Monday, March 29, 2010

Governor Beshear Loses Friend and Business Associate

I was saddened to hear of the death of Paul K. Tuner of Hopkinsville. Paul was known for having a sharp legal mind and a quiet demeanor. Most folks, even in Christian County, didn't know that Paul Turner was one of Governor Steve Beshears closet friends. Both were raised in Dawson Springs and it is common knowledge that both shared success as associates in the banking business.

Judge Turner had served as a former City Judge and Circuit Judge for Hopkinsville and Christian County. A graduate of the University of Kentucky, Judge Turner had also served in the U.S. Army.

The Turner family were neighbors for much of my life. Paul was the last of the Judges to resided on Sunset Circle. I grew up on North Sunset and the Turners lived on South Sunset. Just about all the old families are gone now from the Sunset subdivision which I believe started about 1960. It was a neat place to grow up. We were only a couple hundred yards from Hopkinsville High and Middle School. As a teenager our neighborhood provided for all our needs. Judge Soyars was Circuit Judge and lived next door. Judge Ruff was District Judge and lived a few doors up. Mr. Cavanaugh owned the Miller beer distributorship and he lived three doors up. Mr. Meece owned the Dairy Queen and he lived behind us. General Lindsey Freeman owned a fur shop and there was always something cool to find in his garage. The good General was also known to have a few cases of Coors beer around back before it was available to folks outside Colorado. By my count their are only four families who remain from the 60s.

Judge Turner's visitation is tonight and most expect the Governor to pay his respects. My thoughts and sympathy go out to the Turner Family.

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