Monday, April 21, 2008

Gov. Ned Breathitt Dinner

The Gov. Edward T. "Ned" Breathitt Dinner which is the Hopkinsville-Christian County Democrat Dinner has finally been scheduled for May 16th at 6pm. The Dinner will be held at the Pioneer's Building located in Hopkinsville at 904 North Main (Hwy 41).Ticket prices are $25 per person and those interested can contact Lindsey Adams, Party Chairman, at 270-886-1272.

My understanding from committee members is that Attorney General General Jack Conway may be the guest speaker. Hopkinsville's Spring Festival, Little River Days, will also be going on during that weekend.

Update: The tickets are $20.00 a piece not $25 and can be purchased from any Executive Committee member or by calling Lindsey Adams at above number. Gov. Beshear and Jack Conway were not available to come. Thought was given and acted on to invite Al Smith to speak but he will be in Flordia and is working to finish his book. Al Cross was also invited but although he wanted to speak he felt it would be a conflict of interest. Now it would appear that consideration is now being given to hush the critics (I'm one of them) that these events are wayyyy to long and not having a speaker may be a good thing. If you can't have someone who will draw a crowd then might as well please the crowd. Hope is still alive that Obama may come, but there has been no word on that yet.

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