Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bill Cox Hammers Republicans at Dinner

Former State Legislator and Federal Highway Administrator Bill Cox wasted no time Friday night going after the Republicans. Using humor and statistics, Cox dressed down McConnell, Bunning and Trey Grayson.

Cox started with Bunning referring to his Senate career as an embarrassment to the people of Kentucky. Daring the audience to name one single thing the Republican Party had done for the people of Kentucky, Cox went through a litany of accomplishments the Democrats had provided the folks of Kentucky. From TVA to the State Parks System, from the Parkways to running water, Cox proclaimed the accomplishments of the Democrats.

Cox held up and read press releases from the OMB coming from the end of the Clinton and Bush Administrations comparing the differences. Clinton left office with the largest surplus in history while paying down the Nation's debt. Bush on the other hand left the Nation with no surplus and a huge deficit.

Cox said that regardless of who the nominees for U.S. Senate were this year the Democrats would win. Replacing Bunning with Trey Grayson would not help the Republican cause proclaimed Cox. "Now let's talk about Trey Grayson, "Little Lord Fauntleroy," said Cox.

Grayson- "Little Lord Fauntleroy"

Cox inferred that Grayson might provide a new face for the Republicans but had nothing new to offer the people of Kentucky. "The Democrat Party is the Party of family values", said Cox, referring to the Democrat beliefs of helping people. Cox reminded the crowd that Social Security, Education and Health Care are all rooted in family values.

The Breathitt Dinner had a pretty good attendance for an off year. Senator Joey Pendleton spoke also regarding the state of the Commonwealth. Pendleton also presented the Breathitt Award to Circuit Clerk Gary Haddock and Barbara Morris. Christian County Party Chairman Lindsey Adams served as MC. I gave the invocation and prayed for all the Libbbbbberal souls. House Judiciary Chairman John Tilley was not able to come whereas he and Chief Justice Minton were attending a National Judicial Conference in North Carolina.

Beshear, Dr. Dan and Conway did not come. Conway did send a letter that was read. and provided some campaign materials. No one represented Dr. Dan or the Governor.

Folks from Todd County, Hopkins County, Calloway County and Lyon County were also in attendance.

Bill Cox also served as a special assistant to Governor Julian Carroll, Mayor of Madisonville and most recently served as State Revenue Commissioner in the Beshear Administration where he set a record for the amount of tax revenue collected for the Commonwealth.

Bill Cox resides in Louisville and as most know his son Will Cox Jr. is presently the Mayor of Madisonville.


Anonymous said...

"The Party of Family Values" ???? The democrats have supported gays in the military, abortion, gun control, exessive taxation, expanding welfare programs, removing religious images from schools, and same sex marrage. Since when are those 'family values?'

Anonymous said...

I wont argue with the previous commenter on anything except the "expanding welfare programs." Welfare to the coroporate community is why the current president has to propose an overhaul of the country's economic system. The downfall of America began under Ronald Reagan who borrowed more money than any other president plunging the country into deeper debt than ever before. It took Bill Clinton to get us out and he left the country in good financial shape only to have George Bush take us even deeper than Reagan. Together Bush and Reagan are responsible for the current economic crisis, as they convinced Americans you could get something for nothing, all you had to do was bond and borrow and never pay anymore taxes and in fact could by on paying less, even though for everyone else the cost of living was rising every year. Not so for Reagan and Bush, who lived in a fantasy world where they could spend, spend, spend, and never worry about paying the debt. That, they decided, was best left to their children and grandchildren. They are the worst examples of the so-called family values Republican Party. Passing along all your debt to your children and grandchildren as your idea of family values makes all those hot button issues listed above not so important. No one in their right minds would do that to their children. But Reagan, Bush, and the Republican Party does it every day.

Anonymous said...

There’s plenty of blame to lay on both parties regarding the deficit. You can’t realistically put the debt problem solely on the republicans, Bush especially after the devastating attack early in his office that sent the stock marked spiraling. The Republicans as a whole are chiefly at fault for raising it in the last eight years (although Obama and the Dems just tripled it in 100 days). I can remember getting a stimulus check at aboutt his time when Bush took office, this time the politicians are getting it! Also I don't think you can reward Bill Clinton entirely either. Remember, he was forced to be fiscally restrained by a Republican house and senate that certainly was more fiscally responsible than these last 8 years. If the truth be known Gingrich likely had more to do with restraining spending than the Clinton administration.