Wednesday, January 2, 2008

College Football,Politics and Hunting

I have just returned from Franklin, TN where I spent the last few days hanging out watching football and talking a little politics. Craig Clayton, who is head coach at Franklin HS hosted a "Titans" party Sunday night for his staff and former fellow Kentucky coaches.

A number of coaches and their wives spent the weekend and attended the Kentucky-Florida State game. Curtis Higgins who is the Head Football Coach at Louisville Fern Creek, and his wife were in attendance. Higgins was named Kentucky Football Coach of the Year in his respective class. Higgins put together a great season in his first year at Fern Creek HS. Higgins resigned last season from Trigg Co. HS to return to Louisville. Higgins spent many seasons as the Asst. Head Coach to Bobby Redmon at Louisville Male.

John Faulk who coaches at Christian Co. HS was also there. Faulk, who is a former QB at Christian Co., served 19 years with Clayton at Hopkinsville. John is known for his success for working with former QB's Donnie Catlett(Kentucky State), Deontey Kenner(Cincinnati), Blake Ladson(WV & Western Ky), Curtis Pulley(Kentucky) and Keith Tandy(West Virginia).

Many other coaches were on hand and there was the usual exchange of telling legendary stories commonly known in the coaching world as lies. Christian Co. mentor Steve Lovelace could not gain permission from his wife to attend since she was out of town. Steve's share was divided amongst those present.

I opted not to attend the Music City Bowl and instead chose to sit and watch the game on Coach Clayton's big screen with HD.(It was a much closer walk to the concession stand and not as crowded). We all enjoyed watching Tony Franklin get his first win as Auburn's Offensive Coordinator. Tony only had a couple of weeks to install his system and was able to pull it off.

I saw a couple of friends who managed to get there face on national tv during the Music City Bowl. I was pretty certain that I saw State Rep. John Tilley and former Hopkinsville Football Great, Greg "Jumbo" Pryor. Pryor was known during the early 80's for singing his rendition of Christmas Classics during the July heat of football camp.

What's new in West Ky. Politics

Nothing. Special election for J.R. Gray's seat has gone as planned. There is absolutely no enthusiasm in the Pennyrile for any of the candidates seeking the Democrat nomination for Mitch McConnell's seat. State Senator Jerry Rhoades of Madisonville announced a few weeks ago that he would not run against Congressman Ed Whitfield.

Most all the ammunition down here was spent electing Beshear and the other Democrats. I think local efforts will be concentrated on making sure all the present legislators are returned to Frankfort next year. Liberal candidates for President, U.S. Senate and Congress cut into Democrat margins in many Western Kentucky legislative districts. I would expect to see most legislators running on their own and staying out of these races. Most of the legislators in the First District have a moderate to conservative voting record and I think they will be looking to beef that up in the up coming session of the Kentucky General Assembly. With the exception of putting the constitutional amendment allowing for expanded gambling on the ballot, I don't see our delegation committing political suicide for the sake of party politics. At the present time there is really not much to be gained for most politicos in Western Kentucky. While I suppose things can change, I think the present political climate will allow the Democrats to score only on expanded gambling but McConnell and Whitfield will more than likely be returned Washington.

In answering questions regarding who the young legislators are that would be interested in moving up in House Leadership: My post was not attended to be a teaser as if I knew of some great conspiracy that was being planned. I think there are a number of young, bright legislators who hope to one day serve in leadership. With Greg Stumbo now in the mix, Yes, I do think there will be some changes. How that happens I don't know. Most of these guys are friends and are cut from the same political cloth. I am a Speaker Richards fan but it would not surprise me to see Speaker Richards give up his post for bigger and better things. If Rep. Richards chooses to remain as House Speaker for the next 20 years that is fine with me.

I am working on a rabbit hunting trip this week for Coach Clayton, Curtis Higgins, Bob Redmon, Pat Gates, John Faulk and maybe Chris Redmon(QB for the Atlanta Falcons). These guys want to hunt some farm land in Webster Co, so I best get moving.

Well, I must head North to Slaughters in Webster Co. I hope to be drinking coffee at "Good O' Boys" on Hwy 41 in about an hour. We have Bible Study tonight and I need to go heat up the church and try to touch base with Rep. Jim Gooch. Ya know, Rep. Gooch and myself are on a mission to destroy the world and create some jobs by digging up a little coal. That's all from West Kentucky for now.

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