Monday, April 14, 2008

County Conventions In West Kentucky

I'll try to give a run down of County Committees in the West as I get them.

Christian County
John Lindsey Adams was elected Chairman, Bonnie Lynch-Vice Chair, Peggy Everett- Secretary,Tammy Miller-Treasurer, and Elizabeth Foster-Youth.

Others elected: Mike Foster, John Soyars, Gary Haddock, Jim Fleming, Don Henderson, Mike Pyle, Win Wooton, Dickie Harper, Pete Glass, Rhonda Johnston, Shelley Tilley, Jodie Doris, Jean Leavell, Mary Snorton, Anita Simmons, Nell Ritzheirmer.

Trigg County

Dr. Thornton Bryan, Jr.- Chairman, Gail Hardy-Vice Chair, Jackie Oakley-Secretary, Gary Thompson-Treasurer, and Clayton Woodall-Youth.

Others elected: Al, Cossey, Dr. Mike Gross, Lindwood Hardy,Berlin Moore, Jr.,George Radford,Doug Taylor,Marc Terrell, Donnie Tyler, K.G. Ariangno, Penny Ellis, Mildred Anne Grasty, Mallory Lawrence, Martha Steinbeck, Juanita Oates, Betty Rascoe, Nancy Thompson.

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