Monday, November 24, 2008

An Apology, Facebook and Some Old Friends

Carroll Hubbard

My first order of business is to apologize to Carroll Hubbard. He sent me an email making note of a big mistake I had in one of my post. Congressman Hubbard did carry his home county of Graves which I had reported that he had lost. I used my notes from election and I was wrong. I hope that Carroll will forgive my mistake.

Rep. Tilley

I posted this earlier but I am excited about Rep. Tilley and his wife Shelly expecting their first child. To quote Luka from the God Father, "... And may it be a masculine child."


I was encouraged by an old college buddy to do this Facebook thing and I did it not knowing whether or not I really wanted to get into that. I have to admit I have enjoyed it that last few days catching up on lots of folks I went to high school and college with. I guess I was surprised to see the number of people who participate on it. I had not heard from Greg English who is a Marshall County native in 25 years. We were at Georgetown together. Stacy Elgin Weibaecher contacted me. Stacey, last I knew was doing TV for CNN in Atlanta. Ricky Hunt, he has more talent in his little finger than most of us combined is still doing the song writing and music thing. His mother, Shirley, owns the Holiday Burgers in Holiday Park. Holiday Burgers is about the last of the good old eateries in Hoptown besides Roundies and the Horse Shoe. John Soyars commented just today how good the food was whereas he ate lunch there today.


Trying to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving. With the family all gone now it's up to me to find the food.(like I have trouble doing that) I have received as usual some nice invites. My Pastor in Earlington, Steve Hamrick, and Lindsey Adams have all extended a Thanksgiving invitation. I ate last year at Lindsey Adams and the year before in Panama City. I think the two year prior I enjoyed the hospitality of Shoney's. I mean that, Shoney's fixed me what I wanted and how I wanted special from their kitchen. I will probably go to Lindsey's house again because it is less than 2 minutes from my house. They have a big crowd but I can slip into the kitchen and grab some food and be on my way back to a football game on TV.


Hopkinsville lost to Christian County in the second round of the playoffs Friday night 28-21. My congrats to Coach Lovelace at CCHS as he is 11-1 heading into the Regional Championship Friday night. CCHS will host Owensboro. Christian Co. came from behind in the regular season to defeat Owensboro earlier this season. Owensboro's coach, Joe Prince is an old friend. Joe played at Mayfield and UK. Coach Lovelace also played at Mayfield. God, I think Mayfield people are taking over the world. Coach Clayton's Franklin, (TN) Rebels won again and will play a semi-state game with a team out of Memphis. I believe one more win and he is in a State Championship game. Mayfield and Fort Campbell will also play for Regional Championships this Friday.

As a footnote to the game. I received the honor of being the honorary coach for Hopkinsville during the coin toss. George Schlegel was suppose to have the honor but was out of town. The honor wore off quickly whereas I nearly froze to death. I have to say that I was horribly disappointed in our fans and our community. Just a few short years ago there would have been 4 or 5 thousand fans in attendance. There was not 250 people total for the game.


I may or may not reconsider being a Miley Cyrus fan. Some of her pictures on display have proven to be disappointing to me. Lindsey Adam's daughters Mary Thom and Chandler threw a surprise birthday party for me in September with a Miley Cyrus theme. Cups, plates and all. I'm referred to as "Aunt Tim" by the girls along with Rep. Tilley's daughter Emma. It's a long story so I won't even go into that. I have been considering starting another blog called "Aunt Tim" and letting all the girls post their political comments, ideas and thoughts. Keep in mind these girls range from 1st grade to 4 or 5th. Believe it or not they all have strong opinions. I think that must be a girl thing, opinions and all. No one talks back in my house, well sometimes the washing machine does.


I guess everyone expects me to have some inside scoop on the KDP leadership. Well I don't. I don't really know most of those folks and other than a few really active people down here and I mean really few who do, I'm not sure there is much to say. I know many down here are not happy but I believe many of these issues are ones that have carried on for years. I think a big decision has to be made whether we change to make Rural Kentucky happy or the Party moves on and takes votes when they can get them. Rebuilding the Party down here will mean a lot of work. I think most people those being State office holders see themselves as the Party and have for a long time. I'm not sure anyone wants or can stomach the pains involved with having to do what needs to be done in Rural Kentucky. Sometimes I can't say that I blame them.I have been clear about what I think are the concerns with the Party but I believe they are greater than anyone one or two people. I'm not going to criticize anyone unless I have walked a mile in their shoes. We do need to plan for the future but computers and technology will not help too much in Rural Kentucky. Any organizational progress made will come from having local people who understand who is kin to who and truly understands that politics down here at the grassroots will come from rebuilding the base by and with local and regional people not outsiders. Folks down here are not going to buy into just new leadership or just have a seat at the table. They expect to be making the decisions and implementing any plan that will concern them. I'm afraid if that does not happen then, things will stay just the same. Everyone will give their $100 bucks and show up at a reception then go support the Republicans. That's the way it works down here and people ain't coming home for nothing. The KDP will have to establish a real and meaningful trust between the Party and local officials.

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