Friday, June 6, 2008

Whats Going on?

The last couple of weeks have been busy for me and there has not been a great deal to report on in West Kentucky. My time the last few weeks has been spent helping to put together my 25th Class Reunion at Hopkinsville High and taking care of my flock at church whereas we had a funeral last week.

After the Primary I needed a rest. I have been worn out with the Presidential race. I have been taking some time to back track and catch up on my other blog reading. I was dismayed to learn that Ken Herndon fell in Jefferson Co. in such an ugly manor. I'm sorry that my buddy Jeff Noble was attacked as part of this political plot. I'm a good Ole Southern Boy and don't mind taking the gloves off but Jeff Noble is a damn good guy. Jeff, your welcome in my neck of the woods anytime.

I have some house cleaning duties to take care of on the site. Patrick Crawley's NKY Politics has moved and I need to update this. I also have a few links to add. I'm hoping to complete some stories but good ones take time to research and interview. Now that I have a growing audience in terms of geography it is hard to feed everyone. I will continue to serve West Kentucky first then the larger audience.

The State Democratic Convention is Saturday. I'm not real interested in going although I have offered myself up to be an alternate delegate if needed.

I'm looking to organize another weekend at Ken Lake State Park for Friday and Saturday of Fancy Farm. We had a great time last year and I hope to make this an annual thing. Last year we had Madisonville Mayor Will Cox and his wife Marci, State Rep. John Tilley and his wife Shelly & daughter Emma, Christian Co. Party Chairman John Lindsey Adams, his wife Melissa and their kids, Mary Thom, Chandler & Will(pronounced Wheel), Chief Asst. Christian Co. Attorney- John T. Soyars, Fomer Scott Co. Party Chairman- Bobby McDowell, Mark Henry-Former State KYD President and few folks from the Hollenbach Campaign Staff. The State Revenue Commissioner, Bill Cox, was supposed to have joined us but he decided that he did not really like any of us to begin with so he opted out. I hope a few of our Louisville friends might join us this year.

We had a great time swimming, talking politics and eating cheese burgers & milkshakes at Belews on 68. Ken Lake is a great State Park and often overshadowed by Kentucky Dam. The Park offers cabins, trails, a swimming pool which has great view of the lake. The Lodge and pool sit probably 3-400 feet high overlooking Kentucky Lake.

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Jeff Noble said...

Tim --

This a tardy "thank you" for your comments above. I appreciate them. I'm glad the Primary is past us, I'm glad the State Convention is past us (although not quite over my my perspective), and Summer is here. Hopefully I'll get down to your neck of the woods sooner or later, if not sooner, I'll know I'll see you at Fancy Farm in a few weeks.