Monday, January 7, 2008

Col. Andrew Horne In Hopkinsville Tonight

Horne to Speak to Democrat Women

Col. Andrew Horne who is seeking the Democrat nomination for the U.S. Senate will be in Hopkinsville tonight to address the local Democrat Women's Association. I hope to attend for a few minutes to see if I can figure out what Col. Horne's position is on issues that are important to West Kentucky.

Having looked at Col. Horne's website and read over some previous articles, I have trouble finding very many of his positions. To this point all I seem to find is that Horne simply seems to be offering himself as an alternative to Sen. Mitch McConnell. His campaign seems to talk much about what they don't like about McConnell and his positions but does not offer much regarding what Horne believes.

While McConnell can be faulted for a lot of things, he is still quite popular in the agriculture community as well as Conservatives. Farmers are more interested in the Farm Bill than they are other issues. It will be interesting to see how Col. Horne positions stack up to McConnell regarding issues like the Farm Bill, Gun Control, Fort Campbell, Energy Policy that includes Coal, Abortion, LBL, and I-69 & I-66.

I hope that I have the opportunity to chat with him so I may learn a little more about him. Many of the issues above will be of concern to folks in Western Kentucky. I shall report back after the LSU vs Ohio State game.

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