Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy has Died

It's 1:08 am in Western Kentucky and National news has reported the death of 77 year old Senator Edward Kennedy. Known as the "Liberal Lion" and later the "Lion of the Senate", his death marks a generational end of an era.

I will never be accused of being a Ted Kennedy fan due to many of his positions but I can however speak with respect and a certain amount of awe and reverence to his life and career. Issues aside I have always cut Senator Kennedy a great deal of slack because of the things he lived through. He was a survivor. To lose so many family members to such sense less tragedy- I feel like I can relate sometimes. Kennedy filled a void when few dared and whether you agreed with him or not you have to respect the convictions he held.

I probably made my old friend Jeff Noble mad by waking him up at 2 am Louisville time but I thought he would want to know. For the record he was gracious as always.

As an older generation passes on I can't help but dwell on the future of the Democrat Party in Kentucky. For now, I will remain- always looking to the promise of a new generation that can represent all of Kentucky not just a part of it. I'm thankful tonight for folks like Robin Webb, Will Cox, John Tilley, Todd Hollenbach and John Lindsey Adams- people who understand and can help unify Rural Kentucky with the Golden Triangle.

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