Friday, November 2, 2007

Kokomo and the Fighting Irish

Well, I'm blogging from Kokomo today. I will be making the short trip up 31 to Southbend in the morning to see if the Irish can will one against Navy. We, my buddy John Soyars who is a ND grad, spent the day touring Kokomo. We have spent a number of years here without venturing out into the community.

Elwood Haynes

Today we visited the Elwood Haynes Museum. Haynes provided America's first car, stainless steel and a number alloys still used today especially in the space program. Stellite which is a super alloy is one his greatest discoveries.

"Ben the Steer"

We visited Highland Park today where Ben the Steer was stuffed and on display. Ben was one the largest steers that ever lived. Weighing 4,700 pounds and standing 6'4", Ben had a girth of almost 12 feet and was 13 feet long. Ben slipped on some ice in 1910 and had to be put down. This was an impressive sight to see.

Sycamore Stump

Beside "Ben" stands the worlds largest sycamore tree stump. Estimated at over 800 years old the stump which is now encased in glass is over 56 feet in circumference and about 12-14' tall.

Pretty exciting day in Kokomo. We visited the Court House which is one of only two art deco Court Houses in the State. A Howard Co. Deputy Sheriff gave us a tour of the facility which part of fell victim to a bombing in 1987? We stopped across main street to visit with the good folks at Democrat HQ and finished which a nice lunch at the Sycamore Grille.

The day was not complete until I stopped and got a haircut at All Star Barbers. I received a haircut & got my hair washed and conditioned for the low price of $14. Plus lots of extras from my barber Jenna. Not bad. That's all from Kokomo, "The City of First's".

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