Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pennyrile Bus Tour

I was disappointed that none of the bus tours decided to schedule stops in Logan, Christian, Trigg and Todd Counties. A great stretch from Russellville to Cadiz. With this in mind I have decided to rally and make my own bus tour next week. I will begin in Russellville at the Courthouse and head out past Russellville's football stadium and stop for coffee at the Arby's across from Russellville High School. From there I will travel onto Elkton and stop at the Courthouse. I will probably stop at United Southern Bank and get some pocket money from my ATM. A stop at the Dairy Queen will be a must before heading to Fairview to pay my respects at the Jefferson Davis Monument. Hopkinsville will be next and at this point I will be tired so I shall stop by my house for a two or three hour nap before heading on to Cadiz. Stopping first in Gracey, Ky. Coach Clayton's daughter, Lauren Lester, just had a baby so I will drop in to look at the little critter. Lauren' daughter Ella has a pony named "Rocky" which hangs out in the front yard. I think they need a barn for this thing but I can't ever get a straight answer out of anybody regarding this pony. I think they would sell this beast since it has attacked everyone in the family. So, if you need a pony, I think I can hook you up. The final leg- on to Cadiz. Many choices here, I may head on down town and turn around, so I can eat at the Cracker Barrel. This will be long and exhausting 60 miles to travel but if the Democrat Party can't handle it I will just take one for the team.

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Jeff Noble said...


Good of you to take the reins. You explained the reason there are no Border-county stops in your previous post - the 1st is still a little too conservative to just jump out and vote Democratic. Like the rest of us, everyone, of whatever pursuasion, they need "home-folk" to take their hand and lead them home.

Here in the 3rd we are working hard for the Democratic ticket, despite the right-leanings from a few of them, which pleases your end of the state much more than mine. This road-trip you propose sounds similar, that you are helping out despite some of the left-leanings perceived here and there, leaning much more popular in the 3rd and parts of the 6th than down along the Southern border.

Working together, in all six districts, assures a Democratic victory, including the important race for Secretary of State, which may be helpful in making Hillary Clinton president next year, despite the misgivings of Kentucky's 1st CD. Our statewide campaign theme is "Let's Work Together." It reminds us we all have much more in common than we think and those issues which divide us are usally of such a personal nature that they must be dealt with in a personal and individual way, not to be lain upon the candidates as a burden which may harm them in other parts of the Commonwealth.

Enjoy the coffee at the Dairy Queens and Cracker Barrels along the way. I always do.

Incidentally, on my last trip through your area, en route the long way to Fancy Farm, I too stopped and appreciated the obelisk along the old US 68/KY 80 road, the Jefferson Davis Highway, at the Christian/Todd border.

Take care.

Jeff Noble
Louisville, Kentucky