Monday, December 17, 2007

Stumbo Will Seek to Win House Seat

My sources tell me that Attorney General and Former House Majority Leader Greg Stumbo will be seeking to regain his old House seat. I am told that Stumbo plans not only to regain his seat but also vie for House Speaker or return to his former position as House Majority Leader. Many suspect that House Speaker Jody Richards may not seek another term as Speaker after this Session. Richards has been a popular Speaker but it is apparent that younger members are ambitious to move up. In speaking with a few folks around the state this afternoon many are wondering what a Stumbo return would mean to those in present positions of leadership. Stumbo was very successful as Majority Leader and his return could make things very interesting in a few years. We will wait and see how all this plays out.


Anonymous said...

so i understand brandon spencer resgined and is suporting greg stumbo so it will be him and chuck meade. josh hall?

Anonymous said...

Who are the younger House members eager to move up?