Monday, January 21, 2008

Carroll Hubbard: Getting Ambushed??

In making my weekly calls to Frankfort and around the Commonwealth, one piece of news from the rumor mill caught my attention this week. It would appear that leaders in the KDP and even possibly Governor Beshear himself are looking to find opposition for Carroll Hubbard in the Democrat Primary. If this is true then shame on Hubbard for spending his time and money working West Kentucky for the Democrat Ticket this Fall.

In one sense I do not find this surprising but in another I think it is pretty stupid to go after the only democrat who can probably win this seat. As I have said before it will take someone who has a reputation for voting his constituency and someone who has a track record of doing just that. I understand that this possible candidate(I'm trying to find who it is today) has already met with Governor Beshear.

I have also learned from some Frankfort insiders that this year is going to be a disaster for the Democrats in the Senate. I don't know much about East Kentucky politics but the word is that the "Big Boys" have abandoned Democrat nominee Alexander. With that in mind, I would think that the KDP and the Governor would be looking to find people who can win, not people who line up with the DNC and the KDP on every issue.

It is apparent by the Administrations appointments that Western Kentucky is not very welcome in Frankfort or the Party these day, unless you have some ties to Union leadership. Shame on us for putting up the resources and investing the time to help elect the Democrats for a change.

I guess most of the candidates down here know there going it alone anyway. With this type of politics going on then we will be forced to tending to the business of electing our local folks and staying out of the Republicans way when it comes to the U.S. Senate Seat and the Presidential race. Just when I thought we were all trying to get along.

I think Hubbard will prevail on name recognition and organization alone but He has been working hard for months and raising money so I think it will be hard for anyone to take him on now. If the good folks in Frankfort are not careful they may end up with a lot more Republicans around Rural Kentucky. With already no chance of passing the expanding gambling and cigarette tax in the Senate along with no revenue or any plan; I would think that the Governor and the KDP would be going out of their way to make rural democrats very happy right now. Well, I'm not always right about what goes on in Frankfort but you can be damn sure I'm rarely wrong about who gets elected down here. I guess we can only wait and see how this pans out.

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