Monday, May 19, 2008

Mrs. Obama In Hopkinsville Today

Senator Obama's wife was in Hopkinsville this morning to meet in private with military dependents from Fort Campbell. Speaking in a round table discussion, Mrs. Obama listen to the concerns of approximately 14 wives.

Mrs. Obama Meets with Military Spouses

The event was held at the Pioneers on North Main Street in Hopkinsville and was not open to the public. A number of Obama supporters and officials were in attendance. Madisonville Mayor Will Cox, Rep. John Tilley, Judge Steve Tribble, Ben Wood, Bill Deatherage, Lindsey Adams and Gary McIntyre to name a few.

Ron Kirk's Visit
Some of those who were present stated how impressed they were with Mrs. Obama and how personable she was. This appearance followed former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk's visit to Little River Days in Hopkinsville yesterday. Kirk walk around with Ben Wood who introduced him.

Kirk followed up with a round table discussion with local folks in Madisonville hosted by Will Cox. Although Clinton is expected to carry Kentucky, the Obama folks have moved on to organizing their folks and issues for the General Election.

Bill Clinton's Visit
I guess the Clinton's are just in denial. Bill Clinton had a crowd of about 300 in Hopkinsville Friday night and I think that is a sign that people are worn out with them. Local Clinton supporters had estimated about 1000-1200 for the Hopkinsville event.

The Breathitt Dinner
Hats off to Christian Co. Party Chairman, John Lindsey Adams for pulling this event off which was at the brink of disaster because of the Clinton supporters and the Clinton event which was scheduled at the same time.

The Breathitt Dinner ended up with a capacity crowd and was cut short to try to accommodate those wishing to see the porn star president. Lindsey Adams and Mike Foster are a lot nicer than I am.

Much to my surprise both Greg Fischer and Bruce Lunsford gave great speeches. Fischer has really come on in Christian Co. it may be a tight race here. Another big surprise was Heather Ryan. Ryan gave an energetic speech and probably earned herself not only some respect but some support as well.

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