hopkins, Webster and Henderson counties and I think that I counted a total of 4 yard signs along the route. In conversation with local radio stations it would appear that only a couple of candidates have purchased air time. I believe this reflects the expected low turn out in the Pennyrile and candidates are going where the vote is.

No one really seems to care about any of the races so I will go ahead and predict a low turn out on the Eastern side of the Lakes. Republicans are either mad or disenchanted and I doubt many will vote. While the numbers won't be great, the Democrats probably have an advantage this November.

Fletcher has cried and cried while failing to deliver a strong message. Consevative Dem's in Western Kentucky want a strong leader not a cry baby and Fletcher has looked weak. Fletcher's latest TV spot is really good but probably too little to late. Rule of thumb in political campaigns is one must run positive while running negative and Fletcher failed to do this. He swung and missed on Casinos and Beshear hit on issues like jobs, education, crime, and agriculture. What Fletcher failed to realize is that the good protestants down here like the lottery, the track and the boats. Everyone likes a winner and Beshears is a sure bet to be in the money while Fletcher is looking like a horse that jumped the track and will be still running in December.

If the Golden Triangle vote is as expected then Beshear should manage a 8-10% victory. Bad part for Democrats is that Beshear has probably peaked and Fletcher will make up some ground in the next two weeks, but it won't be enough. McConnell and Whitfield will provide enough cosmetics to appease the faithful but they are smart enough to know that Democrats put them where they are. They will offer Fletcher up as a sacrifice taking a chance that the Democrats will nominate another liberal for them to swallow up. If the Democrats nominate a moderate to conservative man who is right with God, Guns, Farmers and Veterans then McConnell and Whitfield could both be in trouble. If Hillary is the nominee for President then all bets are off. The Republicans will lock up the First District again for years to come.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Week End Political Round Up for West Kentucky

The week has provided visible movement for the Democrats in Western Kentucky and I shall try to recap and comment on some of them.

Today: Beshear Picks Up Money and Support From Area Farmers

Steve Beshear managed to do something today that no other Democrat has done in a general election in over 12 years. Beshear met and received the support of area farmers today in Christian, Todd and Trigg County's. The vast majority of these farmers have supported the wishes of Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman Ed Whitfield for over a decade. Now it is obvious that these agri-businessmen who have enjoyed much political success in recent years plan to continue their winning streak by having endorsed Steve Beshear this morning.

As one farmer told me today,"McConnell does not bet on losers and neither do I, Fletcher has ruined it for everybody except maybe Ritchie Farmer." Beshear, after speaking to an early morning crowd of about 65 people at the opening of the Christian County Democratic HQ in Hopkinsville, met in private with the leaders of the farm community and left with over $10,000 in contributions raised within the agriculture community this week in the Pennyrile. Concensus among local leaders is that close to $100,000 has been raised for Beshear and other Democrats in Christian County alone

My sources tell me that State Senator Joey Pendleton was instrumental in convincing the agriculture community to leave Fletcher and side with Beshear. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, it would appear that Beshear is finally on his way to taking back the Pennyrile and much of the First Congressional District for the Democrats.

Conway Bested Stan Lee
Lee: Business First, Beliefs Second

Jack Conway made the best showing of any candidate so far in the KET debates. Conway was able to make his positions known while at the same time allowed Stan Lee to drive off a cliff. Lee could not explain his way out of defending an insurance company that is trying to keep from compensating for the death of an unborn child. While Mr. Lee has made a name for himself defending the unborn in recent years, he lost all credibility this week by choosing to defend the insurance companies as opposed to defending the life of an unborn child. Although I am not pro-choice, Conway was right to point out the hypocrisy of Stan Lee. Candidates should live out their religious convictions and not cheapen them by prostituting them for political gain. No one on this earth is perfect, not even Stan Lee. Lee now has to walk the rest of his life through shattered glass.

*Sen. Pendleton Wins Agriculture Award
*Rep. Tilley Returns from National Conference
*Natural Resources Committee Meets in Hopkinsville
*Hendrickson Picking Up Steam in West KY

These are some of the other stories I will be posting on today. I'm running behind.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bill Cox Interview

I will be working on my profile of Bill Cox this weekend. Cox, who has served at every level of government, has made an impact on Kentucky for over 5 decades. I will be providing some insight into one of the great minds of Kentucky politics.

Five County Rally at Columbus-Belmont Park

Columbus-Belmont State Park

A five county rally was held last night at Columbus-Belmont State Park in Columbus, Ky. I traveled from Hopkinsville on Friday and arrived about 1:30 at the Park. The event did not start until 5:30 but being a civil war buff and considering the fact that I had not been there in over 35 years, I thought it best to take my time and enjoy.

The park sits on 156 acres overlooking the Mississippi River. The area is unique considering its history. The Confederate strong hold was established to protect the Mississippi River from Union forces. The CSA pulled a large chain grounded by a six ton anchor across the river as a defensive measure to keep Union boats from using the River.

General U.S. Grant began his Western Campaign at Columbus on the Mississippi River. The Park is a beautiful park which features a museum and camping grounds.

The Fish fry and Rally

Volunteers arrived hours before to set up the event which was trimmed with all the amenities of a political rally. Signs, balloons, and a band were on hand. By 2pm it was clear that Steve Beshear would not be coming and you could see the disappointment on peoples faces. But everyone pressed on and later word arrived that Joe B. Hall would be coming to speak. I would estimate that there were at least 200 people in attendance. Having attended a number of these functions, I was surprised at the large crowd. Supporters from McCracken, Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman and Fulton County's packed the convention room. A great meal of fish,hush-puppies, white beans, slaw and potatoes was served up.

Carroll Hubbard and Joe B. Hall Speak

Former Congressman and State Senate Candidate Carroll Hubbard spoke on behalf of the ticket. Hubbard stressed the importance of having a native Western Kentuckian as our next Governor. Hubbard also related that Steve Beshear shared the values of our end of the state having been raised in Dawson Springs, the son of a Baptist Lay Minister.

Hubbard shared his relationship and support for Todd Hollenbach Jr. whereas he had been personal friends of the Hollenbachs for years. Kyle Hubbard, the brother of Carroll Hubbard served in Judge Todd Hollenbach's administration.

Coach Joe B. Hall spoke at length relating Steve Beshear's disappointment for not being able to come. Coach Hall did not pull any punches and stated frankly that the race for governor was going to get really ugly. He gave a horror story and fishing analogy to explain the muck everyone was about to see and hear regarding the Kentucky Central ethics report. Coach Hall spoke briefly about each member of the ticket and stated that he was a personal friend of Todd Hollenbach Jr. and Steve Beshear. The rumors being spread about Jack Conway were not to be believed stated Hall. Encouraging everyone to dig in and fight, Coach Hall finished the evening recanting some of his experiences while playing for Adolph Rupp.

The People

I had the opportunity to visit and speak with many people last night regarding not just politics but also the local history. I met Lindy Henley who is a former magistrate and who has been a member of the Hickman Co. Democrat Executive Committee for over 20 years. Lindy commented that there was not much talk of politics in the area and that everything was quiet.

When Lynn Lane walked into the crowded room you could tell right away that she was not only popular but one of the democrat leaders along the river. Everyone stopped and watched as she made her way through the crowd into the room. She ain't real hard to look at by the way. Lynn Lane is the County Court Clerk in Ballard County and someone in her family has served in the Ballard Courthouse for over 40 years. Having worked for Judge Bob Buchanon while on staff for Congressman Tom Barlow, I felt like we shared something in common. Lynn and I spoke briefly about Ballard County and the people we knew. Predicting the voter turnout in the purchase area, Lynn stated that she thought it would be pretty good but she was a little concerned at this point based on the number of absentee ballots received in her County. About 35% to 40% seemed to be the consensus from area leaders. Ballard Co, Democrat Chairman, Terry Simmons, said that the Party was going to be working hard to deliver a Democrat victory in November.

Clyde Elrod who is noted for his participation and years of service, introduced Joe B. Hall to the crowd. Mr. Elrod and I chatted about the campaigns and both agreed the Democrats would win but not without a tough fight. I met Ivan Potter who is a fellow West KY blogger. Ivan has West Ky and we both shared how our experience with how the web sites came about. We agreed to work on some things together and stay in touch. I had to apologize for my ignorance of setting up and maintaining mine. I had to explain how Jeff Noble in Louisville helped me and continues to help me through some of these technical problems. Geoff Reed, Field Director for Congressman Ben Chandler was on hand. Geoff and I share some common friends. Bobby McDowell of Georgetown and Becky McCauley who works in Chandler's office also. Shawn Dixon was in the house last night to accept his accolades. Dixon, a 24 year old native of Columbus, pulled off a master coup by bringing Senator John Edwards to Columbus on Thursday. Edwards was greeted by an estimated 2000 people at the Columbus-Belmont State Park.

The Lesson

A very impressive event put on by the 5 County Executive Committees but I must maintain some objectivity as I have promised. First, I thought it was an embarrassment that only Steve Beshear and Todd Hollenbach Jr had representatives present. Second, as I said in my very first post when I started this blog, bringing Western Kentucky back into the fold ain't going to be cheap. Thinking that things will get so bad that people will return to the Party is a pipe dream. West Kentucky, its people and their beliefs have been here and the same for 200 years. We did not go any place, the Democrat Party did. Until candidates and the Party realize that campaign visits have to mean more than just contributions and large crowds then it is going to remain an up hill battle. The Democrat Party is going to have to earn the right to represent Western Kentucky again. As Sean Connery would say: "Here end of lesson."

(Footnote: I will be posting some pictures later)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hollenbach All Alone In Treasurer's Debate

After watching the Treasurer's debate on KET I have to ask myself why did Melinda Wheeler bother to show up? Wheeler turned the ball over more times than Kentucky did against South Carolina. While failing to make her case for eliminating the office, Wheeler could not even answer what she would do while serving in the position. She contradicted herself by inferring that the State Treasurer does nothing important but yet said there were important things the office could do. Well, which is it?

Wheeler only offered up that anyone who would receive a check from the State Treasurer could receive it via direct deposit. What if people don't want direct deposit? What if people don't have a checking account? Will people be forced to open a checking account and pay fee's at their expense.

Wheeler advocates eliminating the office but what about the services the office renders to the Commonwealth. Who will perform those task? Somebody has to handle the duties so all her plan would call for is lumping the duties into another agency that would hire more people and budget more money to do what the Treasurer's office is already doing. Moving the responsibilities from one office to another area of State Government is going to save how much? Did not get an answer on that one.Wheeler agreed with Todd Hollenbach Jr. regarding the need to educate the public on financial literacy. Instead of spending her debate time explaining her plan or contrasting her positions, she wasted her time attacking Jonathan Miller. Each time Goodman had to interrupt her to say "your time is up".

The debate was very one sided with Hollenbach laying out his agenda for the office. Hollenbach was prepared and professional. Todd Hollenbach was a clear winner tonight and I think Bill Goodman summed it up for all the voters. "Ms. Wheeler, your time is up."

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Judge Miller: Like a Good Bottle of Wine

I can remember back almost 35 years of making the trek to Benton, KY the county seat of Marshall County to curry the favor of Marshall County Judge Mike Miller for one candidate or another. If you want to win Marshall County it's always a good thing to have the man in black on your side.

I enjoyed sitting outside Judge Miller's office Tuesday just watching him operate. One would think that having served for over 30 years that He would have found a comfortable chair and routine and maybe slowed down a little bit. No, I don't think so. Some county officials don't come out of their office unless it's for lunch or to lock the door and go home, not Miller.

In the hour or so that I sat in the hallway of the Marshall Co. Courthouse, I bet Judge Miller came out no less than 10 times to bark orders, delegate, look for someone who was late to meet with him etc... Walking faster than I can run.."I'm waiting on you" he said, to the Director of the Health dept. Later, the door opens, "I need you in here now" to someone else. Again the door opens and Judge Miller marches down the hall to another office and back again. Someone says to him "I heard you quit smoking" and Miller replies on the move, "smoked two today, four yesterday and three the day before, I'm working on it." Back into his office.

Judge Miller, who has never lost a precinct as County Judge, is very unpretentious. He can carry on a conversation while doing five things at once. Quick with a joke and enjoys poking fun at his old friends. While unpretentious in his personality and demeanor the same can't be said for his suits. Decked out in a light gray suit with a Johnny Cash black shirt the Judge may rival Jody Richards when it comes to the honor of "Best Dressed".

It does not appear that Mike Miller has slowed down a bit since the first time I met him in the early 1970's. While times and responsibilities have changed, Judge Miller has remained the same while adapting county government to meet the needs of a constantly changing society. Like a good bottle of wine, Mike Miller just gets better as the years go by.
Correction: My good friend John Tom Soyars hammered me on this so I will correct it. Mr. Soyars who is a Notre Dame grad and a Vandy Law grad is the son of the late Judge James Tom Soyars who also served as Christian Co. Attorney and was the law partner to Governor Breathitt. Mr. Smarty pants found it interesting that I was trying to curry favor with Judge Miller at the age of 8. I guess I should have said that I was traveling with my Mother who was trying to curry favor with Judge Miller for one candidate or another over the years. I stand corrected Mr. Soyars.

Two Days, Five Counties and $10,000

At about 8pm last night Todd Hollenbach Jr., Judge Hollenbach and Mike Karem loaded up the Todd Squad van and headed back to Louisville after two very good days in Western Kentucky. State Senator Joey Pendleton and Todd Jr. campaigned Monday morning in Todd County. Todd campaigned with local officials and farming leaders, did interviews and met with the local Christian raido station.

Hollenbach had lunch with an estimated 75 supporters at a luncheon in downtown Hopkinsville before heading to Trigg County with State Rep. John Tilley to campaign. Former Cadiz Mayor, Jim Ricks, met with Todd at his music store in Downtown Cadiz. After meeting with the local media Todd traveled back to Hopkinsville to speak to a capacity crowd at the Democrat Woman's Club. The evening was not all business. After the Dinner, everyone went to the house of local Hopkinsville businessman, Wilson Sisk, to watch Monday Night Football. Sisk who owns Sisk Auto Mall and Jon Wilkins hosted the Hollenbach entourage. Sisk is a key supporter of Rep. John Tilley. After the first half eveyone headed out to the "Rutland Ranch" for the evening.

Murray State University President, Randy Dunn met Todd on Tuesday to discuss the importance of financial literacy. President Dunn and Todd shared ideas and concepts for educating students and the public on financial matters. After a day of interviews in Calloway and Marshall County, a fundraiser was put on by Judge Mike Miller and Steve Hamrick at the Benton Golf and Country Club.

A great two days for the Hollenbach campaign whereas Hollenbach was able to garner the front page of the Kentucky New Era, recorded a segment for a local TV-43 show, and paritipated in 9 media interviews. Hollenbach raised an estimated $10,000 in his two days in 5 counties, not to mention that he followed through with his promise to spend time in Todd County since no other candidates have campaigned there. I smell another big victory for Todd Hollenbach in Western Kentucky.

UK and "The Thin 30"

In today's edition of the CJ, Eric Crawford wrote a column regarding Shannon Ragland's new book, "The Thin Thirty: The Untold Story of Brutality, Scandal and Redemption for Charlie Bradshaw's 1962 Kentucky Football Team".

I read part of this book a couple of weeks ago when I traveled down to Franklin, TN with Craig Clayton's Mother to watch his Franklin Rebels play. "Momma" Clayton, or as the late Coach Fred Clayton referred to her "Beard", had just purchased the book after a recent trip to Lexington.

I got interested after Beard told me of the local connections to Charlie Bradshaw. Beard went on to elaborate that she and Coach Fred had played host to Coach Bradshaw many of times in Princeton, KY when Coach Fred was Head Coach of Caldwell County. In those days most college coaches stayed at the homes of high school coaches while out recruiting. A free bed and a warm meal was a heck of a deal in those days which is a long way from present day private jets and Hilton's. I would guess that Bradshaw had been to Caldwell Co. to recruit Pete Moore who was one of the top rated runningbacks in the Nation. Caldwell Co. would win the State Championship in 1963 but Hopkinsville recruited,(I'm sorry, invited) Pete Moore to come play at Hopkinsville which he did. Hopkinsville would win back to back Championships in 1965 and 1966. As a footnote to this story, Bear Bryant and his Alabama Crimson Tide beat out UK in the recruiting war for Pete Moore.

This kept getting interesting for me even up until last night. My former head football coach at Hopkinsville, Dan Sundberg, was one of the members of that UK team that quit the program. Sundberg transferred to Western Kentucky and was a part of an all star cast of players and coaches that took Western to a Bowl.

I attended the Christian Co. Democrat Woman's meeting Monday night because Todd Hollenbach Jr. was the guest speaker. Mike Karem who was traveling with the Hollenbach's sat at my table along with Bob Fritz. Karem, who has served in some capacity in every Republican Administration since Nixon was also a former assistant football coach at Western in the 60's. Fritz, who led Todd County to the State Championship in the early 70's, began his coaching career with Fred Clayton and would later coach for Kentucky. Bob Fritz and Dan Sunberg have been best friends for years. Mike Karem and Dan Sundberg both graduated and played football at Waggoner High School in Louisville. I introduced Bob Fritz to Mike Karem as well as putting Karem on the phone with Coach Sundberg. Karem and Sundberg had not seen or talked to each other in over 30 years. As chance would have it: politics, football, and a book about Charlie Bradshaw has made for some interesting conversation the last couple of weeks. The more I travel around Kentucky the more I find what a small place it really is. I'm going to the book store today to get my own copy of the book. With so many Kentucky boys on that 1962 team, I am sure there are plenty of stories to be shared about this book across the Commonwealth.

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