Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bill Clinton in Hopkinsville Friday?

The Convention center has been booked to a "Big Name Democrat", and law enforcement has been contacted. Who you say? My guess is Bill Clinton may be coming to Hopkinsville Friday. It is always nice to have the Presidential Campaign come to your area but some concerns have been raised as to the timing.

The Gov. Edward T. Ned Breathitt Dinner which is scheduled for Friday Night could be over shadowed by a Clintion visit. Many Democrats are concerned that the Annual Democrat Dinner may be a bust if the Clinton's scheduled their function to coincide with the Dinner. I guess we will have to wait and see. Christian Co. Democrat Party Chairman, Lindsey Adams said that he can not confirm the reports but he thought somebody was coming to Hopkinsville and it would make sense that it would be Bill Clinton since it has already been reported that he will be in Kentucky on Thursday and Friday.The Presidential race has not drawn much interest to date even though the Obama folks have been on the ground for weeks organizing.

Hillary Clinton made a big show last month by appearing at the Ruby Lafoon Dinner in Madisonville. Madisonville Mayor Will Cox has endorsed Obama and Obama has most of the Party establishment locked up in Christian County. A Big turn out in Christian Co. is not expected but a Clinton visit could probably make Obama's efforts so far null and void. As I have said before, Obama needed to work Kentucky as hard as the Clintons but that did not happen.

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