Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brent Yonts Wins in 15th District

State Representative Brent Yonts easily defeated his primary challenger Denny Kirtley. Kirtley was expected to provide tough opposition for Yonts but the election results showed that Yonts was not as vulnerable as some had thought.

Rep. Yonts: Not Vulnerable After All

This was another race I did not report on due to a conflict whereas I was helping Representative Yonts with his media. Yonts racked up 69.4% against Kirtley in the contest. Kirtley ran a positive race but was no match for Yont's record of achievement in the District.

Yonts received 5,805 to Kirtley's 2,558. The 15th District includes Muhlenberg, Christian and Hopkins.

Muhlenberg County---------Yonts 69%
Hopkins County----------- Yonts 66.4%
Christian County------------ Yonts 78.6%

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