Thursday, August 14, 2008

Curtis Pulley- Again!!

As a former football coach I think I have seen and experienced it all during my 21 years dealing with youth. It has been hard to watch Curtis Pulley who is a great player and a kid who did all the right things at Hopkinsville High , fall so far.

Arrest Warrant Issued for Curtis Pulley

Pulley, who made some mistakes was given every opportunity by the UK staff and the court system to correct and learn from his mistakes but NO. A tremendous talent that offered up a possible opportunity to play on Sunday, Curtis just never seemed to get it. Today, a Christian County Judge issued a bench warrant for Pulley's arrest for failure to appear. Pulley I'm told, had been provided every courtesy the court could extend and still be responsible. I'm told that Pulley has refused for weeks to even return his attorney's phone calls. Maybe just young and irresponsible but my gosh what a wasted opportunity to gain a college education and maybe play football for few more years. I'm told that Pulley's attorney, John Tilley, officially withdrew from representing Pulley this morning because he believed that he could in good conscious represent a client who no longer would communicate with him.

I was told by one of Pulley's former coaches that Curtis had scholarship offers on the table from Chattanooga and Alabama A&M to continue his education and football career.

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