Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Democrat Primary for Senate or Not

I find the race for U.S. Senate some what interesting as of late although nothing has really occurred that has surprised me or anybody else. In one sense I feel some what sorry for Lt. Gov. Daniel Monjiardo because here is a guy who almost won the Senate seat and then stepped up to the plate for Steve Beshear so he could have a running mate. I feel pretty sure that Mongiardo was smart enough to get a commitment in blood regarding an endorsement in this race in return for having agreed to run with him.

With all that said I also raised my eyebrows at the lack luster endorsement Mongiardo received from Governor Beshear. Granted Beshear is in a precarious position since most believe that every big gun in the State is for Jack Conway. While I don't have a dog in the fight I can say that Conway is the better candidate in my humble opinion. Conway impressed me in the General election by rebounding from a very poor primary campaign in West Kentucky. In the First Congressional District- Conway carried 11 counties by 70% of the vote. Led the Ticket in 19 counties and was the second biggest vote getter in 4 counties. As I have previously mentioned, Conway tailored his media for Rural Kentucky and reached everyone by hitting the radio hard. Yes, I think Conway gets it when it comes to winning in Rural Kentucky at a time when most don't or don't care to.

Monjiardo as well as Beshear have failed to live up to expectations not to mention living up to promises that were made to folks in Western Kentucky. This will hurt Monjiardo and for Beshear, well we will just have to wait and see. As I try to look at this objectivly I guess I'm a little disappointed that Gov. Beshear is not all out for Monjiardo because I value loyalty and standing behind your friends. The majority of Beshear organization is already with Conway but that should not matter. If Governor Beshear wants a second term and re-build a Democrat Party then he should be putting the full weight of his office behind Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo. It's called loyalty even if it is in a losing effort.

As I spent thousands of dollars & at my own expense campaigned for the Democrat Ticket in 2007 which provided me many opportunities to listen to Gov. Beshears favorite stump speech. Gov. Beshear was fond of telling the story about his father being a minister and an undertaker and how his father always said "He had you coming and going". Well as they say the fruit don't fall to far from the tree and for Mongiardo's sake I hope Beshear does not have everyone "coming and going". For the record I did not vote for Mongiardo for Senate. I voted for Bunning.

I found myself wondering this weekend if there was really even going to be a Senate race for the Democrats. It would make sense to me that since the prevailing belief is that Chandler and Yarmuth are for Conway along with many others, is all this just theatrics?

Could Chandler and Yarmuth both be prodding President Obama to appoint Mongiardo to some nice position in Washington so Conway and the Democrats can avoid a costly Primary? I'm sure President Obama would like to pick up another Senate Seat and most think this is the one to get.

Umh-interesting scenario I think.

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