Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Path Being Cleared for Carroll Hubbard

Ramey Will Not Oppose Hubbard

Word has it that David Ramey who serves as Chairman of the Calloway Co. Democratic Party, has decided not to oppose Carroll Hubbard in the Democrat Primary for State Senate. Hubbard has been considered the best chance the Democrats have of winning back the Senate seat now held by Ken Winters.

Hubbard has been working hard to organize and has been successful in early fundraising. My sources tell me that Sen. Julian Carroll and Sen. Joey Pendleton are working to insure that the Democrats have an opportunity to win back this seat. Considering the Democrats in the area will be facing McConnell and the prospect of Hillary, it will be important to have a moderate to conservative candidate to put up against Winters.

Winters also commonly known as "Senator Snoozy" had benefited from the free ride given to him by the liberal positions of the Democrat Party. Hubbard has strong Southern Baptist ties with a reputation for supporting and voting his constituency.

If Carroll Hubbard can remain unopposed in the Primary then this will provide the Democrats the best opportunity to win this seat. Conservative Democrats will probably be willing to cross over and vote for Hubbard whereas they probably will not in the Presidential race or the U.S. Senate Race. It will be important for the Democrats to nominate a moderate to conservative candidate to have any chance of beating McConnell or winning these counties in a Presidential Election. If my memory serves me, I believe other than Jimmy Carter in 1976 and Bill Clinton in 1992, no Democrat has carried the First District since maybe Truman or FDR. Carter and Clinton were both Southerners. I believe George Corley Wallace carried it twice. Litmus test are important because that's how we determine someones values, character and future voting inclination. Being Pro-life, gun, agriculture, military,and veterans will be the key to winning this seat back.

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Jeff Noble said...


There is a telling line in your recent comments about former and hopefully future Senator Carroll Hubbard.

You said "Conservative Democrats will probably be willing to cross over and vote for Hubbard whereas they probably will not in the Presidential race or the U.S. Senate Race."

You've got the crossover going the wrong way. If they vote for Hubbard, they aren't crossing over, they are voting the Party line. It is when they cross over to a Republican candidate for President or Senator or Congressman that they abandon their Party.

This slip-of-the-pen is why many of us in the 3rd worry about folks in the 1st.

As an aside, back in the General Assembly of 1972, when I was 11, I served as a Page in the Senate during the 3rd week of February, working for then 1st District Senator Carroll Hubbard and 19th District Senator Tom Mobley. Mobley was my senator representing southern Jefferson County at the time.

-- Jeff Noble