Friday, June 6, 2008

Kentucky House Leadership Races

It would appear that some of these races are already taking shape in the House Democrat Caucus. Joni Jenkins who represents Jefferson-44 is challenging Larry Clark for the Speaker Pro Tempore position. Jenkins is being supported by House Speaker Jody Richards.

Rob Wilkie's resignation from the House has already drawn three candidates to fill the vacant slot of Majority Whip. Legislators from 3 regions of the Commonwealth have decided to seek the position. The candidates are: Rep. Tommy Thompson(District 14, Daviess & Ohio), Rep. John Will Stacey(District 71,Menefee, Morgan, Rowan & Wolfe) and Rep. Ruth Ann Palumbo (76 District, Fayette).

Rep. Bob Damron(District 39, Fayette & Jessamine) is expected to try to regain his position as Caucus Chairman. Rep. Charlie Hoffman (District 62, Fayette and Scott) presently serves as Majority Caucus Chairman.

The big question remains. What will Greg Stumbo do? The former House Majority Leader and Attorney General has returned to the House and commands a great deal of respect and support. Stumbo's open support for anyone position would probably sway the vote. For now the question will remain whether Stumbo will work quietly in the background and continue helping and advising young legislators or will he seize the moment and try to return to power.

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