Monday, November 3, 2008

Lunsford & Beshear In Hopkinsville Today

Bruce Lunsford and Gov. Steve Beshear made a whistle stop appearance at the Hopkinsville-Christian County aiport today. Mitch McConnell had made an appearance at the airport earlier in the day and I was surprise to here local reporters comment on the difference in the respective crowds. McConnell had only 12 people to greet him while Lunsford between 60-70 people.

Richard Trumpka was also on hand to deliver a speech regarding the present status of our working men and women in America. Trumpka was well received but his appearance did raise a few eyebrows in a County that has not had very much union activity for many years.

This election has been hard to call in Western Kentucky. People seem to be upset with the economy and the war but one can't put their finger on how folks are going to vote on Tuesday. All politics is local and people usually split their vote depending on the issues. For the first time in twenty years I can't get a good feel for even the races that I am involved in. I think everyone is expecting a large turn out and I believe that may mean good news for many Democrats. I still think that many Republicans are so disgusted that they may sit home like last November. I guess we will see Tuesday.

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