Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hollenbach's Moral Dilemma

Todd Hollenbach Jr. finally succumbed to the pressures of the left wing elements of the Democrat Party to renounce Frank Simon. In doing this did Hollenbach help or hurt himself? I guess he probably made a few happy in Jefferson County which is his base and it probably won't hurt him in Rural Kentucky much. Why? Because Frank Simon is not the message only the messenger. There will always be the Frank Simons of the world. We refer to them in Western Kentucky as our Pastors, our Deacons, our Priest and our Elders. We call them the pillars of our communities. We call them respected businessmen and farmers. We call them our elected officials, our legislators, our precinct officials and County Democrat Chairman.

I can understand and even respect Todd's decision given the situation he is in but folks need to be reminded that regardless of who the messenger is, it does not change Todd Hollenbachs position on abortion or gun control. Killing off Simon does not change the beliefs or religious convictions of a single Conservative Democrat in Rural Kentucky. Other than a few Liberals being able to raise a glass a beer in victory at some bar in Louisville or Lexington, it will not gain a single vote for the Democrat Party. In short, a lot of effort to gain nothing.

Todd like the rest of the Democrat Party continue to try to balance our "Big Tent" Party as my buddy Jeff Noble would say. Liberal Democrats have no place to go but home while Conservative Democrats have no problem supporting Republicans on Election Day especially when issues like abortion, gun control and gay marriage are issues. The "Golden Triangle" provides political soil which is ever changing while Western Kentucky and Rural Kentucky have not changed in 150 years and are not going to change anytime soon. The vast majority of Democrats in Rural Kentucky do not subscribed to the "Progressive" view nor have they ever.

Although the renewed activism of the Unions and the KEA folks in Western Kentucky will provide some much needed help it will only help in about 6 or 7 counties. The funny thing about that is, historically Unions folks are kinda of like the rest of the voters and vote their gun and their church first. Even I was a little surprised to see the lack of support for Obama while making the rounds Friday in Paducah, Princeton, and Kentucky Dam. Does this mean that the Liberals in the Democrat Party should call for all candidates to renounce a Union endorsement because a majority of the Union folks in Western Kentucky won't vote for an African American? Think about it. My point is this, when we get into threatening officials to renounce people we need to go take a look in the mirror. The hypocrisy in the Democrat Party is just as bad as the Republican Party and we wonder why people don't vote.

In the end it probably did not make a damn bit of difference as to whether Todd Hollenbach Jr. did or did not renounce Frank Simon. What does make a difference is that Todd Hollenbach Jr. stay true to his convictions, not mine or the Liberals in the Democrat Party.

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