Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bourbon Balls: West Kentucky Style

Bourbon Balls have become a Kentucky tradition during the holidays and I have at many times during the Christmas Season enjoyed eating them. I have had my fair share of bourbon balls that were good and some not so good.

I must report to you that I experienced what I believe to be the best bourbon balls I have ever eaten. Bourbon balls have been around since about 1938 and were invented by Ruth Booe but I think even Ruth Booe would have to admit that the bourbon ball(s) I got to enjoy this week were truly one of the best ever made in Kentucky.

The bourbon balls I am referring to were made by Marcie Cox of Madisonville, Kentucky. After doing some research and looking at some different recipes, I am convinced that Mrs. Cox's bourbon balls are different from all the recipes I have seen.

Rebecca Ruth Candies are probably the most well known for making bourbon balls in Kentucky but I think they have a rival now. If you want the recipe I guess you will have to contact Marcie. If you want to know more on the history of this Kentucky treat then you can go to the following link: www.rebeccaruth.com

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