Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why Hubbard Defeats Rick Johnson

I would have to say that I have enjoyed the response that the Carroll Hubbard post has received. I have never received more personal email over a single issue since I started the Underground Rooster. Most all the responses were very positive although I did have a negative reaction from a couple of close friends one being a client but that was to be expected. I do appreciate my Murray friend for emailing me Bill Bartleman's story in the Paducah Sun regarding Rick Johnson's intentions to file against Hubbard in the Democrat Primary.

It is in the interest of disclosure that it be known that I have contributed to Carroll Hubbard and will be helping him with his media. People who know me understand I pick and choose the people I work for. Candidates that I think represent our views and values. I don't take someone on just to be involved or have a client. I have spoken with many throughout the First District and Kentucky today and this is what I understand.

Apparently Rick Johnson's candidacy is the product of efforts made by Sen. Julian Carroll. It is no secret that Julian Carroll has no love for Hubbard. Hubbard has supported people like Todd Hollenbach Jr, and Sr and Martha Layne Collins which does not sit well with the old courthouse bunch. With that said the question remains who is the best candidate to win in the Fall. Now, there is a poll that supposedly shows that Carroll Hubbard can't win. One, I doubt that. Two, I would be interested in knowing who they polled and did they poll Democrats and Republicans. Conservative Democrats will be out in numbers especially since it is a Presidential year and West Ky. will be looking for candidates with a like mind. History has shown that the Democrat nominee for President does not fair very well in Western Kentucky and only Democrats with a moderate to conservative record have a chance of winning.

Liberals will surely jump on board with Rick Johnson make no mistake about it but that won't buy you much down here. Hubbard has a conservative track record and voters know they can count on him to vote their wishes. Having looked at Rick Johnson's vote totals in both of his unsuccessful races for the Kentucky Supreme Court I struggle to see where he can make a case for beating Carroll Hubbard. This is the way I see it:

-Hubbard spent most of his political career in Graves Co. where he served this Senatorial District from 1968-1975. Rick Johnson is also from Graves Co. but Hubbard has spent a life-time taking care of the people of Graves Co and I think they will remember that.(At best for Johnson, Graves Co. becomes a wash)

-Hubbard was born in Murray-Calloway Co. Rick Johnson has never carried Calloway Co.(See below)

-Other than Graves Co. Johnson has not ever done well in the counties that are in that Senate District. Of the 7 counties that make up the district, again other than Graves Co, Johnson has failed to carry the largest counties in the district TWICE.

COUNTY****** Bill Cunningham***Rick Johnson
Graves County****2719**************6475
Calloway County* 6593**************2252
Trigg County*****3605**************818
Lyon County*****2325***************504
Hickman County***893*****************866
Fulton County*****960*****************630
Carlisle County****788******************1151

COUNTY*****Bill Graves***Rick Johnson
Graves County***2551*******6311
Calloway County*3322******2848
Trigg County*****1573*******1319
Lyon County*****1110********819
Hickman County***682**********720
Fulton County*****947**********763
Carlisle County****558**********1036

I had a lot of close friends and political guru's tell me not to get involved with Will Cox because he could not win the Mayor's seat in Madisonville---He won. I had the same folks tell me that John Tilley could not win a House seat-----He won. Everyone said Todd Hollenbach Jr. could not win the primary against Weaver---Todd won. Now, the same folks are saying the same thing about Hubbard.----UMHH

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