Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Inauguration and Other Tid Bits

People have been asking me about the inaugural events so here is the information. No invites are being sent. If your like me and you have been collecting these for 40 years well the gig is up so back to football cards and stamps.

All the information can be seen at www.stevebeshear.com

I will list a few things:
December 11, 2007
10:00 Parade
2:00 Swearing Ceremony
4:00-5:30 Public Reception at The Kentucky History Center
7:30- There are three (3) Public Inaugural Balls. All on Capitol Grounds. Three Tents will be set up. One adjacent to Capitol Annex, one adjacent to Governor's Mansion, and one behind the Capitol. No cost. Food is Free. Cash Bar.Black Tie Optional.

Note to half my people: NO guns, no knives, dogs, snakes or mason jars. Take a shower, shave and behave yourself. Black Tie means your funeral/wedding suit. Make sure you use the shuttles. Don't worry, they may look similar to correctional transportation but they are not.Head for the Kentucky Ball for grub. It is the tent beside the Capitol Annex. Put some ham and bisquits in your pocket so you will have some breakfast. This is the best I can do for ya.

Note to other half: Just say a prayer.

As for me, I don't think I shall be going. Me and my old friend former Sen. Cotton Gravey will probably stay home.

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