Friday, November 12, 2010

David Williams Having Identity Crisis

A tough week for Sen. Williams who continues to struggle with the reality that neither he nor Senator McConnell can control republican politics in Kentucky. The revelation that Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw is considering running for Governor has led Williams to a complete melt down this week. Williams failed to gain his high ground with Holsclaw that being a private meeting so he could employ his bullying tactics. I think it's safe to say that Williams went crying to McConnell but to no avail.

So having lost his high ground what does Williams do? He now decides to disrobe and put on a Tea Party jacket. This drew a good laugh from Tea Party folks as well as Republicans from around the state. His comments advocating repeal of the 17th Amendment drew immediate criticism from both Jim Bunning and Mitch McConnell. Sen. McConnell had his own problems this week when it was revealed that McConnell privately asked President Bush to withdraw troops for political gain. President Bush refused McConnell's request at the time because it would have endangered the security of our troops-A fact Sen. McConnell was fully aware of but didn't care about.

Williams failed his ambition this week by not understanding that while political power may induce results it also creates enemies and animosity. Williams ability to force people into submission is now starting to catch up with him. David Williams has misinterpreted the kissing of his ring  whereas it has become an act of submission not a sign of respect.

Regardless of where one may stand on the issue of expanded gaming it has become increasingly difficult for those on both sides of the argument to tolerate David Williams participation in the debate. One must call into question the character of a man who believes on one hand it's alright for him to do it but yet on the other hand deny Kentuckians the right to decide the issue themselves. 

This week David Williams took all his political clothes off in search of new ones but today he is left standing naked with Richie Farmer holding the only thing he now has to wear-his robe of hypocrisy.

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