Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mike Karem To Question Sen. Williams Electability on CN-2 Politics

Karem in a solemn moment in preparation for President Reagan's funeral
The fact that Kentucky Republicans aren't happy has been a story line of mine in recent months. Sources for sometime now have informed me about the behind the scenes activity within the Republican Party to find an alternative to the Williams/Farmer slate.  

I was informed yesterday that former Reagan Aide Mike Karem of Louisville will appear with Ryan Alessi on CN-2 Politics. I tracked down Mr. Karem and he agreed to speak briefly about his appearance. Karem stated that he had serious reservations about Sen. Williams electability as the Republican nominee for Governor next year and would be addressing those concerns with Alessi and CN-2 Politics. I asked Mr. Karem if my earlier reports regarding opposition to the Williams/Farmer slate were accurate he replied, "There has been serious concerns from GOP leaders in Washington down to the county level regarding David Williams." Karem went on to say there has been a quiet but strong movement to provide Kentucky Republicans an alternative to David Williams. Karem said, " Tim, your analysis of Kentucky politics has been spot-on."

Mike Karem shared with me his background which most recently includes having served as Senior Advisor to  Ambassador Paul Bremer. Karem started his career in the General Council's Office in the Veteran's Administration during the Nixon Administration. Later, Karem would serve in the Chief Council's Office in the U.S. Treasury Department under the Ford Administration. Karem would also serve as a campaign aide to both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Under President Reagan, Karem served on the Presidential Transition Team and as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing and Urban Development. Karem received the honor of helping prepare the State Funeral of his old friend and boss President Ronald Reagan. Today, Mike Karem serves as a consultant to political leaders and businesses around the world.

Ryan Alessi's interview with Mike Karem can be seen Monday night on CN-2 Politics at 7pm est. I want to thank Mr. Karem for his time, comments and pictures.

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