Tuesday, November 18, 2008

KACO Annual Conference

The Kentucky Association of Counties (KACO) will kick off their annual conference on Wednesday at the Lexington Convention Center. Governor Beshear is expected to open the conference with a keynote address at 1:15 on Wednesday. Affiliate meetings will fill most the day with organizations like the KY Coal County Coalition, KY Treasurers, KY Health Dept. Association and many more associations will dominate the first day of business.

On Thursday, Crit Luallen, Trey Grayson, Jody Richards and Todd Hollenbach are all scheduled to speak. Thursday night the new officers will be installed with Christian County Attorney J. Michael Foster assuming the position of President of the Association. Bob Arnold is the Executive Director and CEO of KACO.

Friday, journalist consisting of Mark Hebert, Al Cross, Ronnie Ellis, and John David Dyche will offer a panel discussion. Author and syndicated financial columnist, Don McNay will also speak to the association.

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JIm Anderson Stivers said...


Look at the names and positions!
Do you think this group has political clout in Frankfort?

I have known, former Franklin County Judge,Bob Arnold for years, and he is nothing but political.

Still, the power of the party has been designated to the County Judges. How can we bring into the mainstream, younger, more youthful Democrats?

That is what this county judges organization is about POLITICS and assistance in re-electing incumbents. And, that does not mean it is bad public policy, but it does limit the debate.