Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hollenbach All Alone In Treasurer's Debate

After watching the Treasurer's debate on KET I have to ask myself why did Melinda Wheeler bother to show up? Wheeler turned the ball over more times than Kentucky did against South Carolina. While failing to make her case for eliminating the office, Wheeler could not even answer what she would do while serving in the position. She contradicted herself by inferring that the State Treasurer does nothing important but yet said there were important things the office could do. Well, which is it?

Wheeler only offered up that anyone who would receive a check from the State Treasurer could receive it via direct deposit. What if people don't want direct deposit? What if people don't have a checking account? Will people be forced to open a checking account and pay fee's at their expense.

Wheeler advocates eliminating the office but what about the services the office renders to the Commonwealth. Who will perform those task? Somebody has to handle the duties so all her plan would call for is lumping the duties into another agency that would hire more people and budget more money to do what the Treasurer's office is already doing. Moving the responsibilities from one office to another area of State Government is going to save how much? Did not get an answer on that one.Wheeler agreed with Todd Hollenbach Jr. regarding the need to educate the public on financial literacy. Instead of spending her debate time explaining her plan or contrasting her positions, she wasted her time attacking Jonathan Miller. Each time Goodman had to interrupt her to say "your time is up".

The debate was very one sided with Hollenbach laying out his agenda for the office. Hollenbach was prepared and professional. Todd Hollenbach was a clear winner tonight and I think Bill Goodman summed it up for all the voters. "Ms. Wheeler, your time is up."

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