Monday, December 17, 2007

Stumbo Will Seek to Win House Seat

My sources tell me that Attorney General and Former House Majority Leader Greg Stumbo will be seeking to regain his old House seat. I am told that Stumbo plans not only to regain his seat but also vie for House Speaker or return to his former position as House Majority Leader. Many suspect that House Speaker Jody Richards may not seek another term as Speaker after this Session. Richards has been a popular Speaker but it is apparent that younger members are ambitious to move up. In speaking with a few folks around the state this afternoon many are wondering what a Stumbo return would mean to those in present positions of leadership. Stumbo was very successful as Majority Leader and his return could make things very interesting in a few years. We will wait and see how all this plays out.

Rep. Rocky Adkins Pre-files LIHEAP Bill

Majority Leader Rocky Adkins and Rep. Darryl Owens pre-filed a Bill that would provide $10 million dollars in assistance for emergency home heating. In a recent press release Rep. Adkins and Rep. Owens explained that because of the rising energy prices, imminent cold weather and a down turn in the economy, this assistance will be needed by low income families to make it throught the Winter.

The crisis component of LIHEAP serves household that are at or below 130% of the federal poverty guidelines, are responsible for paying their home heating bills, have a disconnect or past due notice from their utility or are within four days of running out if they heat with bulk fuel. The program is operated by Community Action Kentucky through a network of 23 Community Action Agencies that provide socail services for low and moderate income families in all 120 counties of the state.

Rep. Adkins echoed Rep. Ownes' concerns. "Our first responsibility as legislators is to help protect families, seniors, and children wherever and whenever we can. Clearly there is an urgent need for added heating assistance, and we are going to work very hard to find a solution to this emergency situation in the upcoming legislative session."

Friday, December 14, 2007

Congressman Whitfield Press Conference

Press Conference Regarding Whitfields Politcal Future?

Rumors are spreading like wild fire regarding Congressman's Ed Whitfield's press release announcing that he will be holding a press conference Monday morning at 7:30 am at the James E. Bruce Convention Center in Hopkinsville. Sources in the local media state that Whitfield representatives have characterized the press conference by saying that it will offer the biggest announcement ever made concerning Ed Whitfield's political future.

After talking with several sources I am told only that Congressman Whitfield is planning on seeking re-election. As to the "Big News" regarding Whitfield's political future, well we just don't know yet. I will continue to wait for new information to be made available to me.

It has been expected that Whitfield would seek at least one more term and that he would not likely face any serious challenge from the Democrats. Most insiders in the Pennyrile have speculated that Madisonville Mayor Will Cox Jr. will take a hard look at seeking the Congressional seat in 2 years.

UPDATE: Whitfield offered up nothing other than he was seeking re-election. Local media was angry after he miss led them into believing he was making some big announcement.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

West Kentucky Appointment

So far there have only been two appointments of people with West Ky. roots. J.R. Gray as Secretary of Labor and Bill Cox as Commissioner of Revenue. Rumors have surfaced that former Marshall Co. Sheriff, Brian Roy, is being considered as Parks Commissioner. Roy is a former U.S. Federal Marshall and also served as head of the Kentucky Dam State Park.

In speaking with a number of County officials in West Ky. there seems to be a great deal of disappointment that Bill Cox was not selected to head up local governments. I am told that County officials across Kentucky lobbied hard for Cox to receive the appointment. Apparently due to the needs of the Revenue office, Cox's management experience was better suited to deal the immediate needs of the office.

I am keeping my ear to the ground for details of other appointments.

Tony Franklin: New Auburn Offensive Coordinator

Auburn Head Football Coach Tommy Tuberville has named Princeton native, Tony Franklin, the new Offensive Coordinator. Tony's coaching career has had its fair share of ups and downs but yesterday's announcement showed that perseverance pays off.

Tony Franklin started his football career as a player at Caldwell Co. and Murray State University. Entering the coaching ranks in Kentucky, Tony quickly made a name for himself with wide open offenses and developing high school quarterbacks. Having coached players like "Pookie" Jones, Franklin was known for helping talented young quarterbacks through out Kentucky.

As the head football coach at Mercer Co., Franklin would enlist the help of some successful high school coaches to lobby University of Kentucky AD, C.M. Newton, to hire an offensive minded football coach. A letter to Newton was sent by Franklin and signed by Sam Harp of Danville, John Vandermeer of Covington Holmes, Craig Clayton of Hopkinsville, David Barnes of Daviess Co., and Joe Beder of Leslie Co.

To make a long story short, Franklin got a meeting with C.M. Newton in which Franklin and Sam Harp made their case for hiring a guy named Hal Mumme. Now you know the rest of the story. It is to be noted that C.M. Newton conveniently left all this out his book he wrote with Billy Reed.

There is no use recalling the Hal Bumme and Fraud Bassett days because I will throw up but Tony had restored some confidence in me after my long and public distaste for Bill Curry's lack of recruiting in Kentucky. As we all know now as the ship was going down in Lexington, Tony Franklin tried to warn people what was happening but they did not listen. Everyone stuck their head in the sand and for people like Franklin there was a price to be paid.

Of course for those of us in Hopkinsville we will never forgive Mumme trying to ruin Artose Pinner's career. Much to Pinner's credit he stuck it out and learned that there was life after Bumme. Pinner led the SEC in rushing and was the SEC Offensive Player of the Year his Senior Year.

In 2001, Craig Clayton told me that Tony Franklin had written a book called "Fourth Down and Life to Go" and wanted me to help him with promoting it in the area. The book shed light on what was going on with Mumme and the Kentucky football program. Tony called me and wanted to come down to Hopkinsville to do a promotion so we had Tony down for an afternoon in which I set him up to be a guest on a local TV-43 talk show. Mike Chadwell who was the radio voice for the Hopkinsville Tigers on WHOP interviewed Tony at halftime. We set Tony up with a booth and an opportunity to talk with fans about what had gone on at UK.

Tony had a pretty good built in support group having been a member of what I refer to as the "Caldwell County Mafia". With Fred Clayton having won the State Championship at Caldwell in 1963 the Clayton coaching pedigree from that starting point is impressive. Craig Clayton, Franklin, Dan Hampton, Joe Talley, David Barnes, Dixie Jones, Joe Jaggers, Pat Gates, Steve Pardue(LaGrange,Ga), Bob Fritz and on and on.

I guess after what Tony endured from Mumme and UK he probably wished that he had never organized the effort to hire Mumme. In the end, Tony told the truth and shed light on some dark people. Football coaches in Western Ky privately commented that Tony would probably struggle to get a good job in coaching after the book even though he was being honest.

It took a couple of years but Tony Franklin has bounced back and proven himself again. Arriving at Troy University, the offense there was dead last in the Sunbelt Conference. In just one season Tony turned it around going from last to second in the Conference. In 2007, Troy's offense under Franklin was 17th in the nation in total offense and 25th in the nation in scoring offense.

From Kentucky's Offensive Coordinator to unemployed, Tony Franklin earned a new set of downs for his career at Troy and given the opportunity, I think he will be successful at Auburn. Even if you don't know Tony Franklin or if you don't even like football, you can be proud that a Kentucky boy waded through a sea of corruption and lies and is now the Offensive Coordinator at the University of Auburn.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Miller Resigns: Hollenbach Sworn In

State Treasurer Jonathan Miller resigned from the office of State Treasurer today. Governor Steve Beshear appointed State Treasurer Elect Todd Hollenbach Jr. to serve the remainder of Miller's term. Hollenbach was sworn in shortly after noon today. Miller resigned his post to begin serving the Beshear Administration as Secretary of Finance.

Hollenbach had been working with the Beshear Administration regarding this situation so that Miller could go ahead and make the transition from State Treasurer to Finance Secretary. A member of Hollenbach's campaign team reported this afternoon that Hollenbach was eager and excited to go ahead and start his administration. Hollenbach is expected to begin focusing on his platform of financial literacy.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Legislators Convene At Fort Campbell

Today, the Interim Joint Committee on Seniors,Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection held a committee meeting at Fort Campbell. Members of the Committee and guest were shuttled from Hopkinsville to Fort Campbell for the day long meeting and tours.

Members were convened in the new Gen. A.C. McAuliffe building which serves as the Headquarters Command for the 101st Airborne(Air Assault) Division. Commanding General, MG Jeffrey Schloesser, addressed the legislators as to the mission and status of the 101st Airborne and Fort Campbell. Garrison Commander Col. Swope gave a detailed overview of the installation. Col. Swope presented the members with information regarding military life, schools, medical facilities and infrastructure.

Chuck Henderson who is President of the Kentucky New Era and a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of Defense along with Hopkinsville Mayor Dan Kemp appeared before the Committee to present and outline the "Left Turn" proposal. This outline provided economic and statistical data showing what the economic impact would be for Kentucky if active duty military were exempted from the state income tax. Tennessee does not have a state income tax therefore putting Kentucky at a disadvantage. The statistics showed that Kentucky while losing 17 or 18 million in tax revenue would more than make up for it in other taxes and economic stimulus that would occur from the population growth of military families in Kentucky. Growth would be stimulated in Christian, Todd and Trigg counties through new housing, sale of goods & services and income taxes that would be collected from military dependents who would seek employment in Kentucky. Kentucky would also up their percentage of military who would seek to retire in Kentucky after living here. In the 1950's Clarksville, TN was smaller than Hopkinsville but now Hopkinsville has only 31,000 residents and Clarksville-Montgomery Co. boast almost 170,00 residents.

A presentation was also given regarding the "Wings of Liberty Campaign" which is working to raise an estimated 40 million dollars. The campaign has raised 20 million to date but must raise the total amount before ground can be broke. The Museum will be located adjacent to Post but with an entrance fronting Hwy 41 for easy access. Fort Campbell is closed Post which means visitors are restricted and must seek and obtain a pass before entering.

The Committee ate lunch at a installation dining facility that provided them an opportunity to meet and talk with soldiers. A tour was provided at the Warrior Transition Unit "which offers a sustainable system wherein wounded, injured and ill soldiers are medically treated and vocationally rehabilitated to prepare them for a successful return to duty or transition to active citizenship".

A walking tour of the Donald F. Pratt Museum gave members an opportunity to see and learn about the Divisions history and accomplishments.

It was nice to see the bi-partisan support from the Committee for these issues. I am grateful to Sen. Tori and Rep. Pullin who are Co-Chairs of this Committee for allowing me the opportunity to spend the day with them. After serving two years as a Congressional staffer in charge of military affairs, it was nice to be back at Fort Campbell for a visit. I was really pleased by the efforts made by legislators from all ends of the State to attend this meeting. Senator Joey Pendleton and Representative John Tilley both have Fort Campbell as part of their districts and thanked fellow legislators for making the effort to attend this meeting.

It makes for a very long day to drive to Hopkinsville from Louisville, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky.People like Rep. Belcher, Rep Perry Clark, Rep. Charles Siler, Sen. Dick Roeding, Sen. Denise Harper-Angel and Rep. Bill Farmer to name a few are to be commended. We hear so much about war and its effects, so I was glad for legislators to see first hand what it requires for our military to be prepared and take care of our military families.

On a personal note I completely deny any rumor that Rep. Tilley and myself got left behind by the military shuttle after being in the bathroom and were forced to hitch a ride with military personnel to the next destination on the tour.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rep. Tilley Fundraiser Announced

A fundraiser for State Representative John C. Tilley will be held:

WHEN: Saturday, December 15, 2007

TIME : 12:30 p.m.

WHERE: Home of Wilson Sisk, 411 McAllister, Hopkinsville, KY

(Sisk Residence is located South of Hopkinsville on Hwy 41(Fort Campbell Bvld) in the Novadell Golf Development. Aprox. 4-5 miles south past Sisk Auto Mall and Veterans Cemetery West)

The afternoon will be built around the watching of the Kentucky vs UAB Game. Tip Off at 1:00. Mr. Sisk has a viewing room with a theater screen and lots of TV's.

Food and Drink will be provided.

One may RSVP to: John Lindsey Adams, 209 East 14th Street, Hopkinsville, KY 42240 and or

by calling (270) 886-1272, (270)885-0572, or (270) 498-2270 or

email at:

Rep. Tilley will be seeking his second term in the Kentucky House of Representatives and presently serves as Vice Chairman of Banking and Insurance and the Public Safety, Seniors and Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. Tilley also serves on the State Government Committee and the Sub Committee on Justice and Judiciary. Rep. Tilley represents House District 8 which is Christian and Trigg County's.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Inauguration and Other Tid Bits

People have been asking me about the inaugural events so here is the information. No invites are being sent. If your like me and you have been collecting these for 40 years well the gig is up so back to football cards and stamps.

All the information can be seen at

I will list a few things:
December 11, 2007
10:00 Parade
2:00 Swearing Ceremony
4:00-5:30 Public Reception at The Kentucky History Center
7:30- There are three (3) Public Inaugural Balls. All on Capitol Grounds. Three Tents will be set up. One adjacent to Capitol Annex, one adjacent to Governor's Mansion, and one behind the Capitol. No cost. Food is Free. Cash Bar.Black Tie Optional.

Note to half my people: NO guns, no knives, dogs, snakes or mason jars. Take a shower, shave and behave yourself. Black Tie means your funeral/wedding suit. Make sure you use the shuttles. Don't worry, they may look similar to correctional transportation but they are not.Head for the Kentucky Ball for grub. It is the tent beside the Capitol Annex. Put some ham and bisquits in your pocket so you will have some breakfast. This is the best I can do for ya.

Note to other half: Just say a prayer.

As for me, I don't think I shall be going. Me and my old friend former Sen. Cotton Gravey will probably stay home.