Friday, October 12, 2007

Week End Political Round Up for West Kentucky

The week has provided visible movement for the Democrats in Western Kentucky and I shall try to recap and comment on some of them.

Today: Beshear Picks Up Money and Support From Area Farmers

Steve Beshear managed to do something today that no other Democrat has done in a general election in over 12 years. Beshear met and received the support of area farmers today in Christian, Todd and Trigg County's. The vast majority of these farmers have supported the wishes of Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman Ed Whitfield for over a decade. Now it is obvious that these agri-businessmen who have enjoyed much political success in recent years plan to continue their winning streak by having endorsed Steve Beshear this morning.

As one farmer told me today,"McConnell does not bet on losers and neither do I, Fletcher has ruined it for everybody except maybe Ritchie Farmer." Beshear, after speaking to an early morning crowd of about 65 people at the opening of the Christian County Democratic HQ in Hopkinsville, met in private with the leaders of the farm community and left with over $10,000 in contributions raised within the agriculture community this week in the Pennyrile. Concensus among local leaders is that close to $100,000 has been raised for Beshear and other Democrats in Christian County alone

My sources tell me that State Senator Joey Pendleton was instrumental in convincing the agriculture community to leave Fletcher and side with Beshear. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, it would appear that Beshear is finally on his way to taking back the Pennyrile and much of the First Congressional District for the Democrats.

Conway Bested Stan Lee
Lee: Business First, Beliefs Second

Jack Conway made the best showing of any candidate so far in the KET debates. Conway was able to make his positions known while at the same time allowed Stan Lee to drive off a cliff. Lee could not explain his way out of defending an insurance company that is trying to keep from compensating for the death of an unborn child. While Mr. Lee has made a name for himself defending the unborn in recent years, he lost all credibility this week by choosing to defend the insurance companies as opposed to defending the life of an unborn child. Although I am not pro-choice, Conway was right to point out the hypocrisy of Stan Lee. Candidates should live out their religious convictions and not cheapen them by prostituting them for political gain. No one on this earth is perfect, not even Stan Lee. Lee now has to walk the rest of his life through shattered glass.

*Sen. Pendleton Wins Agriculture Award
*Rep. Tilley Returns from National Conference
*Natural Resources Committee Meets in Hopkinsville
*Hendrickson Picking Up Steam in West KY

These are some of the other stories I will be posting on today. I'm running behind.

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