Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cox Considering Run for Secretary of State

Will Cox honoring Veterans
Madisonville Mayor Will Cox states that he is considering filing for Secretary of State. Cox, who narrowly lost his bid for a second term as mayor, attributed his loss to the wave of voter frustration that swept across the Nation last Tuesday.  Republicans also defeated Sen. Jerry Rhoads in Hopkins County while also picking up a House seat. Cox said that he has received enough encouragement and commitments of support around the state to warrant his serious consideration.

Updating the status of other West Kentucky Democrats:

- Rep. John Tilley states that he is prepared to seek the Attorney General's position should Jack Conway decide not to run. Tilley said, "Jack is a friend and he deserves time to catch his breath and decide what's best for him and his family."

-Steve Hamrick who is seeking the position of Kentucky State Treasurer said that he is beginning to start fundraising now that the general election is over. Hamrick says his Jefferson County supporters are already working on a fundraiser to be held in January.   

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